Make My Body Younger, S1E4: Phil South

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      GEORGE LAMB: 20-stone fast food fan, Phil South,is king of his local kebab shop.

    • 00:37

      PHIL SOUTH: Large chicken kebab, please.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 00:42

      GEORGE LAMB: He can also binge drink his waythrough 10 pints and 10 large vodkas in one sitting.

    • 00:47

      PHIL SOUTH: Can I have 5 pints of lager, please?

    • 00:50

      GEORGE LAMB: I'm going to offer him the chance to find out justwhat damage he might be doing to his bodywith all the excess weight he's carrying.

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    • 01:00

      GEORGE LAMB: Well, nice to see you.In a unique living autopsy, he'llbe opened up in front of his fiance, friends, and family.He could find out that living it largehas made him a bit of an old man on the inside.

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    • 01:17

      GEMMA: Bloody hell.

    • 01:20

      GEORGE LAMB: He will then get the surpriseof having his very own doctor.

    • 01:23

      PHIL SOUTH: Nice to see you.

    • 01:24

      LEANNE HAYWARD: I'm actually going to be moving in with you.

    • 01:27


    • 01:28

      GEORGE LAMB: She'll find out whether he'sup for kicking old habits for new ones.But will it be sink or swim for Phil?

    • 01:37

      PHIL SOUTH: I really thought I wasgoing to die, was sort of hanging on to the side.[SWOOSHING][SHEARING][MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 01:47

      GEORGE LAMB: 28-year-old junk food lover, Phil South,is an IT manager from Norfolk.

    • 01:53

      PHIL SOUTH: Think I'm a classic over-eater,and I think sometimes I do eat for the sake of it.[Phil South][MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 02:04

      GEMMA: He loves his food probably more than he loves me,especially kebabs. [Gemma, Phil's fiance][MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 02:11

      PHIL SOUTH: I do love kebabs.

    • 02:12


    • 02:13

      PHIL SOUTH: Yeah, can I have a large doner kebab, please?There is just something about them that I just love.

    • 02:20

      GEORGE LAMB: But 20-stone Phil's love affair with fooddoesn't stop at kebabs.

    • 02:24

      PHIL SOUTH: Sweet and sour chicken Hong Kong style,chicken fried riced.I do like a Chinese.Cheers, mate.See you later.[MUSIC PLAYING]I don't mind an Indian now and again.Cheers, thanks very much.[MUSIC PLAYING]Fried chicken, burgers, chicken burgers, chips.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 02:51

      PHIL SOUTH [continued]: If there's a lot on my plate, I'll eat it.If it's there, it has to go kind of thing.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 03:01

      GEORGE LAMB: He's got a huge reasonwhy he wants to shift the weight.In 6 months time, he's getting hitched to Gemma.She's his childhood sweetheart.They met at school, and after years apart, they'renow back together.

    • 03:14

      PHIL SOUTH: We got patterned as if we had never been apartreally.Within six weeks, we were engaged.

    • 03:24

      GEMMA: We're going to obviously have a family together,and I don't want to be-- end up being a single mom on my ownwith a load of kids because he's eating himself into illnessand whatever else.

    • 03:35

      PHIL SOUTH: Right there?

    • 03:36

      GEMMA: No.

    • 03:38

      PHIL SOUTH: Oh, OK.

    • 03:39

      GEMMA: I definitely wear the trousers in our relationshipand in our house, yeah.He does as he's told, and he knowsif he doesn't, what he gets.[CHUCKLES]Oh, will you stop being a prat?[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 03:50

      GEORGE LAMB: With a wedding to save for,Phil doesn't do loads of boozy night outs.But when he does go out, he really goes for it.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 04:03

      PHIL SOUTH (VOICEOVER): I always feltI'm a classic binge drinker.I might go out and start the nightwith 5, 6, 7 pints of whatever takes my fancy that night.I could hit 15, 20 vodkas following the pint--[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 04:24

      PHIL SOUTH (VOICEOVER) [continued]: --and end up absolutely, absolutely hammered.

    • 04:30

      GEORGE LAMB: There is one other big love in Phil's life,and that's the beautiful game.

    • 04:36

      PHIL SOUTH: Refereeing is my huge passion.I absolutely love going out there,and getting in the middle of the pitchand refereeing a football match.

    • 04:44

      GEORGE LAMB: Phil would like to become a professional referee.But the excess six-stone he's carryingmeans he struggles to meet the required fitness levels.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 04:54

      PHIL SOUTH: I've got as far as I can based on my ability.And if I wanted to move forward, if I wanteddo a high standard of football, I'vegot to pass a fitness test, which I've taken three timesand failed.

    • 05:06

      GEORGE LAMB: Phil says it's time to makesome changes in his life.But how willingly will he be when you faces our medical?[MUSIC PLAYING]This is where our living autopsy theater comes in.

    • 05:21

      GEORGE LAMB: Phil's got a chance to find outthe source of his health concernsright here in our autopsy theater. [George Lamb]But will he go for it?If he does, Phil will undergo a series of teststo find out exactly what his excessive lifestyle isdoing to his body.Time to find out if he's up for it.

    • 05:45

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: Phil thinks he's being filmed to show a typical night out.

    • 05:48

      PHIL SOUTH: I'll have a large doner, please.

    • 05:50

      GEORGE LAMB: He's got no idea that I'm justaround the corner.It's Thursday night.I'm in Diss, in Norfolk.I'm going up to surprise Phil, who's grabbinga kebab after pool night.I'm going to catch him red-handed.He has no idea we're coming.By his own admission he's overweight.He's got a lot of ground to make up.We want to help him do that.I want to see him skipping his way down the aisle,

    • 06:11

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: so I'm going to go inside and seeif he's ready to start making some changes.[MUSIC PLAYING]Evening, Phil.

    • 06:26

      PHIL SOUTH: How you doing, all right?

    • 06:28

      GEORGE LAMB: Hello, mate.George.You well?It's nice to see you.

    • 06:31

      PHIL SOUTH: It felt weird.George walked in, then it was like, hi, Phil.I was like, who are you?Oh, that's who you are.And yeah, I was a bit surprised.

    • 06:40

      GEORGE LAMB: Yeah, do it.I don't want anything too fat, eh?Can you do a lamb shish?Anything like that?

    • 06:44

      SPEAKER 2: Lamb shish?Yeah.

    • 06:44

      GEORGE LAMB: Lamb shish?Perfect.

    • 06:46

      PHIL SOUTH: Give the man a kebab!

    • 06:47

      GEORGE LAMB: What are we having tonight, mate?

    • 06:48

      PHIL SOUTH: I've got a large doner tonight, yeah,with a bit of chili.

    • 06:52

      GEORGE LAMB: Is that the kebab of choice, yeah?

    • 06:53

      PHIL SOUTH: That's the staple diet of a man who'sbeen in the pub now, is it?

    • 06:56

      GEORGE LAMB: How many drinks are we having on a Thursdaynight then?

    • 06:59

      PHIL SOUTH: Not too many because I've got work tomorrow,so we're already talking some five, six, seven pints--

    • 07:02

      GEORGE LAMB: Only five, six, seven pints?

    • 07:04

      PHIL SOUTH: Just stay off the shorts,and we'll try to take it steady.

    • 07:08

      GEORGE LAMB: Time for me to pop the question.If you're up for it, we're going to take you to London.We're going to run a whole heap of tests on you.These tests the whole body.We're going to do an MRI scan, top to toe.You're going to do blood.Every conceivable test you can imagine,that's what you're going to be going through, all right?It might be some stuff you don't want to hear there.

    • 07:24

      PHIL SOUTH: Well, if I've got to hear it, I've got to hear it.I need to know.

    • 07:26

      GEORGE LAMB: It's a massive commitment from you,you know that?

    • 07:29

      PHIL SOUTH: Well, it is, but I'm 28 now.I'm getting close to 30 every day.The end of the day, if you've got to do it,then I'm up for doing stuff.So that's fine.

    • 07:38

      GEORGE LAMB: Excellent news.Phil seems well up for it.[MUSIC PLAYING]It's test day and Phil is about to be put through the mostrigorous of medicals.[MUSIC PLAYING]Every inch of his body is going to be examined.His lungs are tested to see how 14 years of smoking

    • 08:01

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: have affected them.The ECG test will reveal how Phil's heartis coping with the extra six-stone of weightthat he's carrying.And finally, a full body scan.These tests will be used to create Phil's living autopsy.They'll provide an accurate pictureof just how his organs are functioning.

    • 08:22

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: For the first time, Phil will be able to seeinside his own body.

    • 08:26

      PHIL SOUTH: It was a very surreal experience,but something I'm pleased I've done.So get the results soon, and move forward from there.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 08:37

      GEORGE LAMB: Phil get the results in a week.Being a referee, Phil gets a lot of abuse,and his weight makes him an even easier target.

    • 08:47

      PHIL SOUTH: When I'm out and about refereeing,I get a certain amount of abuse.

    • 08:52

      SPEAKER 3: Oh, come on, mate!

    • 08:55

      GEORGE LAMB: Fellas, fellas, fellas, come on.[WHISTLE BLOWS]

    • 08:58

      PHIL SOUTH: Recently, I was on a game as an assistant,I had a group of supporters behind me justhurling abuse at me for the whole of the game.Steady!A little bit more recently than that,I did have a player who turned around and went,oh [BLEEP] you, you fat [BLEEP], and basically calledme a fat [BLEEP] about eight or nine times.[WHISTLE BLOWS]

    • 09:19

      GEORGE LAMB: And Phil doesn't leave his weight- worriesbehind when he hangs up his boots.

    • 09:25

      PHIL SOUTH: The main event in my life this year is my wedding.And I think that the thing that bothers meabout getting those lovely wedding photos, is getting themand having those as our keepsake,and seeing this fat guy stood there who's me.I want look more normal and fit in with everyone else that'son the picture.

    • 09:46

      PHIL SOUTH [continued]: I don't really want that to be the memory of our big dayfor the rest of my life.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 09:57

      GEORGE LAMB: It's a week since the tests,and the results are back from the lab.[MUSIC PLAYING]Phil is in the waiting room.

    • 10:07

      PHIL SOUTH: Hopefully, it'll affect me in a positive way,because obviously then, I've reallygot to decide to do something about it in a big way.

    • 10:15

      GEORGE LAMB: His results are just a corridor away.[SWOOSHING]Good morning, Phil.

    • 10:26

      PHIL SOUTH: Hello, mate.How are you doing, all right?

    • 10:27

      GEORGE LAMB: How are you, Phil?Are you well?

    • 10:28

      PHIL SOUTH: I'm good and you?

    • 10:29

      GEORGE LAMB: Yeah, really good.By your own admission, you're carrying a bit more weightthan you'd like to be.Are you worried about the effectsthat that weight might have on your organs?

    • 10:37

      PHIL SOUTH: I mean, I think so.You hear people talk and hear storiesabout how your organs can get covered in fatand all that sort of thing.And obviously I am carrying a bit too much weight.So it's that type of thing that worries me.

    • 10:48

      GEORGE LAMB: Now what we're going have to do, though,is wheel you through into the living autopsy theater.

    • 10:51


    • 11:00

      GEORGE LAMB: So Phil, have you got a final word?

    • 11:02


    • 11:22

      GEORGE LAMB: Hello, Phil.

    • 11:24

      PHIL SOUTH: Hey, mate--

    • 11:24

      GEORGE LAMB: How are you finding you surroundings?

    • 11:27

      PHIL SOUTH: Strange but--

    • 11:28

      GEORGE LAMB: A little peculiar, huh?

    • 11:28

      PHIL SOUTH: Yeah, absolutely.

    • 11:29

      GEORGE LAMB: Perhaps going to be a day whereyou'll hear some news that will be a little bit hardto stomach.Are you all right for that?Are you ready with that?

    • 11:35

      PHIL SOUTH: I think I'm semi-prepared for it, yeah.

    • 11:37

      GEORGE LAMB: Yeah?

    • 11:37

      PHIL SOUTH: Yeah.

    • 11:37

      GEORGE LAMB: OK.I've got some good news for you.

    • 11:39


    • 11:40

      GEORGE LAMB: You're not going to be getting that news alone.

    • 11:42

      PHIL SOUTH: Right.

    • 11:42

      GEORGE LAMB: Your friends and family are here, Phil.

    • 11:44

      PHIL SOUTH: [LAUGHING] That's my sister.

    • 11:46

      GEORGE LAMB: Check out who's all here.

    • 11:47

      PHIL SOUTH: Ha ha, what's he doing here?

    • 11:48

      GEORGE LAMB: Surprised?

    • 11:49

      PHIL SOUTH: Gemma's here as well.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 11:57

      GEORGE LAMB: All right, I have another bitof good news for you, I'm not going to be carrying outthe living autopsy.Our doctor, Dr. Andrew Curran, will be hereto talk us through what's happening today.With more than 20 years experience,consultant neurologist, Andrew Curran,will be delivering Phil's results.[Andrew Curran][MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 12:15

      ANDREW CURRAN: Phil, you were very kind.You let us do a whole pile of tests and investigationson you.And today is really about pulling all the resultstogether for you, so that we can explain and workthrough all the stuff.

    • 12:26

      GEORGE LAMB: OK, so what we're going to do nowis bring in the porters, again, they'regoing to flip the bed back, and then we will begin.

    • 12:32

      ANDREW CURRAN: So, there's the primarily incision.If you're watching that screen over there,Phil, and you see it happening.This is down through the lairs of your chest.We retract, or pull back the skin.There's your heart coming into sight.There's your lungs working away, your liver, intestine.

    • 12:53

      PHIL SOUTH: Feel kind of queasy just really looking at it here.But yeah, yeah, it's impressive.It was as if it was really happening.I thought, they're opening my chest up.And I was looking at the screen thinking, those are my insides.It was quite, sort of, surreal experience.

    • 13:10

      GEORGE LAMB: Andrew is most concernedabout Phil's lungs, his cardiovascular system,and his bones and joints.The first area he'll look at is Phil's lungs.They're already showing the effects of 14 years on the fag.

    • 13:26

      ANDREW CURRAN: With your level of smoking at your age,what we're starting to see, worrying changes.Any smoking is worrying.These black patches are part of that buildupof crud in your lungs.

    • 13:39

      GEORGE LAMB: Are you're more at riskif you're smoking five cigarettes a day,or 20 cigarettes a day, is it?

    • 13:44

      ANDREW CURRAN: Any smoking at allis increasing your risk, particularly, of lung cancer.

    • 13:48

      PHIL SOUTH: I don't say.I actually--

    • 13:51

      ANDREW CURRAN: Fags are an absolute no-no.One should not smoke full stop.

    • 13:55

      GEORGE LAMB: A quarter of all cancer deathsare down to lung cancer.There are no signs yet on Phil's lungs,but Dr. Curran wants to outline the possible worst-casescenario.

    • 14:06

      ANDREW CURRAN: At your level of smoking, 10 or 15 years,we can see the increase in the residue and the deposits here.It's still moving in and out quite nicely.But this, that looks in terrible shape.This is a substantial lung cancer.Because it's down about here in your left lung, down

    • 14:27

      ANDREW CURRAN [continued]: towards the base, actually, you probablyhaven't had any symptoms, or maybe you'rejust starting to cough up a little bit of bloodin your sputum.By the time you present with that, it's way too late.

    • 14:40

      PHIL SOUTH: What do you say to that?What do you say?

    • 14:43

      ANDREW CURRAN: Say I'm, going to stop smoking.

    • 14:45

      PHIL SOUTH: Well yeah, yeah.As soon as they said about the lungsI've given up smoking on the spot.

    • 14:52

      GEORGE LAMB: Now what we're going to do nextwill be quite interesting for youbecause as we're going to do with all of your organs today,and then ultimately your overall body,we're going to figure out the biological age of your lungs.

    • 15:02

      PHIL SOUTH: Right.

    • 15:03

      GEORGE LAMB: OK?Nothing to do with how long you've been on this planet,it's how much you've used those lungs in the 28years you've been alive, OK?

    • 15:10


    • 15:10

      GEORGE LAMB: It's totally different.The chances are it's going to be greater than youare in birth years, OK?All right, let's have a look at the screen here.I'm going to start of at 28, which is your birth age,and watch them go up, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34--

    • 15:31

      GEMMA: Oh, god!

    • 15:36

      GEORGE LAMB: 36 years, biologically, your lungs.8 years older.

    • 15:41

      PHIL SOUTH: Quite a lot for somebody, perhaps, my age.I think I've just given up.

    • 15:47

      GEORGE LAMB: Andrew's also concerned about Phil'scardiovascular system.This is his heart, blood vessels, and arteries.Phil's high-fat, fast-food diet isrestricting the healthy functioningof his heart and arteries.So we've actually got an image of some arteries now, right?

    • 16:05

      ANDREW CURRAN: We can see here a fat deposition.This is abnormal.When we run the morph-- this is over a period of years,here's the red blood vessels flowing down.We can see fat starting to build up here.

    • 16:17

      GEORGE LAMB: OK, so if that blood doesn't get downthe artery and get to the heart, then makes a heart attack,right?

    • 16:22

      ANDREW CURRAN: Absolutely correct.

    • 16:24


    • 16:26

      GEMMA: Bloody hell!

    • 16:28

      ANDREW CURRAN: This is your heart, but around your heartwe can see that the fat is going lay down actuallyon that side of your heart.What's happening is your heart isbecoming less optimal than you'd otherwise expect it to be.

    • 16:42

      PHIL SOUTH: Yeah, that's got me actually, that has.

    • 16:45

      GEORGE LAMB: Should we figure out the biological agefor the cardiovascular system?

    • 16:49


    • 16:49

      GEORGE LAMB: So, we'll start off with 28,which is your birth age, and we'll watch it go up now.28, 29, 30, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 38, 39, 41, 42, 43, 43.[ALARM SOUNDS]Right, so you've got 15 years you've put on.

    • 17:13

      PHIL SOUTH: That's high.My one game of football refereeing each weekclearly isn't enough.Kind of hits home as to why I've beenable to fail the fitness test.It's not just because I'm carrying a load of weightaround.It's because my lungs aren't working properly.It's because my heart is not working properly,and it is a culmination of everything.

    • 17:31

      GEORGE LAMB: Andrew moves on to Phil's bones and joints.28-year-old Phil's musculoskeletal systemis under a huge daily strain from the extra six-stonehe carries around.

    • 17:46

      ANDREW CURRAN: Our bodies are designedto deal with our normal, healthy weight.The more weight you put on, the more weight your musclesand joints are carrying around, and therefore, the quicker theyage.

    • 17:59

      GRAHAM: He was nowhere near as heavyas that when he left home, nowhere near.You've overfed him.You've over-indulged him.

    • 18:06

      MARILYN: No, he's overfed himself.

    • 18:07

      GEMMA: Well, I don't hold a gun to his head and said,you will eat the two that I've cooked you.The only person really is to blameis him, as much as his family tried to make it as my faultfor overfeeding him.

    • 18:18

      GEORGE LAMB: What are we looking for primarily with Phil?What are we most concerned about?

    • 18:21

      ANDREW CURRAN: Prolapsed disc is oneof the things you get if your back is aging early.You do have signs of early aging in your lower back,particularly, and that's a very classic placethat people who are overweight and who don't take exerciseget aging.15 years down the line, and you'regoing to find it very difficult, and very uncomfortable,and very unpleasant.

    • 18:38

      GEORGE LAMB: So, he's essentially debilitating?

    • 18:40

      ANDREW CURRAN: Oh yes, people with this sort of back endup on long-term unemployment, long-term sick.

    • 18:45

      PHIL SOUTH: And it all adds up to ultimately needingto do something, not necessarily just wantingto do something about it, but actually now needingto do something about it.[DRUMMING]

    • 18:55

      GEMMA: I think he's probably actually [BLEEP] himself,to be honest.I think you've actually scared himto the point where he will change.And I think it's what needed.He needed a reality check, and to realize that heis killing himself, in a way.

    • 19:12

      GEORGE LAMB: I'm just going to show you the biological age.We're going to get out of the birth age.This is your bones and your joints, 28.And we're going to see how this increases.Let's see it go now, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 7, 8, 43,

    • 19:34

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: 44, 45.45, wow!17 years!

    • 19:39

      PHIL SOUTH: That's a lot to take in really, yeah.

    • 19:42

      ALL: 45.

    • 19:43

      GRAHAM: Biological age?He'll be older than his old man.

    • 19:46

      PHIL SOUTH: It's a scary fact, but yeah.

    • 19:49

      GEORGE LAMB: Did you expect it to be so high, Phil?

    • 19:53

      PHIL SOUTH: In a word, no.

    • 19:54

      ANDREW CURRAN: Everything, as George says, we've discussedis complete reversible.It's just changing your choices, that's all.

    • 20:00


    • 20:01

      GEORGE LAMB: Doctor, if you're happy,we're going to conclude the living autopsy.

    • 20:03


    • 20:04

      GEORGE LAMB: Now good news, Phil,we're going to zip you up.[MUSIC PLAYING]28-year-old Phil is about to find out just howold his body really is.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 20:26

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: And we're going to ask your friends and familyto come in actually, your dad and your mom.

    • 20:31

      PHIL SOUTH: All right.Hello, dad.

    • 20:33

      GEORGE LAMB: This is the big one.This is the important one.This is the one that we hope Phil is reallygoing to start making some positive changes in his life,so we can start seeing his overall body age drop down, OK?Let's take a look now.Overall body age is at 28, and now we'regoing to watch it go up now.28, 29, 31, 32, 33, 34, 5, 35.

    • 21:06

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: [ALARM SOUNDS]Phil?

    • 21:10

      PHIL SOUTH: I've still got 7 years olderthan my birth years, obviously something Ireally need to address.

    • 21:16

      GEORGE LAMB: Mom and dad, seeing your boy 7 years older,from a biological perspective, than he should be.It must be a little worry.

    • 21:22

      GRAHAM: It certainly was, yeah.We though I was a little puggy fat.[LAUGHTER]

    • 21:27

      GEORGE LAMB: Yeah, it's lovely to see youin such a great state of mind.It's lovely to see the family behind you 100%.We're going to ask you to come back here in a month or so.And I really hope that you start bringing down this overall bodyage.Well done, Phil.

    • 21:39

      PHIL SOUTH: All right, mate.Thanks, cheers.

    • 21:40

      GEORGE LAMB: Well done for today.Thank you, guys.

    • 21:42

      GEMMA: Marrying a 35-year-old isn'texactly what anticipated, consideringhe's supposed to be 28.So that was a bit of a shock, really,to find out that I'm marrying a bit of a grand-dad.

    • 21:52

      PHIL SOUTH: I began to get a bit emotional by the factthat I know that I've got people's supportto help me do it.

    • 21:58

      GEORGE LAMB: IT manager, Phil, isabout to get even more support.His autopsy was just the start.[MUSIC PLAYING]He now has to make some new life choices.The good news is he'll have someone to help him do it.We've got a team of expert, young medics to choose from.There's 29-year-old, James Lambert.

    • 22:19

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: In his A and E work, you've he's seen the effectsof over-indulgence in drink and drugs,[Dr. John Crosby] 27-year-old John Crosby.He's trained in psychiatry and knowshow to deal with a range of emotional issues.28-year-old, Radha Modgil is a friendly and approachable

    • 22:39

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: trainee GP. [Dr. Radha Modgil] But the medic best suitedto Phil is 32-year-old, Leanne Hayward.[Dr. Leanne Hayward] She's passionate about the healthbenefits of good nutrition and the importance of exercise.Phil doesn't know that she's justarrived in Diss, in Norfolk, and that she'llbe moving in for 3 days.

    • 23:01

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: [MUSIC PLAYING]Phil's stocking up at his local supermarket.Leanne's just arrived in the store cafe.Time for the mystery texter to make her move.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 23:20

      PHIL SOUTH: Hi, Phil.I'm waiting for you in your local cafe.Meet me in 10 minutes, and don't keep me waiting, Leanne.[SCOFFS]Random.

    • 23:36

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Hello.

    • 23:37

      PHIL SOUTH: Hi, you must be Leanne.

    • 23:38

      LEANNE HAYWARD: I am.Hi, Phil.How are you?

    • 23:39

      PHIL SOUTH: I'm good.Nice to see you.

    • 23:40

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Nice to meet you.Come grab a seat.

    • 23:42

      PHIL SOUTH: I am.I must admit, I do just then wonderwho on earth this Leanne was.

    • 23:47

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Oh, really?

    • 23:48

      PHIL SOUTH: I used to have a girlfriend called Leanne.

    • 23:50

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Any resemblance?

    • 23:51

      PHIL SOUTH: Oh, no.You're much nicer.

    • 23:52

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Thanks.Any idea who I am other than Leanne?

    • 23:55

      PHIL SOUTH: No.You're Leanne, the woman who text me and--

    • 23:57

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Here I am.

    • 23:58

      PHIL SOUTH: --that's all I know.

    • 23:60

      LEANNE HAYWARD: I'm actually a doctor.I've been sent down to work with you for as longas it takes, really, to help addresssome of the issues that have come up from your livingautopsy.And are there any ways that you canthink of off the top of your headthat you can start that kind of process of changing things?

    • 24:15

      PHIL SOUTH: I think it's changing the way I eat.I'm probably eating, sometimes, the right times of day.We do tend to snack a bit.But also, just with regards to exercise-- regular exercise,my one football match on a Saturday,that I have regularly, isn't reallya great idea of exercise.Obviously, it's doing something--it's getting time in the week to do something about thatas well.

    • 24:36

      LEANNE HAYWARD: I notice you've got a fab t-shirt on there.Scotch by night, soda by day.

    • 24:40

      PHIL SOUTH: I do tend to hit it a bit hard.So yeah, maybe a little bit of that I could maybecut out of my life and that type of thing.But I do like a drink now and again.

    • 24:49

      LEANNE HAYWARD: It's really good for meto know those kind of things because thereis one thing that I need to tell you that you probablydon't know right now.

    • 24:55

      PHIL SOUTH: Right.

    • 24:57

      LEANNE HAYWARD: I'm actually goingto be moving in with you, so that I can actuallywork with you, and with Gemma, to try and help get things backon track.Hopefully over the next 3 days, wecan actually get a program in placeto bring your biological age, actually,down to where it should be, which is the 28.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 25:14

      GEORGE LAMB: So Phil returns from his shopping tripwith a bit more than he bargained for.Leanne's keen to get to know Phil in every detail.

    • 25:23

      PHIL SOUTH: You might be interested in the kitchenwith all the--

    • 25:26

      LEANNE HAYWARD: I'm sorry, I seem more interested in this,sorry.[LAUGHTER]That was very nice.

    • 25:31

      PHIL SOUTH: That's my friend, Danny, there.I dare you to turn it over and see who's on March.

    • 25:36

      GEORGE LAMB: And soon she gets to gripswith the size of the challenge she's about to tackle.[LAUGHTER]

    • 25:41

      LEANNE HAYWARD: That's brilliant,and March is my birthday, so I can--[LAUGHTER]

    • 25:45

      PHIL SOUTH: That's all you'll look at over the next few days,believe me.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 25:52

      GEORGE LAMB: With no time to waste, Leanne gets to work.Her first day is all about gettingto know Phil, and more importantly,where he stashes the treats.

    • 26:03

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Bags and bags of crisps.[MUSIC PLAYING]You ever seen a pasta bag that big?

    • 26:12

      GEORGE LAMB: Leanne's interested to knowwhy previous attempts to lose weight have failed for Phil.

    • 26:17

      LEANNE HAYWARD: When they say, Phil, it's is a fad thing,are you somebody that's known for havingfads of one kind or another?

    • 26:23

      PHIL SOUTH: I'm not-- fads is some-- a couple times I'vehad a go at dieting and that type of thing.My weight's has gone a bit up and down.I lost about 2 stone, and recently Iput it back on again.

    • 26:37

      LEANNE HAYWARD: What is it that thenmakes you put it back on again?What changes?

    • 26:41

      PHIL SOUTH: I think it's like the plateau effect.You start eating correctly, and you go to the gym,and you're exercising.So you burn it all off and you'reweight like that, and like that and then, down.And I hit that stage for about 2 or 3 months.And then it's all bullocks.I give up.And it's my own fault. It's not working anymore, so why shouldI work any more, type of thing.So yeah, it's just basically gave up.

    • 27:03

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Giving up, OK.

    • 27:04

      GEORGE LAMB: Time for wife-to-be, Gemma,to meet Phil's new guest.

    • 27:09

      PHIL SOUTH: Hey, darling.

    • 27:10

      GEMMA: Hello.

    • 27:10

      PHIL SOUTH: You all right?I found somebody stray in the supermarket.This is Leanne.

    • 27:16

      GEMMA: Hello.

    • 27:17

      PHIL SOUTH: Oh sorry, I forgot that, did I?This is Leanne.This is Gemma.

    • 27:21

      LEANNE HAYWARD: I'm Leanne.

    • 27:22

      PHIL SOUTH: Apparently, Leanne's goingto be staying with us for a few days.I wasn't sure whether you know anything about that.But--

    • 27:28

      GEMMA: Where?

    • 27:29

      LEANNE HAYWARD: That was going to be my question, actually,where am I going to sleep?

    • 27:31

      PHIL SOUTH: I don't know.

    • 27:32

      LEANNE HAYWARD: I don't mind the floor.I've done floors before.

    • 27:34

      PHIL SOUTH: Well I'd suggest maybe sharing our bed,but I don't think anybody would enjoy that, so.

    • 27:40

      GEORGE LAMB: As they're heading off to the pub,Leanne starts getting an insight into what a good night outmeans for Phil.

    • 27:47

      PHIL SOUTH: Get a little bit broke, as they say.T-shirts occasionally come off and we get a bit loud, really.

    • 27:51

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Oh, so is that what I'vegot to look forward to tonight?

    • 27:53

      PHIL SOUTH: I wouldn't have thought so,but you never know what you're going to getin Diss to be honest with you.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 27:60

      MATT: Let's get beer.

    • 28:01

      PHIL SOUTH: I'm actually gasping for it.

    • 28:03

      GEORGE LAMB: It's not long before Philis reliving his autopsy.

    • 28:07

      PHIL SOUTH: So it laid me out on this stretcherand projected an image of my insideson to my chest so you could actuallysee my lungs, and my heart, and my intestines, everything,how it's all work and--

    • 28:19

      SPEAKER 4: How big a picture was it?[LAUGHTER]

    • 28:25

      GEORGE LAMB: After Leanna shows of her pool skills--

    • 28:27

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Oh, yes!

    • 28:29

      GEORGE LAMB: --it's only the die-hard drinkers left--[ALL BIDDING FAIRWELL]

    • 28:34

      PHIL SOUTH: See you, mate.See you guys.

    • 28:35

      GEORGE LAMB: --the Norfolk lads decideto demonstrate how they take their tequila slammers.[MUSIC PLAYING]Snort the salt.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 28:47

      PHIL SOUTH: Drink it.

    • 28:50

      GEORGE LAMB: --then round it off with lime juice in the eye.

    • 28:52

      PHIL SOUTH: Get it in your eye, oh yes, both eyes.

    • 28:56

      SPEAKER 6: [BLEEP]

    • 28:60

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Why in earth would you want to do that?

    • 29:02

      SPEAKER 5: Does that count for one of your five a day?

    • 29:05

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Absolutely not.[BLEEP][LAUGHTER]Tonight has been a real education here in Diss.I think I've seen things here that I've neverin my whole life seen before.

    • 29:15

      PHIL SOUTH: I think Leanne has hadher eyes opened to Diss tonight, she really [CHUCKLES] has.Oh, she's going to go home a broken woman.

    • 29:23

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Sweet dreams.

    • 29:25


    • 29:32

      GEORGE LAMB: It's day two and time for Leanneto kick-start some changes in the ref's life,starting with a debrief on last night.

    • 29:39

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Whoa, how are you feeling?

    • 29:41

      PHIL SOUTH: Not too bad, actually.

    • 29:42

      LEANNE HAYWARD: So you were sayingthat isn't a heavy night for you?

    • 29:45

      PHIL SOUTH: That's not a proper night out for me, no.

    • 29:48

      LEANNE HAYWARD: If you had four pints plus your five shots,you're looking at about 13 units.The guidance now is to have a maximum of three to four unitsper day, but with major point being,you don't bank your units from the daybefore if you don't use them.Essentially, if you don't use them, you lose them.And if you think you have 13 units in one sitting,

    • 30:12

      LEANNE HAYWARD [continued]: last night, we're talking about three, four timesthe safe limit.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 30:18

      GEORGE LAMB: Leanne reckons it's allvery well talking to Phil about the downside of boozingtoo much.[MUSIC PLAYING]What she really wants to do is show himwhen he's sober some of the basic physical effectsof drinking to excess.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 30:35

      LEANNE HAYWARD: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,15, 16.Well done.

    • 30:46

      PHIL SOUTH: 16.

    • 30:47

      LEANNE HAYWARD: That's not bad.I've got a pair of glasses here.

    • 30:50


    • 30:51

      LEANNE HAYWARD: And I'd like you to put these glasses on.And then I'd want you to try and keepie uppie again and seewhat it's like for me.

    • 30:58

      GEORGE LAMB: Now these glasses are pretty clever.They simulate drunkenness and should give Philan insight into how performing simple tasks areaffected by too much booze.

    • 31:08

      PHIL SOUTH: Ooh, where are you?You stood there a minute.[LAUGHTER]

    • 31:13

      LEANNE HAYWARD: So how many keepie uppiescan we do when we're drunk?[MUSIC PLAYING][LAUGHTER]Can you grab the ball?

    • 31:22

      PHIL SOUTH: It looks like it's there.[MUSIC PLAYING]I'm a bit dizzy.[LAUGHTER]

    • 31:29

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Walk the line for me.

    • 31:31

      PHIL SOUTH: All right, well on the line?Where is the line?That's pretty hard.

    • 31:38

      LEANNE HAYWARD: How are you feeling right now?

    • 31:40

      PHIL SOUTH: Is there policeman around?

    • 31:42

      LEANNE HAYWARD: OK, stop there.

    • 31:43

      PHIL SOUTH: Ooh, let me take these off again.

    • 31:44

      LEANNE HAYWARD: How are you feeling with those glasses?

    • 31:47

      PHIL SOUTH: Where am I?Real sick feeling because it justfelt-- I felt a little bit seasick, really,more than anything.

    • 31:52

      LEANNE HAYWARD: The headache, feeling dizzy,the staggering around, really the kind of thingsthat you feel when you're drunk or when you'vegot a hangover the next day.

    • 32:00

      PHIL SOUTH: Well yeah, a typical drunk bloke.Yeah, absolutely.

    • 32:03

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Perfect.So they worked well.They did the trick.

    • 32:06

      PHIL SOUTH: This will treat my ailment.

    • 32:08

      GEORGE LAMB: Leanne also has a small experimentto show Phil what a salty diet can do to his insides.

    • 32:15

      LEANNE HAYWARD: This is a lovely, healthy pig's heart.

    • 32:19


    • 32:19

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Have a feel.Get it out.Have a squeeze.Tell me what it feels like.What I want you to do is pour salt over this pig's heart.Get it right deep into the arteries.And essentially what we're trying to showis what the salt could do to your heart.So just think of all the salt that you'vebeen putting through your heart while eating all those

    • 32:42

      LEANNE HAYWARD [continued]: take away.And what we're going to do, we'regoing to leave this just to rest for a day.And then we're going to come backand we're going to have a look at itand actually get a sense of what your heart willlook like if you keep putting far too much salt through it.

    • 32:56

      GEORGE LAMB: After a busy morning Phil and the dochead back to base, and Leanne's cooked upa plan for a healthier kitchen.

    • 33:04

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Would there be some waythat we could think of to actually make it easierfor you to head towards the foods that are actuallybetter for you?

    • 33:13

      PHIL SOUTH: So very well getting in my head, but then habitwould say that I come and have someof that and some of that and some naughty bits and piecesmore often than, perhaps, I should.So I supposed I need-- I could with some sort of indicatoras to say what can I have, and what can't I have.

    • 33:28

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Yeah, that's a really good point.So how about we use a red card for the foodsthat you should, maybe, try and avoid?

    • 33:34

      PHIL SOUTH: That's not a bad idea, yeah.

    • 33:35

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Yeah?[MUSIC PLAYING]So we're sticking a red card on there.[MUSIC PLAYING]Lots of crisps and more crisps.And technically, that could pretty muchgo straight in the red card cupboard, couldn't it?Might be a good idea to think about sticking that in there--

    • 33:55

      PHIL SOUTH: My beloved.

    • 33:56

      LEANNE HAYWARD: If you can't keep it up forever,you're not going to keep it off forever.So we need to find a way that works for you that youcan continue once I've gone.

    • 34:05

      GEORGE LAMB: The doc wants to get Phil exercising more.And not missing a trick, she later tags alongto watch him as an assistant ref to check outhis fitness levels.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 34:21

      LEANNE HAYWARD: I think he's taking it really seriously.I think this is one of Phil's big passions,and he really wants to do a good job,and he wants to be seen to do a good job.So yeah, it's really fascinating.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 34:36

      PHIL SOUTH: It's been a long day,but it's been another day that I've learned,and I've just-- I've been-- if I keep learningand keeps on adding to it, then hopefullyall these things I'm doing [INAUDIBLE]will become second nature.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 34:56

      GEORGE LAMB: It's Leanne's third and final day living with Phil,and this is the big push before Leanne has to leave.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 35:05

      LEANNE HAYWARD: So I thought it was about timewe had a look at our lovely pig's heartthat we gave a sprinkling of salt to.Have a look in there for me.Talk me through what you're seeing.

    • 35:15

      PHIL SOUTH: Oh!Just imagine if that's my heart and it's full of salt,and if my heart goes hard, then I'm going to die.

    • 35:23

      LEANNE HAYWARD: And so I think what we're seeing hereis just the extent of the damage that salt can do to your heart.It really hardens everything up.

    • 35:30

      GEORGE LAMB: Leanne wants to capitalize on Phil's concernsabout his heart.She knows he's competitive and comesup with a challenge involving lots of exercise.

    • 35:40

      LEANNE HAYWARD: When I come back how about we go out togetherand we do a little mini Dr. Hayward triathlon?

    • 35:46

      PHIL SOUTH: OK.I'm up for that.Yeah, definitely, we'll do some of that.

    • 35:49

      LEANNE HAYWARD: OK and see who wins.

    • 35:50

      PHIL SOUTH: I'll bet you a pound I win.

    • 35:52

      LEANNE HAYWARD: How about we bet a lettuce?We're trying to lose the pounds.

    • 35:55

      PHIL SOUTH: Right.[LAUGHTER]Lettuce it is then.

    • 35:58

      LEANNE HAYWARD: How about we bet a lettuce?

    • 35:59

      PHIL SOUTH: OK.No problem, we shake on that, definitely.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 36:03

      GEORGE LAMB: Leanne and Phil are taking their contestvery seriously.[MUSIC PLAYING]Leanne's so confident she's already nailed it,her training starts at the local beautician's,a great opportunity to get Gemma's take on Phil's stamina.

    • 36:22

      GEMMA: He just doesn't exercise.He sits on his backside the whole time.At the office he's on his backside, driving the car,at home.[MUSIC PLAYING]He wants to lose, I think, six-stone.It's just ridiculous because it's not going to happen.

    • 36:39

      GEORGE LAMB: Back home, and the exercisehas brought out a new side to Phil.He's even made a healthy lunch for the freshly pampered womenin his life.

    • 36:47

      LEANNE HAYWARD: This looks lovely.

    • 36:49

      PHIL SOUTH: Does it?[LAUGHTER]

    • 36:51

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Doesn't it look lovely to you, Phil?

    • 36:52

      PHIL SOUTH: Well some of it does.

    • 36:53

      LEANNE HAYWARD: It looks healthy, doesn't it?

    • 36:54

      GEORGE LAMB: Leanna knows that Phil's biggest wedding fearis looking huge in his photos.So she's got a parting gift for the happy couple.

    • 37:04

      LEANNE HAYWARD: I've put together a projectedphoto of your wedding.[LAUGHTER]If you carry on as you are, you'llprobably on about another stone--

    • 37:14

      GEMMA: Oh my god![LAUGHTER]How did you know that's what my dress looked like?

    • 37:23

      PHIL SOUTH: Oh, my god.

    • 37:24

      LEANNE HAYWARD: So how would you feel seeing thatas your wedding photo?[LAUGHTER]He's a big laugh.

    • 37:30

      PHIL SOUTH: That bloke on there is a big laugh.

    • 37:32

      LEANNE HAYWARD: So if you carry on as you are,that's what you will look like.

    • 37:38

      PHIL SOUTH: Yeah, that's not good.That's not a good look.

    • 37:42

      LEANNE HAYWARD: If 5 years from nowyou're still doing what you have been doing,I reckon you would probably be looking like this.[LAUGHTER]

    • 37:55

      PHIL SOUTH: Oh my god!Let me have a look.Oh shit!I won't be able to run a football pitch.I won't be able to do a lot of things if I was that size.That is-- got a big belly hanging down,proper hanging down that.Yeah that's-- I don't want to get like that, no way.

    • 38:17

      LEANNE HAYWARD: And I don't want to leave youon a negative note.And so this is what you could look like if you lost--

    • 38:24

      GEMMA: Oh my god!

    • 38:25

      LEANNE HAYWARD: --6 stones.

    • 38:26

      PHIL SOUTH: I quite fancy him.

    • 38:28

      GEMMA: That's how he was when he was about 14.

    • 38:31

      PHIL SOUTH: I look bloody good on there,even if I do say so myself.Whoa!Do you wanting me looking like that?

    • 38:38

      GEMMA: But it would be really weird having you that skinny.Nothing to snuggle into at nighttime.He keeps me warm in bed.I'll have to get a bigger-- thicker duvet.

    • 38:47

      PHIL SOUTH: I like the look of that.That could be me.

    • 38:51

      LEANNE HAYWARD: It could.That's what you're aiming for.

    • 38:53

      PHIL SOUTH: Yeah, definitely.I've just looked at that one again.I actually feel physically sick.

    • 38:60

      GEORGE LAMB: Leanne's 3 days are up.She's leaving Phil with a lot to think about.

    • 39:06

      LEANNE HAYWARD: I feel that he's actually reacheda point with his relationship with food where he's reallytaking things to a more mature level.

    • 39:15

      GEORGE LAMB: Phil needs to cut down own take-away meals,reduce the binge drinking, and startto burn off his excess weight.In just a few weeks, Phil will beretested to see if he's managed to turn his life around.

    • 39:30

      PHIL SOUTH: It has been a bit weird having somebodyshadowing me throughout the day, having the doctor living there,and everywhere I go apart from the toilet,the doctor is there.It would be nice just to get back to day-to-day stuff,just see if I can challenge myself to do it.

    • 39:44

      GEORGE LAMB: Leanne will check in with Philto make sure everything's on track.[MUSIC PLAYING]One week after Leanne's stay, and Philseems to be getting used to a healthier life.

    • 40:01

      PHIL SOUTH: Since the doctor left,I'm really conscious of not puttingtoo much in my body in one day.So she's left me with some really good messages.Jamie Oliver, eat your heart out.

    • 40:13

      GEORGE LAMB: But that doesn't stop dreaming and craving.

    • 40:16

      PHIL SOUTH: I'm really missing my kebab.I used to have them smothered in mayonnaiseand two types of meat, and everything else on there,and covered in salad.They're absolutely fantastic.The taste of that, all the chickenmixed with the mayonnaise is absolutely brilliant.I do miss a good old binge drink with the boys.Go down on a Saturday night and get absolutely plastered,rolling in at 2 o'clock in the morning absolutely out

    • 40:36

      PHIL SOUTH [continued]: of my head.But at the same time I know that I shouldn't be doing it,and I know the way I felt when I did last go out and getabsolutely hammered.So yeah, it's one of those things.It's been a balancing act.But yeah, I do miss it.

    • 40:52

      GEORGE LAMB: A few days later and Phil's willpowerhas let him down.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 41:02

      PHIL SOUTH: A stinking hangover.I've been out and got drunk and now I feel awful.I've been doing so well with watching what I was eating,watching what I was drinking, and now suddenly I've justdone the complete opposite.

    • 41:18

      GEORGE LAMB: Leanne's back to seeif she can help Phil with his food and booze cravings.

    • 41:23

      PHIL SOUTH: Me and Gemma were invited to a dinner party.So we were at the dinner party, we were offered a drink.I said, you know what, I'll have a bitter.Had probably three or four of those,canapes with soft cheese, that type of thing.With my meal I had about two glassesof wine, a chocolate mousse.I started on my favorite liqueur and had probably half a bottleof that.Then the cheese and biscuits came out,

    • 41:44

      PHIL SOUTH [continued]: a couple of glasses of port.So I well and truly, well and truly fell offthe wagon that day.

    • 41:50

      LEANNE HAYWARD: What was it that made you say, well stuff it.I'll do all those things?

    • 41:53

      PHIL SOUTH: I was having such a good time, I think.I just got a bit carried away with having a good time.I suppose it was a little bit of education for me to think,actually, you can have a good time justwithout all the rubbish foods and all the drinkand everything else.

    • 42:09

      GEORGE LAMB: Phil can have a little bit of what he fancies,but Leanne wants to encourage him to binge less.She wants to boost his willpower,so they're off to see if a hypnotherapist can help.

    • 42:21

      PHIL SOUTH: A bit nervous, a little bit excited.So we'll see what happens.[KNOCKING]

    • 42:25

      LEANNE HAYWARD: I'm Leanne, nice to meet you

    • 42:27

      SPEAKER 7: Nice to meet you.

    • 42:28

      PHIL SOUTH: Hi there.

    • 42:28

      LEANNE HAYWARD: This is Phil.

    • 42:29

      PHIL SOUTH: Nice to meet you.

    • 42:29

      SPEAKER 7: Nice to meet you, Phil.Your eyes become heavier and just beginto drift all the way down.Deep down inside you have all the resources that you need.You can take your football further.You can do all the things that you wantto do with your new wife to be.

    • 42:51

      SPEAKER 7 [continued]: You can begin to look forward to a long and healthy life.[MUSIC PLAYING][SIGH OF RELIEF]

    • 43:02

      GEORGE LAMB: Whether or hypnotherapy worksis debatable, but Phil seems to be feeling more positive.

    • 43:09

      SPEAKER 7: And how do you feel right now in yourself?

    • 43:14

      PHIL SOUTH: Yeah, I've come with a smile on my face.Yeah, just getting my bearings back.But yeah, I feel good.So thanks very much.As I said, it's been a really good experience and obviouslysomething that I'll be able to take something from.

    • 43:30

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Thanks very much.

    • 43:31

      PHIL SOUTH: Thank you, cheers, bye-bye.

    • 43:32

      SPEAKER 7: All the best.

    • 43:33

      PHIL SOUTH: Bye.

    • 43:34

      SPEAKER 7: Bye-bye.

    • 43:35

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Crikey.So did you really go under or were you just messing around?

    • 43:39

      PHIL SOUTH: No, I'll tell you why,I went under and could-- probably could'vesat there all night.I was so relaxed.

    • 43:43

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Really?

    • 43:44

      PHIL SOUTH: I mean I wasn't quite asleep,but I really chilled out.I was so--

    • 43:49

      GEORGE LAMB: Back at the house, and the doccatches up with Gemma about Phil's lifestyle changes.

    • 43:53

      LEANNE HAYWARD: How have things been since I left?

    • 43:58

      GEMMA: Not too bad.He's a bit grumpy at the moment because he's not gettingas much sugar as he used to.But apart from that, he's not too bad.

    • 44:08

      GEORGE LAMB: There's just a few weeks to go before the retestand Phil's really starting to think about what he eats.[MUSIC PLAYING]His bet with Leanne is spurring him on.He's determined to take Leanne down in the triathlon.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 44:28

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: [DRUMMING][HORN PLAYING]It's week four, and it's triathlon time.They both have to run, swim, then cycle to the finish line.With the niceties over--

    • 44:44

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Get in your lane!

    • 44:46

      GEORGE LAMB: -- the athletes are on their marks.

    • 44:49


    • 45:01

      PHIL SOUTH: Yeah, get in.

    • 45:03

      GEORGE LAMB: Phil's bagged the sprint.He's one up.Race two, and the guys hit the water.[MUSIC PLAYING]Leanne pulls one back in the pool.It's neck and neck.

    • 45:25

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: The doc's playing to win, whilst Phil is praying to win.

    • 45:29

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Gosh.OK, on your marks, get set, go![MUSIC PLAYING]Crikey.Heavy on the old rings.[OPERA SINGING IN NON-ENGLISH]

    • 46:05

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Well done, you.Phil, I'm really proud of you.Well done.

    • 46:08

      PHIL SOUTH: Thanks very much.

    • 46:09

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Don't like losing, as you know.But if I'm going to lose to any one,then I'm proud that it's you because you'veput in so much word.You might remember a few weeks back we had a little bet.

    • 46:18

      PHIL SOUTH: Yes, we did.

    • 46:19

      LEANNE HAYWARD: And I'd to present you with your veryon lettuce.

    • 46:23

      PHIL SOUTH: Thank you very much.Thank you very much

    • 46:25

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Hold it high and be proud.

    • 46:27

      PHIL SOUTH: Let the crowd see the lettuce.Thank you.[CROWD CHEERING]

    • 46:30

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Well done, you!

    • 46:33

      GEORGE LAMB: Phil's triumph has boosted his confidence.He's convinced he can go all the wayin getting his body back to its youthfulbest before the retest.

    • 46:42

      PHIL SOUTH: My smoothie maker is, at the moment,one of my best friends.I'm quite enjoying making them.Nice pint of the good stuff.Give me a kiss.Love you.I am proud of myself.I've tried to lose weight before and it hasn't worked.But the new Phil South isn't quite ready,but today, yeah, he's all right.

    • 47:06

      GEORGE LAMB: But will Phil's life changeshave been enough to make any real differenceto his existing biological ages?Phil is back in London at the test center.[MUSIC PLAYING]These retests will measure exactly whatPhil has achieved during the past couple of months.

    • 47:26

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: [MUSIC PLAYING]A few stumbles with Phil, but has his new lifestyle reallymade an impact on his body?Let's find out if he's made a difference.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 47:47

      PHIL SOUTH: Am I nervous?Yeah.I'll be honest, I haven't got a clue what I thinkthe results are going to be.If I've knocked a year off somewhere,then absolutely fantastic.

    • 47:56

      GEORGE LAMB: What's happening, big fella?

    • 47:58

      PHIL SOUTH: All right.

    • 47:59

      GEORGE LAMB: Nice to see you.

    • 47:59

      PHIL SOUTH: And you?

    • 47:60

      GEORGE LAMB: You're looking well.

    • 48:01

      PHIL SOUTH: Thank you.

    • 48:02

      GEORGE LAMB: Little bit leaner.You're looking a bit--

    • 48:04

      PHIL SOUTH: A little bit, yeah just a little bit.

    • 48:05

      GEORGE LAMB: And how different has your lifebeen in the last few weeks?

    • 48:07

      PHIL SOUTH: I've changed what I'vebeen eating, been doing a lot more exercise,and cut down on the old kebabs as well, so yeah.

    • 48:13

      GEORGE LAMB: That's good news all around then.

    • 48:14

      PHIL SOUTH: Yeah, indeed.

    • 48:15

      GEORGE LAMB: And how's Phil looking for you, doctor?

    • 48:16

      ANDREW CURRAN: Pretty good, man.In fact, George called you, big man, as you came in.That's not really true anymore, is it?You're looking fantastic.So well done.I know how hard you've been working.

    • 48:24

      GEORGE LAMB: OK, so now we're goingto use the results from the second set of testingto come up with Phil's new biological agesand then of course, most important,his overall biological age.Phil has been smoking for 14 years.Amazingly, when he was last here,he gave up the ciggies on the spot.

    • 48:42

      PHIL SOUTH: I think I've just given up.

    • 48:45

      GEORGE LAMB: Has it made a differenceto his previous biological lung age of 36?[ALARM SOUNDS][MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 48:60

      PHIL SOUTH: Ooh!

    • 49:01

      GEORGE LAMB: 33.

    • 49:01

      PHIL SOUTH: That's all right.

    • 49:02

      GEORGE LAMB: That is all right.Obviously it has not been a particularly long periodof time, but already that's come down 3 years.

    • 49:08

      ANDREW CURRAN: Good, man.Keep it up.Keep it going.

    • 49:11

      LEANNE HAYWARD: Even during the little triathlonwe could see the effort he's put in.So give him a few more months and Ithink he'll be rolling with it.

    • 49:16

      GEORGE LAMB: All right.Well that's good news.Let's move on.Phil's high-fat diet and booze- binging wayswere affecting the healthy functionof this cardiovascular system.Has his new healthy living had any impacton the old age of 43?

    • 49:34


    • 49:47

      GEORGE LAMB: So that's come down a couple of years as well.Well done, Phil.

    • 49:50

      PHIL SOUTH: Yeah, that's good.

    • 49:50

      GEORGE LAMB: Heading in the right direction.

    • 49:51

      PHIL SOUTH: Absolutely, yeah.

    • 49:53

      ANDREW CURRAN: You're already starting to make some startsand differences.So once again, really well done.

    • 49:57

      PHIL SOUTH: Thanks.

    • 49:59

      GEORGE LAMB: Phil's new attitude to exercising regularlyshould've helped bring down his shockingly high previous boneand joint age of 45.[MUSIC PLAYING]43.

    • 50:20

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: Well done again, sir.

    • 50:22

      PHIL SOUTH: Yeah, I'm well [INAUDIBLE] with that, yeah.

    • 50:24

      GEORGE LAMB: Do you feel better in your skin at all?

    • 50:25

      PHIL SOUTH: Obviously seeing the resultsand now knowing that it's going in the right direction, thenyes--

    • 50:29

      GEORGE LAMB: It's spurring you on even more, yeah?

    • 50:31

      PHIL SOUTH: Absolutely.

    • 50:32

      GEORGE LAMB: OK.And finally, how have all Phil's changesaffected his overall biological age?Last time it came out at 35.Phil is 28 years old by birth, and that's 7 years older.So let's have a look now and see if indeed it start coming down.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 50:54

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: [SWOOSHING]34.Everything we've seen here today is very, very positive, man,and you've brought it down, and youshould be proud of yourself.

    • 51:12

      PHIL SOUTH: Even a year off that is fantastic.Knocked a year off my biological age.So in a few short weeks, I've done that well.So by the time I get to the wedding,it should have come down a lot further.I've got to continue what I've done so far.It's a lifestyle change, it's not a 2-month change.So yeah, I've just got to push on, and keepdoing what I'm doing, and try and lose some more weight,

    • 51:34

      PHIL SOUTH [continued]: get healthier, and really try and look after myself.[MUSIC PLAYING]

Make My Body Younger, S1E4: Phil South

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Phil South is overweight with a habit of binge eating and drinking, but he wants to make a change in his life. George Lamb brings in a team of experts who give him a living autopsy to measure his biological age. Motivated by this information, South makes extreme lifestyle changes.

Make My Body Younger, S1E4: Phil South

Phil South is overweight with a habit of binge eating and drinking, but he wants to make a change in his life. George Lamb brings in a team of experts who give him a living autopsy to measure his biological age. Motivated by this information, South makes extreme lifestyle changes.

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