Make My Body Younger, S1E3: Cindy Cottrell

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    • 00:30


    • 00:31

      GEORGE LAMB: Cindy Cottrell takes upto five grams of cocaine most weekends.[SINGING]

    • 00:39

      CINDY COTTRELL: I need a drink.

    • 00:40

      GEORGE LAMB: She never refuses a shot--

    • 00:42

      CINDY COTTRELL: Five San Pedros with lemon and salt, please.

    • 00:46

      GEORGE LAMB: --and remembers nothing of her 48-hour binge.

    • 00:49

      CINDY COTTRELL: No ice!

    • 00:50

      GEORGE LAMB: I'm going to be surprising Cindywith an offer that could literally save her life.Hello, Cindy.

    • 00:57

      CINDY COTTRELL: It's not every daythat George Lamb walks into your local.Check it out!Oh my god!

    • 01:05

      GEORGE LAMB: In the most dramatic wake-up callimaginable, this party girl is facing her own autopsy,while she's still alive.And just when she thinks she's seen enough,--

    • 01:20

      CINDY COTTRELL: Jesus.

    • 01:22

      GEORGE LAMB: --she gets a new lodger,--

    • 01:24

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: I need to find out where I'm sleeping.

    • 01:26

      GEORGE LAMB: --her very own live-in doctor.He'll live her life to see how the club queen got her crown.

    • 01:32

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: They're just getting crazier and crazier.And I'm just a bit concerned that they're goingto make it home at all really.[BLEEP]

    • 01:40

      GEORGE LAMB: But will his tough prescriptionbe the wake-up call she needs?

    • 01:44

      CINDY COTTRELL: She's a [BLEEP] bitch.She is.

    • 01:47

      GEORGE LAMB: Can Cindy turn her life aroundbefore it's all too late?22-year-old Cindy Cottrell from Birminghamis a professional pole dancer.

    • 02:08

      CINDY COTTRELL: I love to lap dance.I love the fact that I feel confident because menwill actually physically pay money to see me naked.And it's good exercise dancing around that pole.If I didn't have the drink and the drugs,I definitely wouldn't be able to keep going.Definitely not, without a doubt.

    • 02:22

      GEORGE LAMB: But even when she's off duty,stimulants are a big part of Cindy's life.She uses them for fun, hardcore fun.[SPRAY]

    • 02:32

      CINDY COTTRELL: I really do.Don't even lie.

    • 02:36

      GEORGE LAMB: This lap dancer loves any party-going.

    • 02:39

      CINDY COTTRELL: I like the atmosphere of being out.I like being surrounded by my friends.And also meeting new people as well.It's good.And also, I like to have the drugs because I enjoymyself that much when I'm out.I just like to keep on going.

    • 02:50

      STEPH-CINDY'S FRIEND: That will wash that down.

    • 02:52

      CINDY COTTRELL: Oh, go on.

    • 02:53

      CINDY'S MUM: Cindy will just carryon and on and on and on and on.There just doesn't seem to be any stopping her.

    • 02:59

      MEL-CINDY'S FRIEND: She always gets absolutely hammered.She is the worst out of the bunch, the mad one.

    • 03:05

      GEORGE LAMB: But there's a darker reason behind Cindy'sdrink and drug binges.It's not all just for kicks.

    • 03:11

      CINDY COTTRELL: Sometimes I feel like I'm on show a little bit,like I need to be confident, because peopleexpect me to be confident.But really sometimes I'm actually not.

    • 03:19

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: I wish she didn'thave to hide behind the drugs and the alcohol.Her personality certainly shines through whenshe's completely sober and not under the influence of drugs.

    • 03:29

      GEORGE LAMB: And the morning after, it'snot just the hangover that haunts Cindy.It's also her responsibilities.

    • 03:36

      CORY-CINDY'S SON: Ow, Mum!

    • 03:38

      CINDY COTTRELL: I was extremely shockedwhen I found out I was pregnant.To tell the truth, no.I didn't want to have Cory.But now, I look back.I can't imagine my life without him.I don't have Cory on the weekends,because his dad has him.And during that weekend when I haven't got him,I think it's due to the fact that I miss himthat I drink and take drugs.But I would never, ever take drugs around my son,

    • 03:59

      CINDY COTTRELL [continued]: because he means the world to me.

    • 04:02

      GEORGE LAMB: Cindy's becoming increasinglyconcerned about what she's doing to her body.

    • 04:06

      CINDY COTTRELL: On a Monday I feel crap.I feel tired.I feel hungry.I feel a bit depressed.And I think I'm never going to do it again.And my nose as well-- the pain in my nosesometimes is unbelievable when I sneeze and stuff.My throat's really hurting, you know, today.

    • 04:25

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: Is it?

    • 04:26

      CINDY COTTRELL: Feel that hard bit there.It's not normal what I'm feeling.I don't know.I don't know how to put it.But I do want to know what's going on in my healthand what the damage is that all the stuff I've donehas done to me.

    • 04:43

      GEORGE LAMB: After eight years of hard clubbing,it's time to find out what's really going on inside herand if she is prepared for the answers.This is where our living autopsy theater comes in.If she's up for it, we'll be bringing Cindy right here

    • 05:04

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: to find out exactly what damage she's done to her body.Cindy will be clinically tested from top to toe.The results will give her a detailed and intimate pictureof her state of health.[METAL BLADE]It's 8:00 PM, Birmingham city center.

    • 05:24

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: And I'm here to meet Cindy.Cindy says she wants to make some changesto her full-on party lifestyle.But will she still be so keen when I tell hershe's going to have to undergo some fairlymajor medical tests?And will the potentially shocking resultsbe enough to make her alter her life so she can still have funwithout wrecking her health?

    • 05:44

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: [LAUGHTER]Hello, CIndy.How are you doing?

    • 05:56

      CINDY COTTRELL: Oh my god!

    • 05:58

      GEORGE LAMB: So how's your night going?There's a lot of tequila debris here.

    • 06:01

      CINDY COTTRELL: It's not every daythat George Lamb walks into your local.Check it out!Oh my god!

    • 06:06

      GEORGE LAMB: Enough of the charm offensive.It's time to crack the big question.So listen.Tonight kind of marks the start of quite a big change.Right?You've decided you want to turn things around a little bit.Yeah?Too much being a bad girl?

    • 06:21

      CINDY COTTRELL: Yeah.You reckon?

    • 06:22

      GEORGE LAMB: Or too much excess?

    • 06:24

      CINDY COTTRELL: You think?

    • 06:25

      GEORGE LAMB: The change that you want to make?

    • 06:26

      CINDY COTTRELL: I want to be a good girl for once.

    • 06:28

      GEORGE LAMB: Ah, OK.That's good news.If that's what you want to do, that'swhat we can help you with.

    • 06:32

      CINDY COTTRELL: No, definitely.

    • 06:32

      GEORGE LAMB: The only rough bit isyou're going to have to come to Londonand run a whole load of tests.

    • 06:36

      CINDY COTTRELL: All right.Deal.

    • 06:38

      GEORGE LAMB: Job done.Cindy's on board.Cindy will spend a day being probed, scanned, and monitored.The tests will provide all the information needed to carry outa living autopsy on her.

    • 06:55

      CINDY COTTRELL: I'm a bit worried about the outcome.

    • 06:58

      GEORGE LAMB: Cindy's blood will reveal any problemswith her vital organs.

    • 07:04

      NURSE: Mmk.Take a deep breath.

    • 07:05

      GEORGE LAMB: The tests will also showhow her lungs are coping with her 300-a-week smoking habit.

    • 07:10

      CINDY COTTRELL: I smoke so many cigarettes.I found that really, really difficult to do.

    • 07:15

      GEORGE LAMB: And finally, an MRI scannerwill provide a full picture of Cindy's insides.If there's something going on in there,this high tech camera will find it.

    • 07:28

      CINDY COTTRELL: I thought when I saw itit was all right, because it looked like a sun bed.And I went on there, and it was the worst feelingI've ever had.It was absolutely horrible.I tell you.And I tell you what now.This better be worth it.

    • 07:40

      GEORGE LAMB: You don't have to worry on that score, Cindy.These tests are going to give you a once in a lifetimeopportunity to see inside your own body.The tests take a week to come back.And Cindy's got an anxious wait for the results.

    • 08:03

      CINDY COTTRELL: I definitely, definitely want to stop.

    • 08:10

      GEORGE LAMB: The week of waiting is over.The test results are in.And the day of Cindy's living autopsy is finally here.

    • 08:21

      CINDY COTTRELL: I'm feeling really nervous, very.Really, really nervous, because I justdon't know what to expect.So I'm preparing myself for the worst.But we'll have to wait and see.

    • 08:30

      GEORGE LAMB: Just a corridor away are Cindy's results.

    • 08:33

      CINDY COTTRELL: Obviously, there'sgoing to be some sort of shocks there.But you know, I want to know about it.Breaking it.

    • 08:44

      GEORGE LAMB: Cindy, how are you doing?Surprise.Nice to see you.This is it, results day.Now, you're going to hear some stuff today potentiallythat might be quite difficult to stomach.Are you ready for that?

    • 08:54

      CINDY COTTRELL: Yeah.Yeah.I sort of want it to be to sort of stop mefrom doing it really.

    • 08:59

      GEORGE LAMB: I'm going to call the porters in.

    • 09:01


    • 09:04

      GEORGE LAMB: If you'd just hop off and putyour robe on the side there.Now, once we get you strapped in,we're going to take you through to the living autopsy theater.[BUZZING]

    • 09:15

      CINDY COTTRELL: What's that?

    • 09:16

      GEORGE LAMB: It's a little bit differentthan a normal autopsy.Normal autopsy, you'd be dead.Basically, what we've done is, using state-of-the-artgraphics, we've recreated exactly what's going on insideof your body from all the tests and scans that you underwent.And we're going to be able to seeexactly what effect your lifestyle ishaving on your organs.Are you ready?

    • 09:34


    • 10:01

      GEORGE LAMB: Hello again, Cindy.

    • 10:02


    • 10:03

      GEORGE LAMB: How are you doing?

    • 10:04

      CINDY COTTRELL: Scared.

    • 10:05

      GEORGE LAMB: Now, I have got some good news for you.

    • 10:07


    • 10:08

      GEORGE LAMB: You're not alone today.We've got some friends and family actually,who are up here.

    • 10:16

      CINDY COTTRELL: [BLEEP]I don't think it hit me until I saw people that I knew.And then I was really worried about it.I'm more worried about the fact that people knew.

    • 10:37

      GEORGE LAMB: Was that a shock?

    • 10:38


    • 10:39

      GEORGE LAMB: It'll be OK.

    • 10:40

      ADAM-CINDY'S FRIEND: She looked worried.I haven't seen her-- I don't think I've everseen her look that worried.

    • 10:44

      GEORGE LAMB: And I've got some other good news for you.I'm not just going to have a guess about what'sgoing on inside your body.We've got a proper autopsy doctor.Andrew Curran is a consultant neurologistwith 25 years experience.He'll be delivering Cindy's results.

    • 11:01

      ANDREW CURRAN: I'm Andrew Curran.My role here is to have a think about all the tests you'vehad done and answer any questionsor deal with any issues you've got.So--

    • 11:11

      CINDY COTTRELL: I'm scared.

    • 11:12

      ANDREW CURRAN: You are scared?

    • 11:13

      CINDY COTTRELL: Yeah.I'll be all right.I'll be all right.

    • 11:14

      ANDREW CURRAN: That's normal.

    • 11:18

      GEORGE LAMB: The moment has arrived.It's time to take a look inside Cindy's body.Are you ready?Are you ready for your living autopsy?

    • 11:30

      CINDY COTTRELL: Yeah, ready.

    • 11:31

      GEORGE LAMB: Here it goes.

    • 11:33

      ANDREW CURRAN: So what's happening nowis the primary incision, which opens upthe skin in your chest.Then shortly, as that is extracted back,we can see your organs coming into sight.There's your heart appearing in the middle,your ribs clearing out of the way,and your lungs, and your liver.And that's your intestines squidging away down

    • 11:54

      ANDREW CURRAN [continued]: in your tummy there.And those are actually--

    • 11:56

      CINDY COTTRELL: Is that actually me?

    • 11:58

      ANDREW CURRAN: That's models of your organs.

    • 11:59

      CINDY COTTRELL: Serious?

    • 12:00

      GEORGE LAMB: Yeah, I know.It's really good.Isn't it?

    • 12:04

      CINDY COTTRELL: It's so weird to think that that's actually youand that's what's happening inside of you.So like the moving and stuff, it's just amazing.

    • 12:13

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: To stand above your daughter being opened up,to see what's actually inside was awesome.

    • 12:23

      GEORGE LAMB: Andrew is most concernedabout three of Cindy's organs-- her lungs, heart, and liver.And with Cindy's 300-a-week smoking habit,it's no surprise that he's starting with her lungs.Each of those fags is loaded with thousandsof harmful chemicals, putting her lungs in serious danger.

    • 12:47

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: What are we looking for today in Cindy's lungs?

    • 12:49

      ANDREW CURRAN: These are Cindy's lungs here, expanding,nice bellows going in and out.We're just starting to see in your lungs,instead of nice, healthy, pink tissue full of airbubbles, some of the deposits of crudin your lungs coming on the surfacefrom all of the smoke and stuff you take in.

    • 13:06

      CINDY COTTRELL: It is a really scary thingto go through, seeing it as being yours and thinking,oh my god.That is actually me.That is happening to me.

    • 13:15

      GEORGE LAMB: Are you short of breath?Do you find it hard to get around?I know you're fairly mobile in your job.

    • 13:19

      CINDY COTTRELL: Um, sometimes, yeah.I get out of breath quicker than I used to.Yeah, definitely.

    • 13:25

      GEORGE LAMB: OK, Cindy.So what we're going to do with your lungsis try and figure out the biological age.That's the difference between your birth ageand how they are in biological terms.We're going to do that with each and every organ.The biological age of the lungs, obviously, should be around 22.It could differ because of the excessive lifestyleyou've lead.We're starting off with these.They've got 22, which is your birth age there.

    • 13:47

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: It's going up.23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 30, 31.

    • 13:57

      CINDY COTTRELL: Don't lie.

    • 13:58

      GEORGE LAMB: 32.[BEEPING]32 years biologically.This is from your tests.These are from all the scans we ran on you.

    • 14:07

      CINDY COTTRELL: Jesus.

    • 14:08

      GEORGE LAMB: Over the past seven years,Cindy smoked over 70,000 fags.If she continues, in 10 to 15 years,future damage to her lungs could affect simple tasks,like climbing up stairs.

    • 14:22

      ANDREW CURRAN: 15 years down the line.First of all, you can see the lungs are looking reallynot very healthy and wild.Here we can see a big patch.But probably underneath that, a huge volume of the lung,probably as big as my first, has turnedinto just a mucky, goopy mess.

    • 14:38

      CINDY COTTRELL: You don't see what actually goes on,like the little things on the lungs that you justwouldn't normally know about.And that's what shocked me.

    • 14:45

      GEORGE LAMB: Do you still fancy a cigarette, Cindy?

    • 14:47

      CINDY COTTRELL: I do.Yeah, I know that sounds awful.But I do.

    • 14:49

      ANDREW CURRAN: And that's dead normal.You can't just give up.It's a question of getting yourselftrained into not doing it.

    • 14:58

      GEORGE LAMB: Next up, Cindy's liver.She drinks more than 100 units of booze a week.That's about seven times more than the government recommends.

    • 15:11

      ANDREW CURRAN: So this is, Cindy, your liver now.And what we're starting to see here, the impression of thesepale areas coming through, particularly here.And that probably is a sign of what'scalled fatty degeneration.Just one question.Do you ever after a heavy binge drink,end up with pain under the right side of your--

    • 15:31

      CINDY COTTRELL: Yeah, yeah.

    • 15:32

      ANDREW CURRAN: You do.OK?Well, that's acute liver inflammation.

    • 15:37

      CINDY COTTRELL: I get it sometimes in the day as well,like if I'm sitting in an uncomfortable position.

    • 15:42

      ANDREW CURRAN: It means, essentially, you'vekicked it so hard that it has gotinflamed and swollen and sore.And it's really saying, please, please give me a break here.

    • 15:51

      CINDY COTTRELL: Serious?

    • 15:52

      ANDREW CURRAN: Yeah.

    • 15:54

      GEORGE LAMB: The liver is a pretty powerful organ.But when it goes, there's no prior warning.Which stage is this at now?This is cirrhosis.

    • 16:05

      ANDREW CURRAN: Well, 15 years down the line,with your present lifestyle, this is probably startingto get into advanced cirrhosis.So your probably not that far off.We'd be starting to worry about, are youactually going to move into liver failure next?

    • 16:18

      GEORGE LAMB: I was going to ask you.At that level, that level's not reversible.Right?

    • 16:22

      ANDREW CURRAN: No.All things being equal, and what weknow from people who have excessive lifestyles,by this stage, you're probably past reversible.

    • 16:30

      GEORGE LAMB: Well, I mean you saidbefore, you were looking for a fairly dramatic responsefrom the tests.

    • 16:35

      CINDY COTTRELL: Is it a shock enough?Yeah, definitely.I might give it up in a week's days, I think now.

    • 16:42

      ANDREW CURRAN: Well, it is, as I say,this moderation thing, Cindy.Your body's perfectly capable of dealingwith the alcohol, and a bit of fatty foods,and all those sort of things.It's only after saying, when you takeso much it can't handle it.And it's saying, no, please.No more of this.

    • 16:56

      GEORGE LAMB: I think what we shoulddo now is try and figure out the biologic age of the liver.As we start off every time, biologicalage showing 22, which is actually your birth age.And if we can just watch it, now we'llsee if it increases biologically.24, 26, 28, 29.

    • 17:18

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: This isn't looking particularly good.32, 33, 34, 35, 30-- 40-- 42 years.[BEEPING]

    • 17:37

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: Oopsy daisy.

    • 17:39

      GEORGE LAMB: That's 20 years older.You've got the liver of a 42-year-old.

    • 17:42

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: I am amazed.

    • 17:48

      CINDY COTTRELL: That's awful.That was the one I was most worried about though.

    • 17:52

      ANDREW CURRAN: Why were you most worried about that one?

    • 17:53

      CINDY COTTRELL: Because I know, drinking and stuff.Yes.Taking the piss, isn't it, how much, obviously,I've been doing.

    • 17:59

      GEORGE LAMB: Yes.That's fairly--

    • 18:01

      CINDY COTTRELL: Shocking.

    • 18:02

      GEORGE LAMB: --fairly shocking by anybody's standards.Nearly double your age.

    • 18:06

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: 20 years older than she is.She looks so incredible.That's the thing.But inside there's all this secret stuff going on.

    • 18:15

      GEORGE LAMB: That just leaves Cindy's heart.Cindy has taken up to five grams of cocaine in one weekend.Now, coke can make the heart beat unnaturally fast.And Cindy's years of using the drug and smokinghave aged her heart at 29.

    • 18:35

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: As far as I'm concerned, that's pretty much it now.We can close up the body now.

    • 18:57

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: Cindy's 22 years old.But what's the biological age of her whole body?We're about to find out.

    • 19:07

      CINDY COTTRELL: I'm waiting to go in now for my overall age.And I've been that nervous that I've really hadto go outside for a cigarette.This is going to be a bit scary I think.

    • 19:16

      GEORGE LAMB: OK, Cindy.So that's the end of your living autopsy.Now, I've asked your mum and your friends to come in.

    • 19:24

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: I just can't wait to give her a hug now.Hi.

    • 19:29

      GEORGE LAMB: How has it been today, watching that?

    • 19:32

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: I think we've had a big wake-up call.

    • 19:34

      GEORGE LAMB: It's a lot to take in.Huh?

    • 19:35

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: We've got a lot to work on.And we've got a lot to work on together.

    • 19:39

      GEORGE LAMB: Now, obviously, you all saw.We went through each of the biological ages of the organs.As I said before, we're about to figure outthe overall biological age of Cindy,taking into account all the information that weshowed you here today.It's going to start at 22, as we did,because that is her birth age.And now, we're going to see if it increases.This is the big one, guys.So if you're ready, we're going to start it now.

    • 20:06

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: 24, 5, 6, 7.28, 29.[BEEPING]31 is your overall body age.That's nearly 10 years older, nearly a decade.

    • 20:20

      ANDREW CURRAN: It's important.It's an important message.Yeah, it is.

    • 20:23

      GEORGE LAMB: It's quite a lot to take in.Huh?

    • 20:25

      CINDY COTTRELL: I'm extremely shocked about it being 31.I can't believe it.It's really scary, definitely.

    • 20:31

      GEORGE LAMB: Well, listen.The good news is that we're all hereto help you and support you.The next time that you're down here,we hope that you've got your overall body age down.That means you're going to have to get all the ages downof the individual organs.And then cumulatively we're goingto bring this overall body age down.OK?

    • 20:45


    • 20:46

      GEORGE LAMB: Are you ready for that?It's a big old commitment from you.

    • 20:49

      CINDY COTTRELL: Ready, definitely.

    • 20:50

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: After this wake-up call,we really do have to put some effort in before it's too late.Let's take her back to 22.

    • 20:59

      GEORGE LAMB: Cindy's been stunned by the resultsof her living autopsy.But it's not too late for her to do something about it.And she won't be alone.We're going to partner Cindy with oneof our hand-picked team of medics.And the medic for the job is 27-year-old John Crosby,a laid-back doctor, who likes to party,but with his psychiatric training,knows how to get to the root of the problem.

    • 21:22

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: He'll offer gentle guidance to help Cindycurb those wild nights out.And to really get to know her, Johnwill be moving in for three days.Cindy has no idea Dr. John is in town.

    • 21:40

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: It's two days since you had your results.How are you feeling now?

    • 21:43

      GEORGE LAMB: I don't like the fact that I'm forty.

    • 21:45

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: I know, horrible thought.That would make me about 68.

    • 21:48

      CINDY COTTRELL: --nearly your age.

    • 21:50

      GEORGE LAMB: Time for John the medic to make contact.

    • 21:54

      CINDY COTTRELL: I wonder how old your body is seriously.[PHONE BEEPING]

    • 21:57

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: You need to tell him.[INAUDIBLE]Who's up to what now?Who is it?

    • 22:03

      CINDY COTTRELL: John.Who the hell's John?I don't know.You must be John.

    • 22:17

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: That's right, who I'veheard so much about all ready.

    • 22:20

      CINDY COTTRELL: Nice to meet you.

    • 22:21

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: What did you think about the text message?

    • 22:23

      CINDY COTTRELL: I thought I was meetinga fellow, a sort of date.

    • 22:26

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Well, here you go.Right.I've been provided for you to be your personal doctor.

    • 22:31

      CINDY COTTRELL: I don't mean to be rude,but I've already met the doctor, after having my resultsand stuff.What are you here to do?

    • 22:35

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Right.I'm here to ask lots of questionsand provide information and to justhelp you think a bit more about what you're doing and gettinga bit more control over what's happening.

    • 22:45

      CINDY COTTRELL: That's good to knowthat somebody's there to give me that advice and help.Yeah.

    • 22:48

      GEORGE LAMB: John wants to know what changes Cindywould like to make.

    • 22:52

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: If we break it down into drink,smoking, and drugs, in actual, physical terms, what do youwant to achieve?

    • 22:59

      CINDY COTTRELL: Calm down.Stop drinking so much.

    • 23:02

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: What about smoking?

    • 23:03

      CINDY COTTRELL: Cut down definitely--

    • 23:04

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Cut down?

    • 23:05

      CINDY COTTRELL: Yeah, definitely.

    • 23:06

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: And the drugs?

    • 23:08

      CINDY COTTRELL: Cut it out.Don't do it.

    • 23:09

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Stop it.

    • 23:10

      CINDY COTTRELL: Yeah.I know my own goals.And I know what I want to do.

    • 23:12

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: What are your goals then?

    • 23:14

      CINDY COTTRELL: Well, just moderation, like you said.That words really stuck in my mind-- in moderation.

    • 23:18

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: So we're off back to yours then.

    • 23:20


    • 23:21

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Because we need to find out where I'm sleeping.

    • 23:23

      CINDY COTTRELL: Sleeping in mine?

    • 23:24

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Yeah.

    • 23:25

      CINDY COTTRELL: Oh no!

    • 23:26

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: I'm sure it will be fine.

    • 23:27


    • 23:31

      GEORGE LAMB: Cindy wants to cut back on her drinkingand knock the ciggies and drugs on their heads.But first, the doc needs to get to know everything that'sgoing on in Cindy's life.And that includes those closest to her.

    • 23:44


    • 23:45

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: Hello.

    • 23:46

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: My name's John.How are you?

    • 23:48

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: I'm fine.Thank you.Who's this?

    • 23:50

      CINDY COTTRELL: It's uh, me doctor.

    • 23:51

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: It's your doctor?

    • 23:52

      CINDY COTTRELL: Me personal doctor,who's going to be staying here.

    • 23:55

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: Staying here?

    • 23:56

      CINDY COTTRELL: Where is he sleeping?

    • 23:57

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: Where is he sleeping?

    • 23:58

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: We need to work something out.Don't we?

    • 23:60

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: Well, he's cute anyway.[LAUGHTER]

    • 24:04

      GEORGE LAMB: Cindy only pole dances at night.So she spends most days hanging around the house.

    • 24:09

      CORY-CINDY'S SON: I want somebody to play with me.

    • 24:11

      CINDY COTTRELL: Ask the doc.He's the new babysitter.

    • 24:13

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: I've met the family.And they all seem really nice and havemade me feel really welcome.And I think to start off, we'll justwatch Cindy, see what she's like normally.And then tomorrow, I think, we'llstart working on her goals.

    • 24:24

      GEORGE LAMB: In order to see what he's really up against,he has a good look around.It's already dawning on John that in this househe's becoming a passive smoker, like it or not,which gives him an idea.

    • 24:39

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: We've got a carbon monoxide monitor here.

    • 24:42

      GEORGE LAMB: This machine measureshow much carbon monoxide is in your system.

    • 24:46

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: The reading we'vegot there is one, which is the level for a non-smoker, whichI am.So we'll take this again at the endwhen I've stayed with Cindy.And we'll see if that's gone up.And hopefully, it won't have gone up too much.

    • 24:59

      GEORGE LAMB: There's temptation for Cindy around every cornerin her mum's house.

    • 25:05

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: The bar.

    • 25:06

      CINDY COTTRELL: It's me favorite room.

    • 25:08

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Do you think that having the bar here,do you think that encourages you to drink then?

    • 25:13

      CINDY COTTRELL: No, not really.I drink really because I've got nothing elseto do with my time.I like to be center of attention.And that makes me louder and gives me confidence.And it just makes me feel better about the way I like, as well.I know it sounds stupid, but it does.

    • 25:28

      GEORGE LAMB: Cindy's an only childand has lived with her mum on and off since Cory's birth.Her mum is one of the closest people to her.

    • 25:35

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: She doesn't thinkshe's particularly beautiful.She doesn't have that self-confidencethat she ought to have because, you know,she's a beautiful girl.

    • 25:45

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: What do you think she needs?

    • 25:48

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: She needs more focus on positive things,I think.

    • 25:52

      GEORGE LAMB: The biggest positive in Cindy's lifeis her son Cory.But her boozy nights are beginningto have an impact on him.

    • 26:01

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: She did it last week,and we didn't know where she'd gone.So getting Cory up and sending him into school.I try not to let him get upset.I just say Mummy's gone to work.

    • 26:11

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Right.OK.

    • 26:12

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: But obviously, children pick up on moods.Don't they?So he's sort of, where's Mummy?And, are you she's gone to work?Well, yes, Cory, she's gone to work.And she'll see you a bit later on.

    • 26:25

      GEORGE LAMB: Cindy left school at 16 and had Cory at 18.Cindy's father left when she was young,so her and her mum are more like friendsthan mother and daughter.

    • 26:35

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: She didn't know she was pregnantuntil she was five months.She had expulsion from two private school.She'd been involved in a gang fight,cutting the school cat's whiskers off.And I find that absolutely appalling.

    • 26:48

      GEORGE LAMB: It looks like John is in with Jan.

    • 26:51

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: It's a very friendly house.Cindy and her mum have a really nice relationship.And they seem to get on really well.And they do seem to have a lot of fun.So I'm looking forward to exploringthat a bit more maybe.

    • 27:05

      CINDY COTTRELL: Have a party glass.

    • 27:07

      GEORGE LAMB: No chance of a quiet night in for John.Still, it's an opportunity to get to know Cindy's friends.

    • 27:14

      STEPH-CINDY'S FRIEND: Because we allknow we're both as bad as each other.Yeah, we encourage each other a lot.I don't know why.

    • 27:21

      GEORGE LAMB: Steph and Cindy are mates from school.She is Cindy's confirmed binge drinking buddy.

    • 27:26

      CINDY COTTRELL: But that's what we do.We go out especially to get drunk and to get in that statethough.Don't we?We shouldn't.Let's go out and see my friends, not let's go outand get absolutely hammered.

    • 27:39

      GEORGE LAMB: The drink is soon flowing.And John's not sure where the night's heading.

    • 27:44

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: I can't even counthow many shots they've had.There's no signs of slowing.They just put it away so quickly as well.It's just gone in a second.

    • 27:54

      GEORGE LAMB: The doc likes a ping, but he knows his limits.As for the others--

    • 27:60

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: They're getting towards pretty extremeintoxication now.I just don't understand how they'rekeeping up this passive drinking for this length of time.I've never seen a bottle of wine disappear that quickly.And it's just getting crazier and crazier.And I'm just a bit concerned that they're going

    • 28:20

      DR. JOHN CROSBY [continued]: to make it home at all really.

    • 28:23

      GEORGE LAMB: And after a few more,Cindy becomes a loose cannon, inside the club and out.[YELLING]On the way out of the club, one of Cindy's matesthought she was called a slag, and it all kicked off.

    • 28:39

      CINDY COTTRELL: [INAUDIBLE] something to say.So shut the [BLEEP] up!

    • 28:43

      STEPH-CINDY'S FRIEND: Get out of my [BLEEP] face,you [BLEEP] bitch!

    • 28:46

      GEORGE LAMB: So there's never been a better timeto call it a day.

    • 28:52

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Are you OK?

    • 28:53

      CINDY COTTRELL: No, not really.I've got a little boy to worry about that's at home.I don't know why I get involved.

    • 29:09

      GEORGE LAMB: John's got his work cut out.[DAY 2]It's day two.And John gets on with his plan to help Cindystart making some changes.

    • 29:25

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Morning.

    • 29:26

      CINDY COTTRELL: Morning.

    • 29:27

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: How are you?

    • 29:29

      CINDY COTTRELL: I'm in the same clothes as last night.Oh!

    • 29:32

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: How do you think your 42-year-oldliver's coping--

    • 29:34

      CINDY COTTRELL: Shite.

    • 29:35

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: --today?

    • 29:36

      CINDY COTTRELL: Really bad, I would have thought.Oh.

    • 29:39

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: What can you remember about last night?

    • 29:41

      CINDY COTTRELL: Everything.I can remember everything actually,crying and everything.What happened with Steph then?I don't remember her having a row with me.Did I argue with Steph then?

    • 29:48

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: You said that you remember everything.

    • 29:49

      CINDY COTTRELL: I can't remember whatshe was arguing about though.

    • 29:51

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Forgetting things from drinking,that's got a special name, which is really odd,called palimpsest.But that is a sign that you're becoming an habitual drinker.Your body's become used to it.And you get intolerant.

    • 30:05

      CINDY COTTRELL: Really?Will you forget things all the time, eh?

    • 30:07

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Yeah.

    • 30:08


    • 30:09

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: And that only happenswith sustained drinking over quite a long period of time.

    • 30:15

      GEORGE LAMB: Cindy might be sufferingafter last night's binge.

    • 30:18

      CINDY COTTRELL: Morning.

    • 30:19

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Looking a bit better.

    • 30:20

      CINDY COTTRELL: Just got a [INAUDIBLE] now.I've taken some Anadin, so I'm all right.

    • 30:24

      GEORGE LAMB: But the doc still wasa full day planned for Cindy.Luckily, it starts with a healthy fry-up,great for hangovers.

    • 30:36

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: It's just vital--

    • 30:38

      GEORGE LAMB: And as John finishes off breakfast,Cindy spills the beans on why her drinking has got so bad.

    • 30:44

      CINDY COTTRELL: I do drink when I'm dancing.And I'll drink whilst getting ready.

    • 30:48

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Right.

    • 30:48

      CINDY COTTRELL: So by the time I'mready and going, get on the floor in my clothes and stuff,so I've got the confidence to approach people.

    • 30:55

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Could it be that you've justgot into the habit of having a drink?

    • 30:58

      CINDY COTTRELL: Yeah.I've said this before.It is.It's like a habit.I've pretended to be really confident, when I'm thinking,oh god.I look the twat.Do you know what I mean?

    • 31:05

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Yeah.

    • 31:06

      CINDY COTTRELL: So I think that's just how Ideal with things.Should we go and eat in the conservatory?

    • 31:11

      GEORGE LAMB: Before tackling Cindy's confidence issues,John wants Cindy to look at what she's really like when she goesfor one of her big nights out.

    • 31:28

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: That was a tray of Sambuca shots.

    • 31:30

      CINDY COTTRELL: Oh my god![NERVOUS LAUGHTER] Oh no.That is so embarrassing.

    • 31:38

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: We'll take it on a bit further.Do you remember being dry humped by Steph on the dance floor?

    • 31:43

      CINDY COTTRELL: No, I [BLEEP] don't.No.

    • 31:45

      GEORGE LAMB: And just when she thoughtit couldn't get any worse--

    • 31:48

      CINDY COTTRELL: Oh no.[GASP] That is awful.

    • 31:52

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: So that's kissing Steph there.[YELLING]This is the end of the night, outside the club.And I think this is where things are going a bit wrong.[YELLING]

    • 32:02

      CINDY COTTRELL: [GASP] Who is that?

    • 32:04

      STEPH-CINDY'S FRIEND: Get out of my face, you [BLEEP] bitch!

    • 32:06


    • 32:09

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Now, you look quite upset.

    • 32:11

      CINDY COTTRELL: I know.I really don't want to watch that.

    • 32:14

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: At one point, she had to hide her face.She was so upset about what she looked like.And I think that is really, for the first time,starting to hit the message home.And I think that's a really positive thing.What do you think we're going to do to deal with this?

    • 32:29

      CINDY COTTRELL: Find out me limit or just take it slow.No need for the shots, because you haveshots to get drunk quicker.

    • 32:36

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: I think, looking at that,the shots are one of the killer factorsin you getting that drunk.So I think maybe advising cutting those out completely.But because you're drinking quite a lot,it might be advisable to cut it down a bit more slowly.If someone's drinking a lot of alcohol every day,and they just stop, it can lead to a very serious

    • 32:58

      DR. JOHN CROSBY [continued]: medical condition, which is calledDelirium Tremens, or DTs, which can cause you to have fits.OK.Do you see what I mean?

    • 33:07


    • 33:07

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: And a good way to dothat, like we said before, is to cut down the limit of hoursthat you're drinking for.

    • 33:13


    • 33:13

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: So perhaps not having as much in the house,starting a bit later and stopping a bit earlier.

    • 33:20

      CINDY COTTRELL: Yeah.Because you'd still be drunk.Wouldn't you be tipsy?

    • 33:25

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: The good effectsthat people like, without taking the drinking to a proper binge.

    • 33:32

      CINDY COTTRELL: Yeah.And you enjoy being in that tipsy stagefor those last few hours.But then you're sort of soberish as you go home.Yeah, it makes sense.

    • 33:40

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: And be able to go home and notget into a fight outside when you're leaving.

    • 33:45

      GEORGE LAMB: With Cindy committed to cutting downthe drinking, John removes the temptation and empties the bar.

    • 33:52

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Now, the vodka.Give that to me.OK.So should we continue through?

    • 33:58

      GEORGE LAMB: He's also got a quick startto tackling her 300-a-week fag habit.

    • 34:03

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: You need to come up with a waythat you're going to be able to cut these down.And I think because you've been smoking for such a long timeand have never tried to give up before,that it might be easier to take that in stages.

    • 34:15

      CINDY COTTRELL: I'm going to die.

    • 34:17

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: I think one an hour is a good targetto aim for.

    • 34:20


    • 34:20

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: So for the rest of the day,I'll keep your cigarettes.

    • 34:23


    • 34:24

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: And then I'll let you have one an hour.

    • 34:26

      CINDY COTTRELL: I'll be--

    • 34:26

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Is that all right?

    • 34:27

      CINDY COTTRELL: --battering you.

    • 34:28

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: We'll get a hold of that and take it out.

    • 34:30

      GEORGE LAMB: Cindy's ready to crash out as last night catchesup with her, but the doc's got a plan, which involves herleaving the house and her bed.

    • 34:37

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: So what you wantis to do some more exercise.And I saw last night that you like dancing.So we're putting those things together.And we're going to do a street dancing class.

    • 34:46

      CINDY COTTRELL: And then can we go home?

    • 34:48

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Maybe.

    • 34:55

      GEORGE LAMB: Cindy's used to chemical highs.But this dance class should kick start her natural ones.[MUSIC PLAYING]The exercise reminds Cindy of the buzz she usedto get from playing hockey.As a teenager, she was a keen player

    • 35:17

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: and even represented her county.

    • 35:22

      CINDY COTTRELL: I want to do more hockey.It's like one day of the week.And then the matches are on a Saturday.So that's going to stop me going out on the Fridaynight, because I'll be doing a match on a Saturday.

    • 35:31

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Anything that's goingto get your heart rate up.

    • 35:33

      CINDY COTTRELL: More hockey.

    • 35:34

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Keep your heart strong,and get that organ age down a bit.And this, as well, helps clear out the toxins from your bodybecause it just gets the circulation goingthat much better.So do you think has given you a bit more confidence doing this?

    • 35:46

      CINDY COTTRELL: Motivation is what it's given me.

    • 35:48

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Yeah, we did all right.

    • 35:49

      CINDY COTTRELL: Yeah.We were all right.You were shy.I was good.I'm joking.

    • 35:54

      GEORGE LAMB: The dancing, however, is the last straw.And at just 8:00, Cindy finally crashes out.

    • 36:00

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Night.

    • 36:01

      CINDY COTTRELL: Ni-night.He's really, really nice.Really nice.I'm enjoying him being here to be honest.He's good, because you can't think of all your questionsat once in one go.So when I'm thinking of questions during the day,it's nice to have him there to have a quick reference.It's been a really good day, a really good day.I've enjoyed it.Exciting.

    • 36:20

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: I think she's realized deep down what shewas doing was quite harmful.And she's looking to change things in her own way.And I think that's probably the best way of doing it really.

    • 36:35

      CINDY COTTRELL: Light's off, John!

    • 36:37

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Goodnight, Cindy![DAY 3]

    • 36:48

      GEORGE LAMB: It's Doc.John's final day.And he's determined to give Cindy some get up and go.

    • 36:53

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: And back down.From your knees first.

    • 36:58

      GEORGE LAMB: John's yoga session should help give Cindythe inner strength to drive away her alcohol and nicotinedemons.

    • 37:05


    • 37:06

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: All right.That's it.

    • 37:08

      CINDY COTTRELL: Better be helping my 32 levels.And that for free.

    • 37:12

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Clean out that cigarette that you've just had.See.

    • 37:17

      GEORGE LAMB: This medic is multifunctional.Cindy's main struggle is cutting back on the smoking.

    • 37:26

      CINDY COTTRELL: Doc!I reckon it's been an hour.Can I have a fag?

    • 37:31

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: 10 more minutes!

    • 37:32

      CINDY COTTRELL: Please!

    • 37:33

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: No!

    • 37:34

      CINDY COTTRELL: Well, I am.

    • 37:36

      GEORGE LAMB: Cindy and her mum have not managedwith the ciggy cutbacks.So the doc is hoping his new carbon monoxide levels mightshock them into stopping.

    • 37:50

      CINDY COTTRELL: You've gone a bit red there, mate.

    • 37:52

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: When I moved in here, the level of thiswas negligible.It was those of a non-smoker, which I am.And that's now risen to six timeswhat it was, just from breathing in the air that surrounds you.

    • 38:03

      CINDY COTTRELL: God.Shut up, Mum!I bet we do that to everybody that comes around.Don't we?They go out with a bit of carbon monoxide in them.And that's not a nice thing.I can't believe I poisoned the doc.I feel really guilty.It's a shame.

    • 38:17

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: And especially, with Cory in the houseand running around.

    • 38:21

      CINDY COTTRELL: I'd like to show you what his is.

    • 38:23

      GEORGE LAMB: So they decide on a smoking room.

    • 38:26

      CINDY COTTRELL: So is that where we're going to do it then?The conservatory?

    • 38:28

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: Yeah.

    • 38:28


    • 38:29

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: That's what I was going to suggest.So you've come to that in your own conclusions.That's brilliant.So is that a deal then?

    • 38:35


    • 38:35

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: Yep.

    • 38:40

      GEORGE LAMB: After three full-on days,it's time for John to make tracks.

    • 38:45

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: I think for now I've seen enough here,and I've sown the seeds at least.And I'm happy to go in the knowledgethat I've started something that I think will lead to a betterlife for all of them really.

    • 38:57


    • 38:58

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Bye.

    • 38:59

      GEORGE LAMB: If 22-year-old Cindystands any chance of reducing her biological age of 31,she has to follow the plan agreed with the doc.She's got to keep off the drugs, keep the smokingto one an hour, and stay off the booze three nights a week.In just a few weeks, Cindy will be

    • 39:20

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: retested to see if she's managed to turn her health around.He may be gone for now, but her medic John will be backfor regular checkups.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 39:40

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: It's a week after the doc's stay.And Cindy's getting into a new, sober routine.But she isn't finding everything so easy.

    • 39:51

      CINDY COTTRELL: I'm really, reallystruggling with the going out.I'm really tempted to go out.I'm even ignoring my phone because Ican't speak to those friends, because they're justgoing to encourage me to do it.I really miss them.But, you know, I've just got to focuson not going outside so much.

    • 40:09

      GEORGE LAMB: Which means she's spending time with peoplewho really matter to her.

    • 40:16

      CINDY COTTRELL: The smoking I just can't do.I can't do the one room thing, because it's just killing me.It's just about doing the not going out.So if I'm not doing the smoking as well,it's just going to make me want to go out more.So no, I can't do it.I'm struggling.

    • 40:38

      GEORGE LAMB: It's week two.And to make sure everything's on track,The doc is back for a visit.[WEEK 2]

    • 40:48

      CINDY COTTRELL: Hello.How are you?

    • 40:50

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: I'm all right.You?

    • 40:51

      CINDY COTTRELL: You look very nice.You're a bit early.Come on then.

    • 40:52

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: You look really well.

    • 40:53

      CINDY COTTRELL: I bet you're dying for a coffee.

    • 40:54

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Parched.Is that cigarette smoke I smell?

    • 40:58

      CINDY COTTRELL: Yeah.That's gone down the pan.

    • 41:00

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: We'll have to have a word about that.

    • 41:02

      CINDY COTTRELL: No, that's gone down the pan.Sorry.Yeah.I can't do it at the moment.

    • 41:05

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: It's all about sort of--

    • 41:07

      CINDY COTTRELL: I haven't taken any drugs.

    • 41:08

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Oh, well that's brilliant.

    • 41:09

      CINDY COTTRELL: No drugs, literally.And I swear to god.I swear honestly.And I've said that-- and even having conversationswith people now, I do feel-- I never noticed it before,but I do feel like what I'm sayingis a lot more sense, rather than just babbling on all the time.

    • 41:25

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Good.

    • 41:26

      CINDY COTTRELL: Do you see what I mean?

    • 41:26

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Yeah.

    • 41:27

      CINDY COTTRELL: I think I'm diamond.

    • 41:29

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Well, when we check the organ ages,we'll see what--

    • 41:31

      CINDY COTTRELL: Exactly.And that's in my mind as well, thinkingI really want to just show everybody that I'm not like Iwas.Do you see what I mean?

    • 41:40

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Yeah.

    • 41:41

      GEORGE LAMB: Before he tackles smoking,the doc touches on outside influences in Cindy's life.

    • 41:46

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: I was just wonderingif you've had any feedback from your friends about what'sbeen happening.

    • 41:50

      CINDY COTTRELL: I haven't really seen them so much.I don't want to go down that route.And I know that I've def some friends off for it.I know it's nasty, but you do haveto be selfish and think about yourself a bit more, ratherthan, oh, I feel bad because I'm not seeing the.Do you know what I mean?

    • 42:07

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: The important thing to think aboutis it's a lifestyle change really.Isn't it?Rather than just stopping all these things,it's changing the way that you are completely.

    • 42:15

      CINDY COTTRELL: I don't want to put myself in that situation.And I think it's just best left.

    • 42:22

      GEORGE LAMB: John's been thinking of waysto help Cindy cut down on her smokingand has come up with a makeover with a twist.

    • 42:31

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: What we've got for you this afternoonis a makeover.

    • 42:35

      CINDY COTTRELL: Oh, look at that.Aw, thanks, Doc.

    • 42:38

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: I'll pop back in a bitto see how it's getting on.

    • 42:41

      CINDY COTTRELL: All right then.

    • 42:41

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: All right.

    • 42:41

      CINDY COTTRELL: See ya.

    • 42:43

      GEORGE LAMB: Unbeknown to Cindy, this is no ordinary makeover.Amanda, the makeup artist, is adding wrinkles,not removing them.

    • 42:51

      CINDY COTTRELL: This is lovely, yes.I'm really chuffed.

    • 42:55

      GEORGE LAMB: Cindy's 22.But Doc John's showing her how 20 more years of smokingcould drastically alter her appearance.

    • 43:03

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Oh!It's looking good.

    • 43:05

      CINDY COTTRELL: Nice.I'll definitely have one of these for my wedding.Definitely.

    • 43:10

      GEORGE LAMB: A few finishing touches later, and it's timefor Cindy to face her future.

    • 43:14

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Are you ready?

    • 43:16

      AMANDA: Here you go.

    • 43:17

      CINDY COTTRELL: You are having a laugh.What have you did to me?

    • 43:20

      AMANDA: I'm so sorry.

    • 43:21

      CINDY COTTRELL: [GASP] I'm going to kill you!I cannot physically believe that that is just like--I look about 65 years old.Uh.

    • 43:32

      GEORGE LAMB: Cindy's makeup-call will hopefullyshow her it's not just her insides thatare affected by her smoking.She's a [BLEEP].She is.

    • 43:42

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: And basically, with the action of smoking,you get the wrinkles around your mouth.And then you get a grey pallor because of the pigment thatthe smoking--

    • 43:50

      CINDY COTTRELL: That's bad though.My mum looks better than this.And she's barely 50.Don't laugh!Oh my-- don't.Dont.

    • 44:00

      CINDY'S FRIEND: That's what you're goingto look like if you're 42?

    • 44:03

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: If she continues to smoke heavily.

    • 44:03

      CINDY COTTRELL: Get that away from me.[LAUGHTER]

    • 44:06

      MEL-CINDY'S FRIEND: That is disgusting.

    • 44:08

      CINDY COTTRELL: That really is.Isn't it?

    • 44:10

      CINDY'S FRIEND: I'm going to put this out.You're right.That is absolutely disgusting.

    • 44:12

      CINDY COTTRELL: That is awful.Isn't it?God.I'm washing it off.Ah!What's that there?

    • 44:22

      CORY-CINDY'S SON: I think I've just seen sharks under there.

    • 44:25

      CINDY COTTRELL: No, there's no sharks in there.Big fish, not sharks.

    • 44:27

      GEORGE LAMB: With just a few weeks to go before her retest,Cindy is settling into her new routine.

    • 44:33

      CINDY COTTRELL: Too fast for me.I will get you.

    • 44:40

      GEORGE LAMB: Cindy's dropped some of her old boozing matesand started making new friends.

    • 44:45

      CINDY COTTRELL: The friends that Iused to hang around with, they've stopped calling me.So it's bad in a way, because I do miss them.But it's just catch-22.If I go out with them, I'm going to be taking the drugs.It's just the way it's got to be for a while.I've got my new group of friends, that we go out,and we have a laugh.But we don't get really drunk, and I don'tthink about taking the drugs.It's just going to really round.I'm chuffed.

    • 45:06

      GEORGE LAMB: And in her common life,Cindy's gone from club queen to domestic goddess.It's week four, and the doc returnsfor the day to make sure everything's on track.

    • 45:20

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: She's really improving.She looks a lot more healthy.

    • 45:23

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: There's a glow to her thatwasn't really there before.Have you had any thoughts on what mighthappen when she gets retested?

    • 45:30

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: I think the results will be a lot better.I'm sure they will be.She has been determined.

    • 45:35

      CINDY COTTRELL: Are you guys gossipping?

    • 45:37

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Talk of the devil,or not so much of the devil now.Is it, Cindy?

    • 45:41

      CINDY COTTRELL: I've been good.Haven't I?I'm not drinking in the week and stuff.

    • 45:44

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: You've been absolutely marvelous, darling.

    • 45:46

      CINDY COTTRELL: No drugs, nothing.[LAUGHTER]

    • 45:51

      GEORGE LAMB: It's just a couple of weeksto go before Cindy is retested to find outher new biological ages, and everyone'sfeeling the benefit of her new-found energy.

    • 46:01

      CINDY COTTRELL: The Cindy that I am now,I'm really quite liking her.And the old Cindy, I just don't like.And I look back now, and I think, grumpy, ratty, horrible.And now, I'm quite friendly, and chatty, and really with it.And I've noticed my memory's improved,and just little things that I'm just glad about.And I look back, and I think, god, never again.I'm just chuffed now, definitely.

    • 46:22

      GEORGE LAMB: But has she done enough to lowerher overall age of 31?[METAL BLADE]It's a huge day for Cindy.She's going back to the testing center.This is what Cindy's last few weeks have been all about.

    • 46:42

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: The tests Cindy's now taking willdetermine exactly how much she's achievedthrough her new regime.It's been a long old road for Cindy,but she's now about to find out if her brand new lifestyle haslowered her overall body age.[METAL BLADE]

    • 47:02

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: This is crunch time.Cindy's final results stay back in our autopsy theater.Cindy underwent another whole set of medical tests.Now, we're going to find out exactly what progress she'smade as we give her her results.

    • 47:17

      CINDY COTTRELL: I'm really, really nervous.I've just had a fag.So it's all gone to pot today.But I'll be fine.I'll be fine.I'm excited, scared, but excited.

    • 47:27

      GEORGE LAMB: How are you doing, Cindy?You all right, darling?Nice to see you.You're looking great.You good?

    • 47:32


    • 47:32

      GEORGE LAMB: How have the last few weeks been for you?

    • 47:34

      CINDY COTTRELL: All right.Good.Flying now, yeah.Playing hockey and everything.

    • 47:38

      GEORGE LAMB: Really?So a changed woman then?

    • 47:40

      CINDY COTTRELL: Yep.OK.And have you guys noticed a big difference, Mum?

    • 47:43

      JAN-CINDY'S MUM: She's to die for.I was proud of her before, but look at her now.And she's changed so much.

    • 47:48

      GEORGE LAMB: How was it living with Cindy?

    • 47:50

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Ups and downs, but we got there-- didn't we?--in the end.

    • 47:53

      GEORGE LAMB: She's looking fantastic.

    • 47:54

      ANDREW CURRAN: Yeah, absolutely.Just brilliant.

    • 47:56

      GEORGE LAMB: OK.We've cut the drugs out of the life.We've really knocked the drinkingdown quite considerably.Is that correct?

    • 48:01

      CINDY COTTRELL: One night a week, yeah.

    • 48:02

      GEORGE LAMB: But the smoking?

    • 48:03

      CINDY COTTRELL: Not happening.Not happening, I'll tell you.I can't do it, not at the moment.

    • 48:07

      GEORGE LAMB: Similarly to last time,we're going to use the test results to give usthe biological ages of the areas of concern in Cindy's body.And most importantly, we're going to find outa new overall biological age.

    • 48:16

      CINDY COTTRELL: I didn't know that.

    • 48:18

      GEORGE LAMB: Let's hope so.Cindy used to smoke up to 300 ciggies a week.She's tried to cut down, but it's been hard.Will there be any different to her previous lung age of 32?

    • 48:39

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: 32.

    • 48:40

      CINDY COTTRELL: I knew it.That's a bugger.Isn't it?

    • 48:43

      GEORGE LAMB: Not a massive shock, John.No?

    • 48:45

      DR. JOHN CROSBY: Not at all.I mean, my lungs felt 32 when I came out of that house as well.But I think now she knows a bit more about smokingand what it's doing it to her.When she is ready to stop, I think that will be fine.

    • 48:58

      GEORGE LAMB: So not so great with the fags.But Cindy has cut back on her old boozinghabit of over 100 units of alcohol a week.She's hoping that this will impacton her old liver age of 42.

    • 49:11

      CINDY COTTRELL: That's awful.

    • 49:23

      GEORGE LAMB: 32.

    • 49:23

      CINDY COTTRELL: See.That's big.Yeah.Isn't it?Don't you think?10 years.

    • 49:26

      ANDREW CURRAN: Well done.That's very, very good.

    • 49:28

      CINDY COTTRELL: I'm proud of myself, mate.

    • 49:29

      GEORGE LAMB: You should be.

    • 49:30


    • 49:32

      GEORGE LAMB: The final organ is Cindy's heart.Her new exercise regime and drug-free lifestyleshould have made a difference to this vital organ.But has it dropped from its previous age of 29?

    • 49:54

      GEORGE LAMB [continued]: 25.

    • 49:55

      CINDY COTTRELL: That's all right.

    • 49:56

      GEORGE LAMB: That is all right.Isn't it?

    • 49:58


    • 49:59

      GEORGE LAMB: Some of that is attributedto stopping the drugs?

    • 50:02

      ANDREW CURRAN: Yeah.Drugs, alcohol, lack of exercise,poor diet, all those things whack your heart.You've cut all those things out, cut them down,sorting yourself out.Brilliant.Well done.

    • 50:13

      GEORGE LAMB: And finally, the big question.What is Cindy's new overall biological age?This is the most important age.She's 31 last time we saw her.That's nearly a decade older than she is by birth.That was something that was a bit of a shock for you.

    • 50:29

      CINDY COTTRELL: That would be old.Yeah.

    • 50:30

      GEORGE LAMB: OK.But we hope with all those healthchoices we start to see that coming down now.Yeah?

    • 50:35

      CINDY COTTRELL: Fingers crossed, yeah.

    • 50:36

      GEORGE LAMB: All right.Let's have a look now and see howCindy's overall biological age is looking.25.

    • 50:50

      CINDY COTTRELL: That's all right.

    • 50:51

      GEORGE LAMB: Great news.Well done, darling.

    • 50:53

      CINDY COTTRELL: I'm chuffed, yeah.

    • 50:54

      GEORGE LAMB: You should be.

    • 50:54

      CINDY COTTRELL: So how many years is that older than me?23, 24, 25.

    • 50:56

      GEORGE LAMB: Three.

    • 50:57

      CINDY COTTRELL: Three?[LAUGHTER]That's all right.I can deal with that.I'm definitely going to stick at this, because I like who I am.I like what I'm doing.And also, I'm not not going out.I'm not not doing things.I'm still going out, but just doing it in moderation.And I just always remember that word, in moderation.

    • 51:13

      GEORGE LAMB: Andrew is promising staff.Right?

    • 51:16

      ANDREW CURRAN: The next six months are the hardest.So you don't fall back into the habits you're in.Well, good for you.You've taken onboard, and you've listened.So well done.

    • 51:23

      GEORGE LAMB: Well, there's a lot of positive to draw from today.

    • 51:26

      CINDY COTTRELL: I know.Not a bad day.Is it?

    • 51:27

      GEORGE LAMB: Not a bad day at all, darling.Congratulations.Well done, Cindy.

    • 51:30

      CINDY COTTRELL: Thank you.I feel-- I can't explain how much better Ifeel about myself.I really, really do.And I didn't expect to be feeling this good at the end.And I do.I'm just amazed, and shocked, and chuffed.Really, really, really chuffed.[MUSIC PLAYING]

Make My Body Younger, S1E3: Cindy Cottrell

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Cindy Cottrell engages in risky behavior on a regular basis, including tobacco, alcohol, and cocaine use. George Lamb gives her the opportunity to see how much damage she has done to her body. Cottrell makes lifestyle changes and improves her overall health.

Make My Body Younger, S1E3: Cindy Cottrell

Cindy Cottrell engages in risky behavior on a regular basis, including tobacco, alcohol, and cocaine use. George Lamb gives her the opportunity to see how much damage she has done to her body. Cottrell makes lifestyle changes and improves her overall health.

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