Sage Video: Information for Librarians

Today’s generation of students demand and consume video content like never before. Video-based learning has long been used as an educational tool to assist in classroom teaching, but recent advances in technology and course delivery has had a significant impact in accelerating video use in higher education. The last decade has seen an explosion in online and hybrid course delivery and an exponential increase in digital literacy in both instructors and learners. This has fueled a rapidly changing comprehension of how video can be used effectively to engage and support learners at university and college in a multitude of different course contexts.
We are proud to provide content and a platform that supports this rapidly changing environment, particularly with the following cornerstones of what makes Sage Video so robust:

Why Sage Video?

  • Institution-wide, unlimited access provides easy discovery
  • Easily accessible videos meet patrons whenever and wherever they are (on- or off- campus)
  • Supports the entire academic community across multiple discipline with videos mapped carefully and throughly to course curricula; a breadth of video types available to support diverse research and learning needs
  • Integrated with Sage Recommends, which leads researchers to other Sage content for an in-depth research experience