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    • 00:01

      Documentary.Educational Resources The city of Guangzhouis home to China's largest populationof African immigrants.Many are traders.Some are not.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 00:25


    • 01:06

      IVAN MANIVOO [continued]: CHINA remix.[MUSIC PLAYING][NON-ENGLISH SINGING]Guangzhou, China.

    • 01:49

      FLAME RAMADAN: [NON-ENGLISH SINGING]My name's Flame Ramadan.Come from Nigeria.I've been living in China for a year and a week,doing my songs.People do tell me then that I'm good, I'm good, I'm good,I'm good.So I set it to take myself to where I am supposed to belong.

    • 02:09

      FLAME RAMADAN [continued]: And if I go for it, till I came to China here.

    • 02:16

      IVAN MANIVOO: My name is Ivan.I'm from Uganda.And I've been in China for around three years.I'm getting to four years.I'm a student here.My major is computer science.But I also do some part-time jobs,like go singing and DJ, modeling, and stuff like that.I'm the Student Union Chairman for Foreigners in my school.

    • 02:40

      IVAN MANIVOO [continued]: So that's the reason why most of them know me.Because once they have problems, theyhave to contact me to help them around.And mostly those who don't speak Chinese,because it's a little bit hard here.I play football, too.Yeah, I used to play professionally back homein Uganda.But later on, when I joined the university, most of the times

    • 03:05

      IVAN MANIVOO [continued]: I felt bored when I see my friends go play football.Every time they're going to play football,I try to catch up with them.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 03:15

      DIBAOCHA: [NON-ENGLISH SINGING]I'm Dibaocha.I'm from West Africa in Nigeria.I'm from a successful business family who knows the value of[INAUDIBLE].I said to myself, why not go to China to study the language?And that's why I find myself here some years back.

    • 03:39

      CHERRISH: Before I know him, already havesome foreigner here, you know?But I know in my mind, I feel not too much.But after, because business grew, more and more Africanpeople, they start to come here.Then mostly, like, Nigerians, South Africa, Ghana,[INAUDIBLE],, Angola, different from countriesthey are coming here.

    • 03:59

      CHERRISH [continued]: Some for study.Some for business.Some living here, some just to come herefinish doing business.Other [INAUDIBLE] go.And I feel they are living here, it's more comfortable.Because here every day is more better than Africa condition.Here every simple.Them living easy.

    • 04:19

      CHERRISH [continued]: Not too hard, so like Africa.Because you see 24 hours--24 hours water, power, gas.You go out easy [INAUDIBLE],, taxi.All of these people are living [INAUDIBLE]..It's more easy to get than Africa.

    • 04:35

      IVAN MANIVOO: Around here, it's so easy to start business.Once you get clients back home or customers,they send you what they want, and you look for itaround here.You go around markets searching.If you get it, you send it back home.You get some commission.And there you go.They like clothes, shoes, and sometimes computers, phones,

    • 04:57

      IVAN MANIVOO [continued]: yeah.They like small, small stuff, but in big quantity.

    • 05:01

      FLAME RAMADAN: I don't--I don't do trading here in [INAUDIBLE]..All I focus on is my music.I needed to leave Africa, because I know that Ihad to work hard on my music.I had a friend these days in China.When he came back to Nigeria, he told mea lot of blacks in China know a way to come to China,

    • 05:21

      FLAME RAMADAN [continued]: does business.Know especially buying and selling.See a lot of people like musicians,you didn't see people doing it.Well I, say, OK, let me go out and give it a try.(SINGING) With a car they will chase,they write [INAUDIBLE] to disrespects, hey-ya sing!She the wombalamba wombalamba wombalamba whoa,

    • 05:43

      FLAME RAMADAN [continued]: I met my darling Maria.She the wombalamba, wombalamba, wombalamba whoa,I met my darling Maria.[INAUDIBLE] her salary.She [INAUDIBLE] that make money, but when I meether [INAUDIBLE] her salary.When it's time for me to jolly, she go tell me [INAUDIBLE]..

    • 06:04

      FLAME RAMADAN [continued]: But with [INAUDIBLE] that gave money, you know [INAUDIBLE]salary.[INAUDIBLE] that give money, she [INAUDIBLE] salary.[INAUDIBLE]

    • 06:51

      FLAME RAMADAN [continued]: R&F Properties Donghan District Xintiandi--A Luxurious Night with Victoria's Secret.

    • 06:59

      IVAN MANIVOO: Here we are at Fully Junction.They just built some apartments.And they had guests coming.So we are still waiting for this show to begin.They want to buy apartments, but we're hereentertaining them through Victoria's Secret showsand stuff.It's kind of weird anyway.By the time these guys come, the manager

    • 07:21

      IVAN MANIVOO [continued]: will come around and talk about the several rooms and stuffthey have around, the prices and stuff.So you see clients, if they need some, they can just go buy.They are announcing what they have because the apartment,they have not yet finished building the building.But they, of course, they'll justpromote what they have at the moment.

    • 07:43

      IVAN MANIVOO [continued]: I'm a singer who will be singing.And we have some models.I'll be performing with them and the band.At this kind of show, they just need me to rap.So I have not any other choice.I have to rap.I mean it's a good opportunity.Like, I like it.I like rapping.But I'm not that good though.Yeah, so I'm just like, make money, go back

    • 08:06

      IVAN MANIVOO [continued]: home, something like that.(RAPPING) [INAUDIBLE].To the left, to the right, to the back, I'm like uh!Oh!I'm like baby!I think it's good.The microphone is good.

    • 08:26

      IVAN MANIVOO [continued]: It's good.

    • 08:29

      DIBAOCHA: I'm a songwriter.I've already written 238 songs in my credit.And I have [INAUDIBLE] successfullyto record 14 tracks of my album.But I was the first African in Wazoowho fished out all Africans that have talent.If you have had a demo, you are putting something,you have something, come out and perform.

    • 08:51

      DIBAOCHA [continued]: I'll bring that money for that.Everybody, upcoming professionalswho have indicated, I'll bring them together as one family.

    • 08:59

      IVAN MANIVOO: At the moment, thereare many foreigners, blacks, in [INAUDIBLE]doing business and stuff.So they have been living here for more than 7, 10 years.But they need some entertainment.At first, it was just for fun.But now it's turning into business.Many companies have come up, bringing ideas from Africato China.

    • 09:19

      IVAN MANIVOO [continued]: When they come here, it doesn't matter whether the musician isfrom Senegal, if I'm from Uganda or [INAUDIBLE],,because the guy coming is a celebrity,and perhaps they've been away from home.So we feel like they are brothers or something.When a celebrity comes from Uganda,I know most of the celebrities there.They are my friends.They try to call me and they ask me, is that being serious?

    • 09:42

      IVAN MANIVOO [continued]: Are the guys paying?Are the guys good?I'm kind of a recommender.When they come here, they ask me,would you help us take some videos and stuff?Because I've taken many videos.And when they go back home, they use themas professional videos.

    • 09:57

      DIBAOCHA: When I'm doing my songs,I [INAUDIBLE] an African rhythm of music.I'm doing something on the [INAUDIBLE]..When you go to my album, I have six trucks for the Westerners,and four tracks Afro-hip-hop.I am to bring the audio gigs.But I'm lucky in management.I'm working with people who doesn't value me [INAUDIBLE]..

    • 10:18

      DIBAOCHA [continued]: They value me as the business man they know.[MUSIC PLAYING](SINGING) [INAUDIBLE] ooh oh oh.

    • 10:29

      DIBAOCHA: Entertainment is somethingthat I love so much that I want to put 90% of my lifeinto that.I want to live and die as an artist.[INAUDIBLE] I can't give up organizing gigs.I'll keep investing on gigs to the heavens [INAUDIBLE]..(SINGING) [INAUDIBLE] Yeah!

    • 10:51

      DIBAOCHA [continued]: I [INAUDIBLE] for the sky [INAUDIBLE]..Yo!I believe, oh I believe, I believe, oh I believe,I believe--

    • 11:10

      OLUSHEYE ABIMBOLA: Yeah, I think these guys are doing very fine.They've been getting the attentionof the Chinese [INAUDIBLE].And they are being really [INAUDIBLE]introducing the South African entertainment in China.When we started this project, we werefinding top African artists who are popular.Not only in their country, but in all of Africa.

    • 11:32

      OLUSHEYE ABIMBOLA [continued]: We discovered that we were able to, like,bring all these Africans together.African music is really [INAUDIBLE]..And that's what we're trying to project in China, too.We, as promoters, it's not just about [INAUDIBLE]club, you know, perform and go back home.You need to, like, figure out for shows, you know, invites.

    • 11:54

      OLUSHEYE ABIMBOLA [continued]: Invite the Chinese in particular.Music is a global language.[INAUDIBLE] music is something-- is the best wayto communicate [INAUDIBLE],, to get a little closer to you.No matter different culture, you know?The sounds of [INAUDIBLE] of musicis something that can really bring people together.

    • 12:15


    • 12:19

      IVAN MANIVOO: We can just sit here [INAUDIBLE]..Ah, so big.Come see what's inside.Yeah, so that's it.

    • 12:39

      IVAN MANIVOO [continued]: My shoes.These are my costumes for the day.Yeah, I don't need a big celebrityto put them in some shit.Just putting them there is enough.Yeah.You like this clothes?It's the coolest.They are quite cheap here in China, though.

    • 13:03

      IVAN MANIVOO [continued]: Yeah, so the reason why I'm putting on thisis because I'm the soccer captain for my school.And so every time I'm going to perform,I find it, like, beautiful to put iton when taking pictures and stuff like that.And for the awards, just to check the time--when am I getting done out of this place.

    • 13:24

      IVAN MANIVOO [continued]: Yeah, that's the thing.And for the cap, I mean, I'm black, so--I like black stuff.That's why I'm all black now.Yeah.Ready to sing, to perform.It's very old.

    • 13:45

      IVAN MANIVOO [continued]: Everything here is pretty old, like three years now.I have other costumes, but at my place.Perhaps you will see them, cause I have my apartment is big.My closet is not that big, but it's enough.

    • 14:03


    • 14:11

      FLAME RAMADAN: I can get everythingI need here in China.Since you have your money, China have all you want.I think I wanted to leave Africa for good.Most especially Nigeria.You know, you cannot compare Nigeria to China because mostthings here is very easy.

    • 14:31

      FLAME RAMADAN [continued]: But in Nigeria that is not like that in most African countries.So you don't compare China to that of African countries.Life is good here.So I have friends, but I don't go to people's house easily.I am this kind of person that likes to keep to myself,

    • 14:52

      FLAME RAMADAN [continued]: you know?Trying to stay on my own to think about life, you know?I'm such person.(SINGING) [INAUDIBLE] every time I sing they go [INAUDIBLE]..Yeah, [INAUDIBLE],, want to do something there.

    • 15:13

      FLAME RAMADAN [continued]: [PHONE RINGING]Oh, my god.Hi, baby.My girlfriend and I met at my show.She loves music so much.She is a Chinese.She don't like me going close to any woman.

    • 15:35

      FLAME RAMADAN [continued]: She believe most girls in China like blacks.And she never wants me to go close to any of them.So she's just that type.

    • 15:44

      DIBAOCHA: But I have two kids now.One is [INAUDIBLE],, and the other one is [INAUDIBLE]..[INAUDIBLE] is six years old.And then [INAUDIBLE] is 2 and 1/2 years old.I love them so much.They are boys.I don't have a girl, unfortunately.Raising a kid is a financial [INAUDIBLE]..It's enough to give them a sound education for themto be useful in society.As an African and foreigner, I never speak Chinese with them.

    • 16:07

      DIBAOCHA [continued]: Cherrish do that.The mom does that.It's [INAUDIBLE] my kids to know that, number one, Icome from somewhere.It's very important to me.I even [INAUDIBLE] I was [INAUDIBLE] my local languageto them.Because it's [INAUDIBLE] where I come from.So now my kids know that dad is from Nigeria.Getting married to Cherrish, I have nothing to regret.

    • 16:29

      DIBAOCHA [continued]: The dad took me like the son because Cherrishis the only daughter.Just one [INAUDIBLE] and no other person.Only one child.So the dad takes much care of me.[NON-ENGLISH SPEECH]

    • 16:43

      IVAN MANIVOO: [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH]In China, is it possible to have two kids?I only have one kid.But if you want another one, after six years,you just pay money to the government,and you can have another kid.If you're rich, the more money you pay.

    • 17:06

      IVAN MANIVOO [continued]: If you're poor, [INAUDIBLE].So it depends on your income.But yeah.I think it's so hard for Chinese.There are a lot of policies around here.A lot of commandments rants you have to follow.So hard.

    • 17:24

      FLAME RAMADAN: You find it so difficult.You have the police everywhere to chase you.That the only difficulties I see here.Well, once you have your [INAUDIBLE],, any way you wantcan be there.I renewed my visa three times this year.I've gone to Macau, Hong Kong, Malaysia, just for the visa.

    • 17:50

      FLAME RAMADAN [continued]: I'm not OK with it, but what can I do?What can I do?I'm not OK with it.

    • 17:57

      DIBAOCHA: China cannot give you a green card like America cando.Because they have large population.I am having a residence as someone who has a family here,but I don't have a working permit.I think the government have to think about it.You are giving somebody who is married to your daughteryour residence, and you didn't give me a working permit.I'm a musician.I got gigs.

    • 18:19

      DIBAOCHA [continued]: No, I haven't been interrupted by the authority.I'm waiting for the day to come.But they don't give me a working permit.Because the working permit is a different cutfrom the residence and vice versa.So this is wrong by me.

    • 18:35

      IVAN MANIVOO: Around China, some Chinese are not--the way they look at blacks, it's like they don't know them.They come from somewhere else because theyused a different color.They have never seen blacks.So when they see blacks, they are a little bit--they're not patient with being there around there.Sometimes they touch their nose, like,

    • 18:55

      IVAN MANIVOO [continued]: oh, he might be smelly or something.Just because of the color.

    • 18:59

      SUNNY: We Chinese, to be honest, are kind of racist stereotypesthough.The Africans, they are dirty and they rap.Anyway, they don't treat [INAUDIBLE]..

    • 19:15

      IVAN MANIVOO: Do you watch this in movies?Or you just know it?

    • 19:19

      SUNNY: Um-- from movie.From movie, yeah.Because, you know what?We don't have many opportunities to interact,to get another real black, or real African [INAUDIBLE]..

    • 19:32

      IVAN MANIVOO: [INAUDIBLE] American movies.The blacks [INAUDIBLE] and from here [INAUDIBLE]those movies [INAUDIBLE], right?

    • 19:40

      SUNNY: I watch--

    • 19:40

      IVAN MANIVOO: The blacks were beingand stuff like that, they are from America, right?So how-- you've never watched an African movie.

    • 19:48

      SUNNY: You know what?In China, the government media, they alwaystend to bring the bright side of their own country,I mean China.And everything about the other countries, theyare really something very negative.Like similarly, in war, there is just TV.

    • 20:09

      SUNNY [continued]: So it's always about the negative thingsabout the foreign countries, and good things about our country.So they try [INAUDIBLE] to [INAUDIBLE] portray a portrait.

    • 20:22

      IVAN MANIVOO: Portray.

    • 20:23

      SUNNY: Portrayed the African as very poor.And African [INAUDIBLE] love-hate, right?

    • 20:32

      IVAN MANIVOO: Hate

    • 20:32

      SUNNY: Uh huh.

    • 20:35

      CHERRISH: From the movie, from the news,from any program, what you get is all, like,Africa was very poor, very poor.And the people-- many people--like, if blacks are poor in the movie,like all bad person now doing bad things, you know?

    • 20:56

      CHERRISH [continued]: Except Michael Jackson.You [INAUDIBLE] thinking maybe in the whole world,Africa is the lowest, you know?And then after I came here, I meet him.I see so many foreigners here.In my mind, some have change, you know?Africa is the same, is the [INAUDIBLE]

    • 21:19

      CHERRISH [continued]: with any other country.Because why?No matter Africa, no matter China, no matter US,have rich people, have poor people.Have good person, have bad person.

    • 21:29

      DIBAOCHA: When I come to China, the media in China only focusedon showing him the wrong side of Africa, like they [INAUDIBLE]from Somalia, you know?And they will be saying [INAUDIBLE] African country.So they started condemning the image of Africa.And they keep doing that on and on.

    • 21:50

      DIBAOCHA [continued]: The backside of Africa will be kept showing in the mediaand [INAUDIBLE] really don't like African.Even the mom of my-- if we are not wise,we could have broken up.If I'm stupid, I could have thinking about havinganother wife back home.Because the way the mom oftentimestell my kids that Africa has no future, Africa has no hope.

    • 22:10

      DIBAOCHA [continued]: You can't blame the old woman, because that'swhat the media tells her.

    • 22:14

      FLAME RAMADAN: I have 30 years here now.Maybe by this next months, I'll be-- by this Christmas,I will go to Nigeria.I'll go back to my country.Then I'll come back.Maybe stay for China for two years,and I'll go back to Africa.When you are determined to do something,you just have to go and do it.Then when you are out from that stage, you be yourself.

    • 22:41

      FLAME RAMADAN [continued]: I think that is the best life.That's how I think about life.

    • 22:46

      DIBAOCHA: So and for the future, like I told you now,my career is the most important in thatI'm struggling with just that doing remix of my tracksin Chinese.After one year, that I put this [INAUDIBLE] Chinese remixon the line, if nothing works out,I will just go home and go out of Chinaand only come here for a visit to see my family.

    • 23:09

      DIBAOCHA [continued]: [INAUDIBLE] asked me, are you taking your wife to Africa?I say this question asked to me is an individual [INAUDIBLE],,an individual answer.Number one, I have a career.If my [INAUDIBLE],, my kids love me.My wife loves me.They like to be where I am.If I [INAUDIBLE] my career, what isthe sense of taking them from purgatory to hell?

    • 23:31

      DIBAOCHA [continued]: That's wrong.Nobody would do that.Not even Jesus.Who can do that?

    • 23:38

      IVAN MANIVOO: I'm intending to stay perhaps more three years.Graduating in two years, two years time.But I still want to be here, causeI want to set up some business on a big scale working online.Because I understand how to speak in Chinese and English,so I can be flexible on both sides.

    • 23:58

      IVAN MANIVOO [continued]: China is easy to live in if you're a foreigner.Yeah.You guys are from Russia, right?

    • 24:05

      SPEAKER 2: Romania.

    • 24:05

      IVAN MANIVOO: You can speak Russian?

    • 24:09

      SPEAKER 3: I don't speak Russian, honestly.

    • 24:10

      IVAN MANIVOO: Seriously?

    • 24:11

      SPEAKER 3: No.

    • 24:12

      SPEAKER 2: You are from Russia?

    • 24:13

      IVAN MANIVOO: No, no, no, no, I'm not from Russia.I just-- I just--

    • 24:16

      SPEAKER 3: Why are you surprised then?

    • 24:18

      IVAN MANIVOO: Because most of you the guys--

    • 24:20

      SPEAKER 3: How many Russians are there in [INAUDIBLE]??And how many foreigners?

    • 24:22

      IVAN MANIVOO: Most of the guys around here-- most of the guysI work with, I [INAUDIBLE].Everyone I meet is Russian.Where are you from?Russia.Where are you from?[INAUDIBLE]Where are you from?[INAUDIBLE]So I kind of [INAUDIBLE].

    • 24:37


    • 25:02

      SPEAKER 4 [continued]: [MUSIC PLAYING](SINGING) Ohhhh, I'm looking up at Angel,and believe me when I say she got that whole place glowing,got that whole place glowing, got that whole place glowing,glowing, glowing.

    • 25:23

      SPEAKER 4 [continued]: I'm looking up at an angel.And believe me when I say she's got the whole place glowing,she's got the whole place glowing,she's got the whole place glowing, and she's [INAUDIBLE],,singing oooooooohhhhh, [INAUDIBLE] singing

    • 25:46

      SPEAKER 4 [continued]: ooooooohhhh, [INAUDIBLE] in the starts singing--

    • 25:56

      IVAN MANIVOO: (SINGING) Uh hun, all right.To the left, to the right, [INAUDIBLE]

    • 26:34

      IVAN MANIVOO [continued]: Baby, baby, baby, ohh!Baby, baby, baby, oohh!Baby, baby, baby, oohh!Thought you'd alwasy be mine, mine.Baby, baby, baby, ohh!Baby, baby, baby, oh!

    • 26:56

      IVAN MANIVOO [continued]: Baby, baby, baby, oh!It's not like I don't want to be famous.I would love that.I mean, everybody loves that, right?But that's why I find myself not falling in too much of beinga celebrity or something.But I've got chances, though.I've got many chances around here, China.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 27:20

      IVAN MANIVOO [continued]: (SINGING) [INAUDIBLE] I feel good the [INAUDIBLE]..I feel good.You feel good.[INAUDIBLE]

China Remix

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This short documentary explores China's burgeoning African entertainment industry through the lives of three African hip-hop artists who are trying to find success in the face of challenging labor and immigration laws in China's southeastern city of Guangzhou. The film follows the entertainers as they prepare for their shows, perform, and live their daily lives with their Chinese and African family members and friends.

China Remix

This short documentary explores China's burgeoning African entertainment industry through the lives of three African hip-hop artists who are trying to find success in the face of challenging labor and immigration laws in China's southeastern city of Guangzhou. The film follows the entertainers as they prepare for their shows, perform, and live their daily lives with their Chinese and African family members and friends.

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