About Sage Video

In today’s changing university and college landscape, users are seeking engaging and convenient digital content to support their instruction, learning, and research in a greater variety of ways. Streaming video represents a natural fit for these user groups based on its ease of accessibility and popularity as a medium.

Sage Video brings teaching, learning, and research to life through editorially curated collections across the social, behavioral, and health sciences.  Developed in partnership with leading content providers , academics, and practitioners, including many of Sage’s own authors and editors, high-quality videos have been carefully commissioned or created to deliver on the key goals of courses at all levels of higher education. They are designed to support the instructor, student, and academic researcher through a combination of originally commissioned and produced material with licensed and co-produced content.  
  • Why Sage Video?

    • Diversity of Expertise: A multitude of experts and voices contribute to our content including academics, practitioners, and students as well a host of others from a variety of different backgrounds and contexts (including authors and editors from other Sage resources). A team of academic Editorial Boards for each collection oversees content development from overall strategy and taxonomy development, to selection review and content recommendation; this process ensures that our diversity mission is met—at all levels including gender, ethnicity, age, and culture. Additionally, these Editorial Boards also play a role in the selection of licensed documentary films from our content partners.
    • Support for Multiple Users: Each collection contains a multitude of different content types designed to meet the needs of different end users, such as the undergraduate student, the graduate student, faculty needing video support in their teaching, or researchers looking for content to aid their academic work. Similarly, an array of user-centered features on the platform combined with the diversity of content means that in-class, online class, distance-learning, and hybrid instruction is all possible using Sage Video.
    • Stability for Librarians and Patrons: Each collection contains a minimum of 60% exclusive content provided by Sage, giving assurance that our collections will not be subject to unpredictable flux and disruption, regular cancellations, or dropped content. Our licensing approach with content partners also allows for purchased content to be accessible for the life of the file format provided.
    • Curricula and Discipline Mapping: Each video is tagged against taxonomy terms for that discipline collection; taxonomies are created following careful examination of course curricula and academic areas for these disciplines with guidance from our Editorial Board members. As a result, the videos in our collections closely align with the curricula and disciplines for which they are intended. However, video content can also be widely used across a diverse selection of interdisciplinary course fields as well.
    • Global View: We offer our library partners fully international collections as the contributors and content partners in Sage Video collections come from many different parts of the world. However, where we have identified regional differences in the teaching and learning of certain subjects, different perspectives are provided in videos with different international voices.
  • Information for Librarians, Instructors and Students

    For the Library

    • Institution-wide access provides easy discovery
    • Easily accessible videos meet patrons whenever and wherever they are (on- or off-campus)
    • Supports the entire academic community across multiple disciplines with videos mapped carefully and thoroughly to course curricula; a breadth of video types available to support diverse research and learning needs
    • Integrated with Sage Recommends, which leads researchers to other Sage content for an in-depth research experience
    • Available for subscription or purchase
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    For Instructors

    • Intended to support key course needs; videos within each collection are mapped to curricula to meet specific course, programs, and degree outcomes
    • Videos are designed to be incorporated into a variety of different course environments and to be integrated into different Learning Management Systems (embedding, custom clip creation, User Guides for each collection)
    • User-friendly platform makes finding, sharing, saving playlists, and citing videos easy
    • Sage Knowledge video collections receive regular content updates based on faculty feedback, current events, and policy changes to ensure content is relevant and timely
    • Use video to prime a class discussion, assign as additional ‘reading,’ encourage as an independent research resource for your students
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    For Students

    • Video collections cover 11 broad subject disciplines, four distinctive research methods fields, and a wider range of subject areas within and between these disciplines
    • Use videos to help enhance your understanding of a topic or apply to your own research or class presentations
    • Help reinforce key concepts covered in-class outside of class by watching experts describe them again, demonstrate how to do them, or illustrate how they might exist in the real world—helping to prepare for exams, class, and assignments
    • Gain real-world perspectives through video interviews, cases, and in-practice footage with distinguished academics and top practitioners in the field
    • Browse and keyword searching, share abilities, playlist creation, downloadable and searchable transcripts, multiple citation formats, and other key video player features create an easy independent research tool
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  • Offline Video Playback

    Sage Video is now also available for offline playback: this new and innovative feature allows you to download videos for playback without internet access. You can access the downloaded videos through the Sage Knowledge Offline Access web app or, alternatively, through   Sage Knowledge - Offline (sagepub.com)

    Here's how it works:
    • Please make sure you are signed in to your profile:

    • Go to any Video page and click on the "Download Video" button:

      Once you agree not to share any downloaded content, a new tab will open where you will be able to download the app:

      Click on the "Install the Offline App" button and then on the "Install" button in the upper right hand corner:

       For ease of use in the future, we recommend that you pin the app to the task bar on your screen:

    • You can now download full videos from the video page using the "Download video" button: 

    • When you open the Sage Knowledge Offline Video Web app on your device, an offline browser will open. T
      his offline browser will feature a list of all videos you have downloaded. The same will happen when you go to Sage Knowledge - Offline (sagepub.com), regardless of the browser you are using:

    Time limitations for Offline Video playback

    Any video you have downloaded will expire after 14 days. If you have not engaged with the downloaded video within 24 hours after downloading, the video will automatically expire. You are able to see how many days you have left by checking the counter under each video:

    After your offline access has ended, the video will be visible at the end of your list for a period of time and then it will be automatically deleted. The same video can be downloaded 5 times in a 6-month period.