Sage Video: Our Publishing Approach

Given the increasing volume of video material already in existence, finding high-quality, cutting-edge video that supports instructors and learners in a variety of course environments is now harder than ever.  

Sage Video  provides a different approach to video publishing with a strong emphasis on creative, original production, drawing upon decades of publishing experience, substantial disciplinary knowledge and editorial expertise, and a vast network of leading academics and practitioners. This original production is combined with high-quality licensed or purchased content from known documentary or other educational film providers. 

We have developed  Sage Video  for a global audience and is intended for use at all levels of higher education, from undergraduate to graduate level. A wide range of video titles are included in every collection, curated against the complete map of course and disciplines found across campus.  These titles include: 
  • In Practice videos, focusing on real-life stories and professionals in all walks of life that show practical applications of academic or classroom concepts, captured through on-site filming in places of business, education, or other organizations.  
  • Tutorial  and  Definition  videos, offered by great teachers describing the core concepts, theories or models often taught in class, or the ‘how-to’ steps for completing research projects successfully. 
  • Case Study  videos, which illustrate the links between academic theory and practice, focusing on important pieces of research or relevant organizational case studies, and encouraging students to reflect on their importance. 
  • Demonstration  videos, which illustrate important procedures for students to follow, especially in health and nursing. 
  • Important academic content including Interview, Panel Discussion, and Conversation videos, which feature leading experts discussing the most important ideas in their fields; and Conference films, which are selected videos from the most important conferences on the academic calendar.  
  • A range of other video types, including vast amounts of Documentary films from leading content providers, which add extra texture to class teaching or research assignments; and essential Archival Content of the original thinkers in subject disciplines, often dating back many years. 
We are committed in our approach to publishing videos that comprise a sophisticated, user-friendly resource; ensuring comprehensive search capabilities through layers of essential metadata and keywords. Additionally, we offer multiple citation options, full-text discovery service indexing and related content suggestions across our journals, books and reference titles to support further viewing and reading throughout our Sage resources.  

Finally, the Sage Video team is passionate about understanding how streaming video can help instructors engage their learners to great success, to maximize impact in course learning endeavors, and be best implemented in different classroom modalities (e.g. blended, flipped). Read our 2018 Video White Paper: 

We have also contributed to numerous conference presentations on this theme, including the 2019 Charleston Library Conference where we co-presented a paper entitled: 
Bringing Some Stranger Things of Streaming Video up From the Upside-Down World: Research Insights from Faculty and Students.