SAGE Video: Course Playlists - Nursing

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  • Nursing Research

    Assistant professor of nursing, LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans, Celeste Carter, APRN, DNS, discusses the benefits of interprofessional education in research on breast cancer-related lymphedema.
    Lovoria Williams, associate professor at the University of Kentucky College of Nursing and the director of membership for the Southern Nursing Research Society, gives an overview of key research concepts and explains the difference between research and other types of information.
    Dr. Carolyn Miller Reilly discusses nursing research, including how the nursing research process correlates with the nursing process steps of assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation; and the components of a written research proposal.
    Pamela Ashcraft, associate professor at the University of Central Arkansas School of Nursing, provides an overview of mixed methods research, discussing advantages and challenges, outlining types of mixed methods designs, and giving basic examples of mixed methods research.
  • Critical Care Nursing

    Two types of ventilation are discussed, as well as capnography, suctioning, and other important roles of the nurse.
    The nurse's role in pain management is discussed, including the assessment of pain, the implementation of pain management, and education of the patient.
    An overview of the components and functions of the pulmonary and related systems is given, as well as identification of respiratory dysfunction, hypoxemia, hypoxia, and determinants of arterial oxygenation.
    Methods for measuring five vital signs—body temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, and pain—are explained and an overview is given of equipment and processes.
  • Health Care Management & Administration

    Mike Vicioso, a certified pediatric nurse practitioner and owner of Growing Healthy Together Kids, and his staff discuss the benefits and challenges of running a successful pediatric clinic.
    Professor and associate dean at St. Louis University's School of Nursing, Dr. Joanne Langan, PhD, RN, CNE, discusses and shares advice on leadership and nursing administration.
    Once a quality improvement program has been approved and a team leader selected, the problem being addressed by the program must be well-defined, and roles and responsibilities must be decided. This team selection phase is demonstrated.
    Assistant professor of clinical nursing, LSU Health New Orleans, Leanne H. Fowler, DNP, MBA, APRN, AG/ACNP-BC, CNE, discusses business skills and qualifications needed to become a nurse entrepreneur, and options available when pursuing this path.
    Associate professor Doreen Westera, RN, MScN, MEd, Memorial University, discusses emergency management in public health as illustrated by experiences of health care professionals during the H1N1 pandemic.
  • Health Policy