Sage Video Awards & Testimonials

2019 modern library awards gold award

“The topics and themes are relevant, which is so helpful since librarians are constantly trying to support the research, teaching, and learning at our institution. Librarians are always looking for comprehensive, go-to resources for research and this is one of the best. Plus, students love video! Overall, Sage does a great job of trying out new topics that will become strong areas of academic focus in the coming year or so. This kind of forecasting is so needed in the industry and a welcomed reminder to librarians that vendors can be partners in the information access realm.” 
2019 Modern Library Awards Judge

Ara, Institute of Canterbury

“Lecturers from all discipline areas taught in our Department of Business could use Sage Video’s Business & Management Collection to complement their teaching.” 
Juan Pellegrino, Senior Lecturer, Ara Institute of Canterbury

APEX Awards for publication excellence 2016

2016 Award of Excellence
Electronic Media - Multimedia
APEX Awards

“Sage Publishing is a leading provider of social science journals, edited monographs, monographs, and now instructional video content.” 
The Charleston Adviser 

"The videos look great; very high quality video. Human attentional capacity being what it is, over the course of a 50 or 75-minute lecture, students will need 2 or 3 'breaks.' These can be class demonstrations, videos, even jokes. And what better way to provide an attentional break than having leaders of the field talk about their areas of interest?”
Thomas Gilovich, Cornell University

“Clear, accessible, and engaging, both in terms of content and visually” 
Steve May, University of North Carolina 

“So much important information explained in an understandable way.... An excellent addition to my source of videos” 
Bill Howe, Connecticut Department of Education 

“An impressive list of resources” 
Emmy van Deurzen, New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling, London 

“Easy to use… very impressed with the video collection. There are lots of options for teachers, clinicians, researchers to use” 
Ed Donnerstein, University of Arizona 

"Sage Video offers a plethora of options. I teach many different topics, so it is perfect for me." 
Dr. Allison Leggett, Northcentral University 

“Sage Video has high-quality, unique content.” 
Amanda Bezet, Reference and instruction librarian; Northcentral University 

“The video snapshots that you shared reflect some of the foundational principles of my field. They serve as easy introductions to deeper work. I recommend that anyone who wishes to go deeper that they begin with these videos.”
Raymond Terrell, Miami University

“Based on what we’d seen, we found the material very relevant to our teaching.” 
Julie Lasinger, Information Resources Librarian at Federation University, Australia (of the Education collection)

ARBA online, American Reference Books Annual
“These videos not only provide variety but also help the viewers absorb the information.” 
American Reference Books Annual

Kenneth A. Kiewra, Ph.D. 
Professor of Educational Psychology, University of Nebraska
"I viewed the Sage collection of educational videos. I was super impressed with the range of topics, their quality, and how well they fit with what we do in educational psychology. There are many topics of interest to us such as: research methods, learning theories, cognitive psychology, classroom discipline, early childhood education, gifted and talented, teaching methods, lifespan development, and counseling. If we’ve not already added these to our library collection, I wish we would."

Roy F. Baumeister 
Eppes Eminent Scholar & Professor of Psychology, Florida State University
"Sage is a wonderful publisher that has made huge contributions to psychology. I really like working with them: They are smart, creative, and very nice people. Their new initiative is to have videos that include leading experts define and discuss key concepts. These make a lively addition to a regular class. Instead of just reading a definition aloud, or putting it up on the screen, the instructor can show a brief video in which an important scholar explains the concept. In many cases the video is by the person who coined the term or who has advanced the concept, and so students can hear it straight from the topmost authority.  The Sage people asked me to do a couple of these definitions and discussions. I always feel silly putting a video of myself on the screen in a class I’m teaching, so I prefer to use ones by other experts. But the one I did on free will came in handy one time when I came down sick just before class and didn’t want to cancel. My teaching assistant was able to show the video to the class, after which they had a spirited discussion. Much better than simply canceling class!"

Dawn McBride
Professor of Psychology, Illinois State University
"I was excited to be able to work on the Sage Video project because it gave me the opportunity to create videos on the topics that most interest me (research methods and memory) that will be useful in my courses. When I teach Research Methods, the videos on Experiments and Interactions will be helpful tools that I can show my classes, either in person or online, that summarize these topics using my favorite examples.  The videos on Memory will help me introduce these topics to the students in my Cognition & Learning course. The quality of the videos is exceptional and I really enjoyed working with the professional production team engaged by Sage to create the videos. Before agreeing to the project, I viewed some sample videos and was impressed by the quality and content of the videos they had already made for psychology. After viewing the complete list of videos, I saw several videos in addition to the ones I made that will be useful in my courses that were made by top researchers in my field. Overall, my experiences working with Sage in creating these videos and as a text author have been extremely positive! I hope to continue my relationship with Sage for many years to come!"

Jonathan Hardy
Professor of Media and Communications, University of East London
“The Sage Video Collection offers media teachers and students a wealth of insights from leading academics and practitioners. With most of the material produced in the last two years the collection includes fresh perspectives on big data, branded content, Twitter and journalism as well as accessible introductions to media and gender, media industries and topics across the curriculum of media, cultural, communications and marketing communications courses today. This rich collection can be used in a wide variety of ways from classroom viewing to guided self-learning and student preparation. From media education documentaries to interviews with media makers and tutorials by academic and industry experts, this is a versatile and rich collection of materials that will help students grasp not only the meanings but the enthusiasm, motivations and concerns of those making media and those investigating media. The more I explore this collection the more enthusiastic I am about the range, depth and value of the videos. I am particularly keen to set up clips for students to access talks other outside the classroom to supplement their reading and research. I am pleased to see that the collection ranges right across the spectrum of perspectives to open up critical debates whether on capitalism and global media, body commodification, gender, class, race and representation, diversity in media industries or militarism and pop culture. Sage has drawn on their authors and others to present a great range of perspectives in an easily navigable and usable collection. Bringing together eloquent, enthusiastic testimonies to the importance of asking a range of questions about media, society and culture makes this a fantastic resource for the expanding field of convergent media and communication studies.”

Gregory J. Privitera
Ph.D, Chair and Professor, Department of Psychology, St. Bonaventure University
“As an author and contributor, I am grateful to work as a partner with Sage Publications. Sage has been an incredibly valuable resource for me and my students because of its significant product development, vital passion for publishing only the best products and resources in higher education – and most importantly – making these resources accessible, often offering world-class ancillary and video product packages free with the adoption of many texts. I have found their list as a whole to be a powerful teaching and learning tool for faculty and students across disciplines.

The recent launch of the Sage Video product, for which I contributed to, is yet another example of the excellence Sage has demonstrated in its content and resource delivery. It is a versatile resource that is filled with content and key discussions across disciplines and delivered by leading professionals and faculty to support student learning and promote increased resources for professors in and out of the classroom. More than this, it allows faculty the freedom to use only the parts of the videos they need for a class, and to embed these resources in their current materials, from PowerPoint to Blackboard, and more.

The Sage Video product has been an exceptional resource for me personally, and for my colleagues and students. In the classroom, I can use these videos during class and even in office hours where students may need more one-on-one time. The videos are succinct in that they are focused on specific topics, and can be used as much for a few seconds or minutes of a video clip to even a full class. The versatility for how these videos can be used in the classroom empowers me to teach and/or demonstrate core content, and do so effectively within the time constraints I have for my classes. I can embed these video resources as hyperlinks in my course materials, add them online for students to view at any time throughout the course, and even use them for my own personal professional development on topics where I could benefit from knowledge in content areas beyond my area of expertise.

Overall, I see the Sage Video product as an invaluable resource whether faculty are looking to bolster the resources they provide for students, looking to enhance the volume and quality of content taught, or even promote their own professional development. Thank you to Sage for once again demonstrating the highest standard of excellence in higher education."

Amy Wenzel
PhD, ABPP, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
“The Sage Video: Counseling and Psychotherapy series is a massive undertaking that provides video instruction in a wide array of issues, skills, and approaches relevant to counseling and psychotherapy. Both notable scholars in the fields of counseling and clinical psychology and top-notch mental health practitioners are featured in this series. This resource will be essential for students who are training to become mental health professionals, as it provides thoughtful discussion and real-time demonstrations of psychotherapeutic skills and processes. It also will be invaluable for academics and practitioners, alike, who are interested in a high-quality overview of topics outside of their primary areas of expertise.

The coverage of the discipline in its entirety is unmatched. Videos are grouped into five broad categories: (a) counseling setting/client groups, (b) counseling skills, (c) professional issues, (d) research methods, and (e) theories and approaches. Thus, users can search for videos according to very specific areas of interest, whether those areas are specific client groups (such as older individuals), specific skills (such as paraphrasing), or specific therapeutic approaches (such as gestalt therapy). This approach to indexing the videos makes the series quite user-friendly, as users will be able to locate a video using diverse search criteria.

Videos from this series could be used to supplement material presented in the classroom, from undergraduate courses in abnormal and clinical psychology to graduate courses on theories and practice of psychotherapy. They could also be used to supplement discussion that takes place in supervision groups. Moreover, they would of benefit to students, trainees, scholars, and practitioners who are seeking alternative methods to reading books and journal articles for learning particular concepts related to counseling and psychotherapy.

Thus, I highly recommend the Sage Video: Counseling and Psychotherapy series to novice and established clinicians and scholars who seek knowledge about the wide array of issues, mental health problems, theories, and psychotherapeutic processes and techniques faced by the fields of counseling and clinical psychology today. It promises to be a timeless resource that will be an essential supplement to written and oral instruction."