Subscription Sensitivity How-To Guide

In the SAGE Knowledge platform, you are able to turn on subscription sensitivity, allowing users to see only content to which they have access.

What is hidden?


On the homepage, any Products, Subjects or Content Types will be greyed out when you have no acquired content in those categories. For example, if you have three video collections, then ONLY these options will show in colour on the homepage:

Dropdown Menus

Browse by Subject and Browse by Content Type will only show there is content in those options which can be accessed.

EG. If a customer has the three Video Collections, only SAGE Video and the three subjects for those collections will display.

The Products dropdown will only display products that your patrons have access to, ie where one or more title is included in your collection. In our example, the dropdown only shows SAGE Video.


Search Result Filters

On the search result page, your patrons will only be shown filters that apply to the content that they have access to.

This includes subject filters, as well as content type filters:


Browse by Subject

On the Subject Browse page, only subjects that include content that your patrons can access will be displayed.

Content: Books and Chapters

Only content acquired by your institution will appear on the platform. Non-purchased content will not show up in browses or search results.

However, if someone has a link directly to a book or to a chapter, they will see the unauthenticated view. This link will not appear on the platform, but they might be sent the link by a friend.

How do I turn on Subscription Sensitivity?

You can turn on Subscription Sensitivity in your account in Secure Center.

When you open your account in Secure Center, scroll down to the Custom Settings section, or select the option from the menu on the right hand side.

Within Custom Settings, check the box that says “Hide Unavailable SK Content”: Don’t forget to click Save Account. 

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