SAGE Skills: Student Success — Information for Students

Launching August 2022

Are you looking to develop your academic and personal skills to make the most of your university experience? SAGE Skills: Student Success offers flexibility – students, researchers, and alumni can identify academic and personal knowledge gaps and skillsets in need of development. This resource is designed to develop your skills on your schedule – Student Success empowers you to choose whether you want to progress through a full skill module, learn best practices for a particular skill, or home in on a very specific topic of interest. Whatever your academic interests or skill needs, you can choose from a diverse range of 10 modules, more than 90 skills, and over 1,100 skill topics.
Each module guides you to map your path to skill mastery via: 
  • Interactive scenarios
  • Self-assessments
  • Datasets
  • Data visualization embeds
  • Downloadable exercises
  • Videos
Are you ready?

Begin your journey to gain the academic and personal skillsets essential for success in higher education and beyond! Plus, with alumni access, you can continue to sharpen your abilities and build new skills long after graduation.