Submitting an Assignment

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This Skill deals with preparation for submitting an academic assignment including building your confidence, understanding your brief, managing your time, particularly for larger projects, and planning your piece of work to be submitted on time.

Starting at university can be exciting and daunting all at the same time. However, you will likely be with people who are in a similar situation of being new to the course. This can help to reduce any anxiety you may feel and carry you through the first few weeks or months of your studies. However, when you are faced with submitting an assignment, you are often on your own—and this can be a moment when your worries and fears suddenly catch up with you, filling you with doubt about your abilities and maybe even make you question your worthiness of being on the course.

This is why this Skill has been created for you to engage with. Your lecturers know how it feels when those reservations and worries appear. They have been in that exact same position and have had to work through their own reservations about submitting their work which means they have learned how to overcome those fears, suspicions, and nagging voices. Now they want you to benefit from all of their sleepless nights to make it easier for you to be able to submit your work with confidence and certainty you are in the best position to achieve the highest mark you can.

Of course, spending time on your assignment is always advised, but not always practicable. In the real world, it can be very difficult to spend hours writing an assignment when having to balance attending lectures and a personal life too. So knowing where to focus your time and energy can be a key time-saving skill when constructing an assignment. As such, this Skill concentrates some of the best pieces of “assignment pre-submission checks and advice” to help you keep as many marks as possible. It is hoped that this will help you to save time when you need to and engage in the more in-depth submission checks when you have more time.

This Skill addresses preparing you for the moment when you submit your assignment, with sections on improving your self-confidence, considering your assignment brief, time management, and professional presentation, among others. This Skill is intended to guide and support you through your process of creating and submitting your polished piece of work to help you feel supported and capable of delivering a high-quality academic piece of writing, whatever your subject.

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