3. Begin Self-Assessment

For each statement select the button that best describes you. When you are finished, select submit to explore the skills best suited to you.

Strongly Unlike Me
Unlike Me
Like Me
Strongly Like Me
1. I’ve always felt strongly motivated to study.
2. I currently feel motivated to study.
3. I feel able to improve my sense of motivation.
4. I know why I have difficulties concentrating on studying.
5. I know how to improve my concentration.
6. I feel confident planning my time.
7. I am familiar with clustering, mind-mapping, and creating a timeline.
8. I understand how to use note cards effectively when planning.
9. I am comfortable with turning to freewriting to assist with my planning.
10. I can readily employ the SERENE method in my research planning.
11. I understand the various methods for planning my academic work.

Thank you for completing the self-assessment.

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  • Use the confidence levels as your guide to prioritize which skills to explore first
Confidence Level
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