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1. I always allow plenty of time when writing up my research for redrafting and receiving feedback on my drafts.
2. Whatever the piece of writing I am doing, I think first about who I am writing for before I start writing.
3. I can name at least three features of grammar that are used in English academic style.
4. I can determine when it is better to use the active voice instead of the passive voice and vice versa.
5. I’m clear how reading, presenting, and writing link to each other.
6. I’m confident that I know why it is important to avoid plagiarism when writing up my research.
7. I understand how in-text citations link to a reference list.
8. I can name three differences between paraphrasing and summarizing.
9. I’m able to list at least two strategies to help me to report my research results in an ethical way.
10. I understand why transparency is important in a Methodology section.
11. I can explain why I should present my findings in an unbiased way.
12. I can explain why I might use a table to present data in my research report.
13. I’m clear about what readers expect from a Conclusion section of a research paper.
14. I can describe at least three writing strategies for presenting a coherent research story.
15. I’m confident that I know what the purpose of an abstract is.
16. I’m clear about the connection between the title and the abstract.

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