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1. I know the main reasons for doing a review of the literature.
2. I know which kinds of sources are more reliable than others because I understand the difference between scholarly and popular sources.
3. I can explain the difference between scholarly and general sources.
4. I know why I need to develop a search vocabulary before I search for information.
5. I can use special characters such as AND and NOT to search more effectively and efficiently for relevant sources.
6. I know where to find out how to format my references and citations.
7. I know that a literature search and a literature review need to be systematic and reproducible.
8. I have the knowledge to choose the right type of review for the assignment I have to complete.
9. I have the skills to question the claims made and the evidence offered in what I read.
10. I understand how a matrix can help me to analyse and organise my information.
11. I understand the structure of an argument and can compare and contrast different standpoints
12. I understand that there are different structures I can adapt to write my literature review.

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