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1. I can make an informed choice about whether my research design should be based on a fixed or flexible design strategy.
2. I can devise my own diagram of the stages of my research project so that it shows a logical sequence of tasks with feedback loops as appropriate.
3. I can explain the difference between exploratory, descriptive, and explanatory research.
4. I understand the difference between correlation and cause and effect.
5. I know what the essential conditions are required for a true experiment, and what other options there are when these cannot be met.
6. I can explain the functions of evaluation and the meaning of stakeholders in a program.
7. I understand the concept of triangulation in research design.
8. I know whether, how, and when to use secondary data designs.
9. I understand the different types of secondary data and where they can be found.
10. I know how to judge the authenticity and credibility of the data gained from various sources.
11. I can apply the appropriate data assessment methods for the data I have collected.
12. I understand the choices of different sampling methods and the implications of using them.
13. I recognise the need to match analysis processes and tools to the overall theoretical position.
14. I can trace the steps in my research design from abstract theory to values and processes and back again.

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