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1. I understand what independent, dependent, and confounding variables are in the context of research experiments.
2. I can identify the types of measurable variables and understand how this influences decisions regarding statistical analysis.
3. I can identify the difference between correlation and causality.
4. I can describe the concepts of reliability, validity, and generalisability and understand how they relate to interpretation of quantitative data.
5. I am familiar with ways of presenting data in numerical and graphic forms.
6. I can easily distinguish one measure of central tendency from another.
7. I can understand the role that measures of dispersion play in a data set.
8. I know what data distributions are and can identify normal, skewed, and bimodal distributions.
9. I can critically interpret values and understand Type I and Type II errors.
10. I know the assumptions required for parametric statistics and how to determine if my data meets these assumptions.
11. I can identify various nonparametric statistics and know when they would be appropriate to use.
12. I know about publication bias and the importance of reproducibility of quantitative findings.

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