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1. I recognise which methods are best to answer which types of questions and for different groups and contexts.
2. I know that there are different forms of questionnaires and which ones are best to gain people’s views in different contexts.
3. I can describe the various types of interviews and I know when to use each approach.
4. I know when to use focus groups and understand their advantages and disadvantages.
5. I can explain the use of story-telling as a narrative method.
6. I can explain the strengths and weaknesses of different types of observation.
7. I am familiar with a range of visual methods and how to apply them.
8. I realise that there are pros and cons to using digital methods.
9. I am aware of the advantages of and problems with transcribing verbal data.
10. I can describe the main ways to handle and analyse qualitative data.
11. I am conversant with the possibilities and limitations of using analysis software.
12. I can see a role for basic descriptive statistics when involved in interpretive research.
13. I am aware that data interpretation should be justified and know of ways to do that.

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