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Strongly Like Me
1. I want to make a good impression on new people and build good relationships from the start.
2. I’m not always sure if it’s ok to ask other people where they are from.
3. I’m not sure if/how my attitudes and behaviour are influenced by unconscious bias.
4. I find it hard to listen to others and concentrate during discussions.
5. I worry about how to communicate appropriately with others during group work.
6. I need to think more about how my language choices might affect others.
7. I could be more aware of how tone of voice and body language affects communication.
8. I need some strategies for making my social media use accessible and inclusive.
9. I would lack confidence to challenge others if their language or behaviour was not inclusive.
10. I would like to find ways to contribute actively to making my institution more inclusive.
11. I’m interested in learning more about how to use inclusive communication.

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