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1. I understand the meaning of the word “exigence” and its relationship to argument, as it is defined in academic writing assignments.
2. I can explain how the term “genre” has been redefined in terms of function, rather than particular forms.
3. I understand how awareness of audience can influence the form, style, and tone of the writer.
4. I am aware of the value of looking at a model of the type of essay that is expected.
5. I understand that the word “analysis” in academic writing assignments involves analyzing the context, ideas, opinions, and evidence that need to be addressed.
6. I understand that thesis statements may occur in many different places in an essay that responds to an academic writing assignment.
7. I am able to develop thesis statements in a variety of formats.
8. I understand how rhetorical appeals, logos, pathos, and ethos are used to convince an audience.
9. I can explain the intended audience for a literary analysis.
10. I can explain the purpose of an annotated bibliography in responding to an academic writing assignment.
11. I understand the necessity of having a main point or thesis in writing a narrative.
12. I understand the purpose of reflection in academic writing assignments.
13. I understand that thesis or dissertation proposals need not address a completely new topic but can build on an existing idea.

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