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1. I can write and recognize a simple sentence.
2. I can write and recognize a compound sentence.
3. I can write and recognize a complex sentence.
4. I can write and recognize a compound–complex sentence.
5. I know how and when to use periods (full stops) in my writing.
6. I know how and when to use colons and semi-colons in my writing.
7. I know how and when to use apostrophes in my writing.
8. I know how and when to use other punctuation marks in my writing.
9. I understand what first- and third-person voice is and when each is appropriate to use in academic writing.
10. I understand how to use formal language in academic writing, and how to avoid using informal language.
11. I understand how removing redundant words improves academic writing.
12. I understand how phrasal verbs, and verb tenses and aspects, can be used appropriately in academic writing.

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