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1. I understand what the main issues and problems are for punctuation within formal and professional writing.
2. I understand the purposes of commas.
3. I understand how to use commas correctly in academic and professional writing.
4. I understand the benefits, and limitations, of using Grammar Check on my computer.
5. I understand how punctuation can be used to create a good style of writing.
6. I understand what run-on sentences are, and how to avoid them in my writing.
7. I understand what sentence fragments are, and how to avoid them in my writing.
8. I understand how to identify the various punctuation issues—I know them when I see them.
9. I understand the various functions of apostrophes.
10. I know how to use apostrophes in my writing.
11. I know the various purposes of using scare quotes and how to use them effectively in my writing.
12. I know how to use pronouns in a way that is correct, yet also reflective of societal trends.
13. I know what is meant by the subjunctive mood, and how to use it appropriately from a grammatical point of view.
14. I understand the value of proofreading before submitting my assignment, or any important piece of writing for that matter.
15. I have a clear appreciation for proofreading by seeing it in action.

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