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1. I can identify characteristics of coursework that is created with integrity.
2. I can identify how I can use information from outside sources in ways that avoid academic misconduct.
3. I am able to locate ways that I can support facts in my written assignments.
4. I can contrast types of help that are appropriate with those that would be considered unauthorized.
5. I can draw connections between.
6. I can identify how course materials like the syllabus and assignment guidelines convey expectations for a course to help me avoid academic misconduct.
7. I can identify how to locate expectations for coursework I am assigned.
8. I can use my university’s policy to understand what is permitted and what is prohibited in preparation of my coursework.
9. I can identify ways that academic misconduct may be less intentional.
10. I can identify more intentional types of academic misconduct.
11. I can identify issues of ownership that are examples of certain aspects of academic misconduct.
12. I can identify how attribution can help me avoid issues of ownership in my coursework.
13. I can identify issues of use that are examples of certain aspects of academic misconduct.
14. I can identify how I can avoid misusing my own work individually and in group settings.
15. I can identify how some uses of course materials are considered to be academic misconduct.
16. I can identify how misuse of work can be considered sabotage.
17. I can identify issues of representation that are examples of certain aspects of academic misconduct.
18. I can identify when it is unauthorized to claim credit for others’ work.
19. I can identify issues of truth and representation to settings outside the university.
20. I can understand how academic policy language for prohibited misconduct connects to ownership, use, and representation.
21. I know the three most important things to consider when deciding if an action strays into academic misconduct and I am confident in my ability to avoid academic misconduct.

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