3. Begin Self-Assessment

For each statement select the button that best describes you. When you are finished, select submit to explore the skills best suited to you.

Strongly Unlike Me
Unlike Me
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Strongly Like Me
1. My behavior in class demonstrates the values of integrity.
2. I do whatever it takes to get good grades even if it means cheating.
3. I “help” my classmates by letting them copy my homework or my answers during a test.
4. I am comfortable asking my teachers for help when I do not understand something about the class.
5. I know and use the resources offered by my university to support my learning when I am stressed.
6. I am familiar with all the regulations of my university, including those about academic integrity like the Honor Code.
7. I am usually involved in the academic integrity events and groups.
8. I know how to cite and reference the authors properly to avoid plagiarism.
9. I feel comfortable with reporting a friend when he or she committed an academic integrity violation.
10. I responsibly accept the consequences of my actions if I commit academic dishonesty.
11. I am confident that I am an example of integrity and could be part of an Honor Council.

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