3. Begin Self-Assessment

For each statement select the button that best describes you. When you are finished, select submit to explore the skills best suited to you.

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Strongly Like Me
1. I know the reasons why I am pursuing my academic degree and how I want that degree to impact my life.
2. I know how to create SMART goals so that they are specific and attainable.
3. I am good at accurately planning how long a task will take me to do.
4. I prioritize my tasks for school so I can accomplish them with limited stress.
5. I follow a routine to do my schoolwork to help ensure that I complete tasks by consistently doing a certain amount of work each day.
6. I organize my school materials well and have an organized place to do schoolwork.
7. I am good at avoiding interruptions.
8. I have—and follow—a good routine in how I do schoolwork on a daily basis.
9. I know the time of the day when I am the most productive.
10. I have considered a variety of time management strategies and implemented those that work according to my personal goals and preferences.
11. I am able to focus well when I am working on schoolwork.
12. I am aware of when I am procrastinating and can identify when it is becoming a problem because I am putting off school work for too long.

Thank you for completing the self-assessment.

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  • Use the confidence levels as your guide to prioritize which skills to explore first
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