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1. What are the major forms of contract cheating?
2. Identify everyday situations that may be considered contract cheating.
3. What are the differences between receiving homework help, and contract cheating?
4. What are the university policies and outcomes related to contract cheating at my college or university?
5. How does time management impact a student’s decision to engage in contract cheating?
6. What are some issues students experience when they feel academically underprepared?
7. What are some ways to limit stress that can lead to contract cheating?
8. How can students avoid misunderstanding the requirements of an assignment and appropriate resources for support?
9. Define the clients, providers, and companies that participate in contract cheating?
10. What are four ways that students can make sure their academic work is protected from contract cheating?
11. What are three techniques contract cheating companies use to bribe and extort their clients?
12. How can students be sure that their academic work is of high quality, and suitable for submission?
13. What are the risks of providing answers to friends and classmates?
14. Describe two ways that faculty can now detect contract cheating?
15. What are three things students can do to prevent contract cheating?
16. How can students lead by example and uphold academic integrity when presented with the opportunity to contract cheat?

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