SAGE Skills: Student Success — Our Publishing Approach

What makes SAGE Skills: Student Success different?

SAGE empowers students to build the knowledge and skillsets to succeed in their academic career and beyond. 
When assessing learning needs in the higher education market, SAGE knew we could deliver a cross-disciplinary resource that provides students interactive content modules to learn a wide range of tangible skills suited to the modern and digital classroom. With SAGE Skills: Student Success we aim to support the student throughout their academic career and enable institutions to deliver on their promise of improved student outcomes. 
Student Success is built on the foundation of SAGE and academic research. Our contributors translate empirical evidence and combine that with proven pedagogical experience to identify what students need to understand the importance of the academic process and how academic skills can enable lifelong learning. Editors and contributors were given the directive to select the skills and topics they viewed as most relevant for the modern student. SAGE also works closely with editors to develop a welcoming and representative collection of modules that demonstrate the infinite number of different perspectives and life experiences students will encounter during their time at university and afterward. Compared to traditional online course modules, Student Success offers students a flexible learning experience that allows them to take their pick of progressing through a full module or exploring specific skills of interest.
The result? A holistic collection of highly practical and useful material of what students need for academic success and beyond.
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