SAGE Skills: Student Success — Information for Instructors

Launching August 2022

SAGE Skills: Student Success is designed to develop the essential skills students need to achieve academic and personal success. The practical and useful skills provided in Student Success complement classroom instruction to prepare students for whatever path they choose for themselves during their time at university and beyond. Student Success supports students of all academic backgrounds as they learn the ropes of higher education study, research, and personal development. 
With its built-in flexibility compared to traditional online course modules, faculty and students are able to explore skills on their own time by choosing to progress through a full skill module, learn best practices for a particular skill, or home in on a very specific topic of interest.
SAGE is please to offer instructors:

  • Cross-disciplinary academic skill coverage provided through 10 modules, more than 90 skills, and over 1,100 skill topics 
  • Multimedia content developed with a diverse, global perspective
  • Easy integration of skill topics into LMS via unique link, permanent DOI, or embeddable code
  • Digital resource with 24/7 access for in-demand skills
  • Simplicity of use and variety of content including video clips and downloadable worksheets
  • Unlimited simultaneous access with no direct cost to students
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