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Student Success is an interactive digital resource that empowers students to learn the practical academic and personal skills needed to thrive during their time in higher education and beyond. 
In developing Student Success, Sage gathered a global team of scholars with extensive experience working with students and with knowledge of the skills they need both in school and out to enable lifelong learning. As part of our Sage commitment to diversity in our publishing, we worked closely with editors to ensure a representative collection of different perspectives and life experiences for students. Based on this outlook and their professional insights, our editors and contributors selected skills and topics they viewed as most relevant to students for today’s higher education experience.
Student Success offers a self-directed learning journey with more than 1,100 topics across ten comprehensive modules. With its built-in flexibility compared to traditional online course modules, students can direct their own learning experience by choosing to progress through a full skill module, learn best practices for a particular skill, or home in on a very specific topic of interest.
Student Success provides 10 comprehensive modules that are relevant across courses and disciplines on campus: 
  • Academic Integrity and Referencing
  • Academic Writing 
  • Communications and Interpersonal Skills
  • Critical Thinking 
  • Data Literacy
  • Diversity, Bias, and Impacting Change
  • Information Literacy
  • Personal Development and Well-Being
  • Research Skills 
  • Study Strategies and Assignments 
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  • Why Student Success?

    Student Success brings together a diverse team of experts from around the world to build the foundation students need to succeed. Our contributors translate empirical evidence into best practices and use their years of experience working with students to help them become better students and more engaged citizens. This includes efforts to utilize various multimedia content types to engage students and encourage further learning and development. Editors and contributors also focused on demonstrating how academic skills may be applied to enable lifelong learning.
    The result? A holistic collection of highly practical and useful material of what students need for academic success and beyond.
    • Supports all students, including post-traditional students, as they acclimatize to higher ed study
    • Provide campus partners like student success centers and writing and tutoring teams with ready-made material
    • Focuses on practical academic skill coverage provided through 10 modules and over 1,100 skill topics 
    • Engage students with multimedia content, including interactive scenarios, short videos and downloadable exercises
    • Promote material that enhances self-awareness and intercultural understanding among students and faculty
    • Integrate skill topics into the classroom and workshops via LMS, LibGuides, or other web applications 
    • Offer a flexible, user-friendly, and accessible interface for skill learning
    • Unlimited simultaneous access with no need to relicense content
    • Institution-wide access provides easy discovery and alumni access
  • Put knowledge into action

    Supporting classroom instruction and course work, Student Success enables students to put knowledge into action with interactive learning tools. Students can identify knowledge gaps and skillsets in need of development. Each module guides students to map their path to skill mastery via:
    • Interactive scenarios
    • Self-asessments
    • Short videos
    • Downloadable exercises and reference documents
    • Notes from real-world experiences
  • Contact us

    If you have any questions or would like to speak to a sales representative, please contact us at:

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