Sage Skills — Our Vision

Sage Skills empowers students to build the vital skills to succeed in their academic and professional careers. 
Sage spent time speaking with librarians and faculty to learn what they viewed as the priority, unmet learning needs among university students. Sage Skills was born out of these discussions. Sage knew we could deliver a cross-disciplinary resource that provides students engaging, helpful material to learn a wide range of tangible skills suited to the modern classroom and workplace. With Sage Skills we will support students from start to end of their academic career and support institutions deliver on their promise of improved student outcomes. 
Sage Skills is built on the foundation of Sage and academic research. We gathered a global team of scholars who are able to translate empirical evidence and who have first-hand experience working with students. Together, this blend of research and pedagogical knowledge ensures that the Sage Skills suite provides students with practical and useful skills that are relevant across disciplines and may be applied in both academic and professional settings. 
Compared to traditional online course modules, Sage Skills is designed for the busy university student—it allows students to direct their own learning experience by empowering them to take their pick of progressing through a full module or explore specific skills of interest.
The result? A holistic collection of highly practical and useful material of what students need for higher education and beyond.

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