Sage Skills — Information for Librarians

Sage Skills is a suite of new interactive digital resources that help students develop the academic and professional skills necessary to succeed in higher education and beyond.
Offered on Sage’s digital library platform Sage Knowledge , Sage Skills resources are integrated with a number of multimedia content to better engage students, including interactive scenarios, self-assessments, downloadable datasets and worksheets, and original videos. These tools combined with authoritative written material create a rich scholarly environment where students and faculty can independently navigate thousands of skills that will aid them in their academic and future careers.
Why Sage Skills ?
  • Cross-disciplinary academic skill coverage provided through 15 modules, more than 100 skills, and over 2,000 skill topics across two robust resources
  • Institution-wide access provides easy discovery and alumni access
  • Editorial attentiveness to include a diversity of perspectives and life experiences for students
  • User-friendly platform, allowing for easy integration of content into LMS via unique link, permanent DOI, or embeddable code
  • The Sage Skills resources are part of Sage Recommends, leading students to other Sage journal, book, reference, case, and video content for an in-depth research experience
  • Suite will continue to expand with new content in the future
  • Available for subscription or purchase
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