Sage Skills — Information for Instructors

The Sage Skills suite is designed to support faculty efforts to help students develop the academic and professional skills necessary to succeed in higher education and beyond. 

The practical and useful skills provided throughout Business Skills and Student Success complement classroom instruction to prepare students of all academic backgrounds for whatever path they choose for themselves. Faculty can easily and effectively support academic and professional skill development among their students with skill topics that may be integrated into any LMS.

Sage is pleased to offer Instructors:

  • Cross-disciplinary academic skill coverage provided through 15 modules, more than 100 skills, and over 2,000 skill topics across two robust resources
  • Multi-media content developed with diverse, global perspective
  • Easy integration of skill content into LMS via unique link, permanent DOI, or embeddable code
  • Digital resource with 24/7 access for in-demand skills
  • Simplicity of use and variety of content including video clips and downloadable worksheets
  • Unlimited simultaneous access with no direct cost to students