About Sage Skills

Practical skills for academic and professional success

The Sage Skills suite helps students to develop the vital academic and professional skills necessary to succeed in higher education and beyond.  Supporting an array of knowledge areas, the Sage Skills suite was developed to support institutions and libraries in their mission to deliver on improved students outcomes. This suite of brand-new digital resources includes:
Business Skills

Empower students to develop and practice real-world skills needed to successfully transition from campus to the modern workplace through interactive self-assessment, virtual scenarios, downloadable data, and expert insights. This new interactive digital resource features both academic and practitioner experts in a library of flexible learning tracks across 950 in-demand topics across five in-demand categories. Supporting a wide range of courses, Business Skills offers students a self-guided journey to gain the career-ready skill sets essential for professional success.

Student Success

Empower students to develop and practice the academic and personal skills necessary to successfully transition to campus life and enable lifelong learning. With over 90 skills and more than 1,100 topics across ten comprehensive modules, Student Success provides a flexible and engaging learning journey through self-assessments, interactive scenarios, downloadable exercises, original videos, and more.

Sage worked closely with a global team of scholars and professionals to identify and develop the critical and practical skills throughout the Sage Skills suite. Our resources were built with the busy modern student in mind, providing built-in flexibility compared to traditional online course modules that allows students to independently direct their learning experience by enabling them to choose to progress through a full skill module, learn best practices for a particular skill, or home in on a very specific topic of interest.

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  • Why Sage Skills?

    Together, Student Success and Business Skills support students as they transition into university study and as they prepare for post-graduation in the professional world. Supporting a wide range of skills that are relevant across disciplines, the Sage Skills suite offers engaging content that will help students:
    • Become better critical thinkers, researchers and writers
    • Identify their own biases and enhance intercultural awareness
    • Collaborate successfully with others
    • Become more critical consumers of information
    • Find and use data effectively in academic and professional projects
    • Study effectively
    • Communicate in a professional manner
    • Adjust to the emotional demands of a new environment
    • Understand how to apply academic skills to the workplace
    • Develop as an effective leader
    • Transition from campus into the modern professional world, whether that be at a large or small corporation, non-profit organization, or new entrepreneurial venture
  • Put knowledge into action

    Supporting classroom instruction and course work, the Sage Skills suite enables students to put knowledge into action with interactive learning tools. Students can independently identify knowledge gaps and skill sets in need of development. Each module guides students to map their path to skill mastery via:
    • Interactive scenarios
    • Self-assessments
    • Links to full-text Sage Journal articles
    • Consult the experts
    • Data visualization embeds
    • Downloadable exercises
    • Short videos