Sage Business Cases Author Profile: Pamela Queen

Dr. Pamela E. Queen, an Associate Professor at Morgan State University, teaches corporate finance and investment courses to undergraduate and MBA students. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with practical work experience in financial management, automation of financial systems, and implementation of governance “best practices.” She blends her work experience as a corporate executive and research interests in financial management, organization strategy, corporate social responsibility, and ethics to enhance classroom activities and compose case studies.

Pamela uses business and management cases in her classroom to challenge students to make data-informed decisions. She prefers business cases in which students can apply concepts covered in the classroom to find solutions to workplace problems encountered by entry-level to mid-level business professionals. In her opinion, the best cases are those that evoke discussion about situational topics or topics with differing  public opinion.  

She finds one challenge when students are initially introduced to the case method is their tendency to seek a one-size fits  all, textbook answer. Her goal with using cases is to encourage critical-thinking  and develop better decision-makers. When she writes cases, she uses current news articles and “hot topics” as the underlying storyline. Then, she develops a business dilemma around the storyline that a new team leader or manager would encounter.