This milestone Handbook brings together an impressive collection of international contributions on micro research in Organizational Behavior. Focusing on core micro Organizational Behavior issues, chapters cover key themes such as individual and group behaviour. The Sage Handbook of Organizational Behavior Volumes I provides students and scholars with an insightful and wide reaching survey of the current state of the field and is an indespensible road map to the subject area. The Sage Handbook of Organizational Behavior Volume II will publish in November 2008. Edited by Stewart R Clegg and Cary L Cooper this Handbook draws together contributions from leading macro Organizational Behavior scholars.

Positive Organizational Scholarship

Positive organizational scholarship

Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS) is a broad framework that seeks to explain behaviors in and of organizations. It focuses explicitly on the positive states and processes that arise from, and result in, life-giving dynamics, optimal functioning, or enhanced capabilities or strengths. There are three core aspects of a POS perspective:

  • a concern with flourishing;
  • a focus on the development of strengths or capabilities; and
  • an emphasis on the generative, life-giving dynamics of organizing.

First, POS is concerned with conditions that foster flourishing at the individual, work group, and organizational levels. Although Positive Psychology is similarly interested in flourishing (e.g., Gable and Haidt, 2005; Keyes, 2002), a POS perspective focuses on these states and processes as they unfold in and between organizations ...

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