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This major reference work contains key research articles that offer insight into the fields of strategy and globalization. Strategy and Globalization addresses strategic thinking as it as evolved over recent years and the strategic challenges and opportunities presented by globalization.

Karl Moore and Louis Hébert are pre-eminent authorities in this area and they have gathered together a collection of first class conceptual and empirical papers that represent a coherent picture of the state of the field. Articles are drawn from respected journals and leading practitioner publications.

Volume I: Introduces key foundational readings on strategy

Volume II: Focuses on the concept and phenomenon of globalization

Volume III: Explores how organizations have exploited the strategic opportunities created by globalization.

Editors' Introduction
KarlMoore and LouisHébert

Two of the four volumes in this series on the major papers in Strategy and Globalization are about globalization. In this introduction, we will explain what we see as some of the key directions in globalization that are currently taking place and hence why we chose the papers we did.


Globalization is a phenomenon that morphs into considerably different shape every five or so years. We have been studying and teaching about globalization since 1990 when we each started our doctoral programs. If we look back on our course outlines for Managing Globalization from 5, 10, and 15 years ago, we are forcibly struck by the degree of change in what topics were the important ones of the day. This makes globalization ...

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