Fundamentals of Organization Development

Fundamentals of Organization Development

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Applying a reflective behavioral science approach to the effectiveness and improvement of organizations, organization development has embedded itself firmly in the bricks and mortar of organization studies in the last half century. This collection brings together, for the first time, a diverse range of papers in the field, serving as the first point of reference for practitioners and academics alike.

Adopting a critical perspective, the pre-eminent editors have brought acknowledged twentieth-century milestones together with modern classics from the founders of this core theoretical area of organization studies, as well as other largely unacknowledged and difficult to find highlights a renewed focus on which will help redefine understanding of the field.

Volume I: Understanding and Researching in Organization Development

Volume II: Pillars of Organization Development

Volume III: Organization Development Interventions

Volume ...

Editors’ Introduction: Organization Development – Toward a Mapping of the Terrain
DavidCoghlan and A.B. (Rami)Shani

At the outset mapping the terrain of organization development (OD) in a set of volumes, with limits set by budget and space, appears to be an impossible task. After almost sixty years of OD as a field that has grown to become a truly interdisciplinary in nature, it is clear that the emerging body of knowledge is both rich and diverse. Many of the topics given brief attention in these pages could be the subject of several volumes in their own right. Indeed the emergence over the past ten years of the phenomenon of “The Handbook of ….” provides a concrete illustration of this point. OD work continues to be published ...

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