Approaches to International Relations

Approaches to International Relations

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This four-volume collection of seminal journal articles and book excerpts examines traditional approaches to international relations (IR) as well as critical, radical and non-Western theories of global politics. The set includes a detailed introduction by the editors and is designed to complement their successful set Theories of International Relations.

Editors' Introduction: Approaches to International Relations: The State of the Art and the Future of the Art
StephenChan and CerwynMoore

In a dynamic world, which the discipline of International Relations (IR) tries to refl ect, analyse, conceptualise, and problematise, nothing stays the same. The discipline cannot become conservative if it is to retain its foundational links with global affairs. Nor can it become fully abstract. In artistic terms, abstract expressionism is impossible for IR; there has to be something pictorial, representational, at all times. A perpetually messy actuality is always on the canvas. In that sense there is a conservative drag in how far it can become a fully theorised academic discipline. However, the discipline must also guard against being further ‘conservatised’ as a byproduct of ...

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