Login Help

Please refer to the instructions below for help logging into Sage Knowledge. If you continue to experience problems, please contact your library administrator.

  • Institutional login

    In order to access content through your institution, or through an individual trial, you will need to use our Institutional Login pathway. Please follow the steps below.

    A) Click on the Institution button in the top right of the screen


    or click "Get Off-Campus Access" when you see this box.


    B) Select your country and your institution from the two drop downs

    Please click on the correct option that appears when you start typing.


    Note that you can check the box to "Remember my institution". This will allow you to skip this step when you next log in from the same device. 

    C) Choose your login route

    You will be presented with log in options that are specific to your institution. These are listed below, along with information about what to expect when you select these options.

    Shibboleth / Open Athens

    You can click the Shibboleth / Open Athens button to be directed to your institution’s log in portal. This will then send you back to SAGE Knowledge authenticated for access.

    Library Card

    If your library supports access through library card, the relevant box will be shown. Clicking on this box will take you to a screen that allows you to input your library card number. 



    If you have a username/password from your library to log into SAGE Knowledge, you can input these details in the administrator/corporate login boxes. Please note that this is not the same as your profile login.

  • Individual trial login

    To log in to an individual trial, please click on the Trial Login link in the bottom right of the footer:

    trial login.png

    You can log out of your trial account if necessary by clicking Log Out. This will take you back to your institutional account if you are authenticated by IP range.

    Sign up to a trial


    If you haven't yet signed up to a trial and are seeing the image above, you can sign up by clicking on the 'Sign Up Today!' button and filling out your details. 

  • Logging into your profile

    You can create a profile or log in to you your profile by clicking the Profile button at the top of the page: