Sage Business Foundations — Information for Students

Sage Business Foundations is a new interactive resource is designed to guide you through the process and deliberations that lead to sound decisions. The collection will help you understand the key theories underpinning business and management today. As you gain in-depth understanding of business theories, you're able to take these concepts one step further, matching the theory to real-world experience.

This engaging collection equips you to connect theory to practice, facilitating growth in both academic and professional understanding. Sage Business Foundations offers engaging narrative enhanced with multimedia resources, such as:
  • Animations providing theory overviews
  • Field Report: Theory in Action video interviews with a practitioner in the field
  • Knowledge and Understanding Checks that reinforce key takeaways
  • Interactive scenarios that allow for practice of theory application and provide feedback
  • Discussion questions to help facilitate engaging dialog about the learned concepts
  • Key terms that allow you to quickly view definitions of challenging words and concepts