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Sage Business Foundations is officially launching in June 2023!

Following the “Sneak Peek” preview period beginning in January 2023* with five key subject areas, an additional five key subject areas will be published in June 2023. This upcoming release will complete the initial collection of 10 subjects comprising 110+ theory entries available in Sage Business Foundations .

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The following are the theories featured in each of the forthcoming subject areas coming in June 2023:

Business Strategy

• 7s Framework

Ansoff's Strategic Opportunity Matrix

Balanced Scorecard

Black Swan

Contingency Theory

Experience Curve

Industry Life Cycle

Organizational Change Models

Porter's Five Forces

Pricing Power: Industrial Organization Theory

Resource-based View

Human Resource Management

Agency Theory

AMO Theory

Cognitive Diversity Hypothesis

Expectancy Theory of Motivation

Human Capital Theory

• Intersectionality

Job Characteristics Theory

Leadership Grid

• Management by Objectives

Motivation Hygiene Theory

Participative Decision-Making

Theory X and Theory Y

International Business

Born Global Theory

Eclectic Paradigm Theory

• Institutional Distance

Internalization Theory

Monopolistic Advantage Theory

National Competitive Advantage Theory

National Innovations of Systems Theory

PESTEL Analysis

Symbiotic Marketing Cooperation Theory

Transactional Costs Theory

Uppsala Model


Adaptive Leadership

Authentic Leadership

• Ethical Leadership

Inclusive Leadership

• Leader-Member Exchange

Path-Goal Theory

Servant Leadership

Situational Leadership

Social Construction of Leadership

Toxic Leadership

Transformational Leadership

Organizational Behavior

• Attribution Theory

Emotional Intelligence

Five-Factor Model of Personality


Human Relations Theory

McClelland's Theory of Needs

• Negotiation Theory

Power and Influence

Scientific Management

Social Cognitive Theory

• Stereotype Threat

Theory of Planned Behavior

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