SAGE Business Foundations — Information for Authors

Impact of Publishing in SAGE Business Foundations
Many authors have reached out to us with questions about how to present their publication to department chairs and deans in conversations related to tenure and promotion. The language below is intended to help clarify what SAGE Business Foundations is, and why a university should take pride in its affiliation with any author who publishes an entry in the collection.

SAGE Business Foundations is a digital, peer-reviewed resource designed to help students understand the key theories and practices underpinning business and management today. The collection is indexed on Google Scholar to facilitate discoverability, and organized in ten subject areas:
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Communication
  • Business Ethics
  • Business Strategy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Behavior
Each subject area features 10-12 entries. Each entry includes two sections, Theory and Theory in Practice , that help students understand and apply a different idea, empowering them to approach real-world problems from different angles and to make responsible, well-informed decisions. In addition to clear and succinct entries on theories and their applications, the collection supports classroom instruction and coursework with engaging multimedia resources, such as video, hover-over key terms, and interactive scenarios.

Once a university library subscribes to or purchases the collection, all its students, faculty, and alumni have free, unlimited access to the entries. This model allows us to alleviate the typical student cost burden associated with curricular materials and provide access to a platform that facilitates research and exploration based on industry, organization, region, and more. Our customer base is rapidly growing thanks to the efforts of SAGE’s global sales team.

Each university has its own approach, but often our authors will receive credit for peer-reviewed publication under either or both of the following categories in AACSB’s Impact of Scholarship metric (AACSB, p. 51): 
- Applied or Integrative/Application Scholarship draws from basic research and uses accumulated theories, knowledge, methods, and techniques to solve real world problems and/or issues associated with practice. 
- Teaching and Learning Scholarship explores the theory and methods of teaching and advances new understandings, insights, content, and methods that impact learning behavior. 

We are not a traditional journal with an impact factor, nor a traditional print book, but authors can rest assured that their publication in SAGE Business Foundations will have a positive and lasting impact, reaching a global audience of students and helping to shape the future of business education.

  • Content sharing

    While you are not authorized to share the toll-free link or final, formatted PDF of your work with anyone but your students, family, and close friends, you are welcome to direct requestors to our free trial page for SAGE Business Foundations. Sample language to use in response to a request is included below:

    Thanks for your request for a copy of my publication. I have transferred the exclusive license to distribute the work to SAGE Publishing. SAGE does not sell the publication on an individual basis, but as a collection, SAGE Business Foundations , that is available to students and professors via their academic library. You can use this link to sign up for a 30-day free trial and review the publication. Or contact your librarian to recommend that they subscribe to or purchase the collection.

    Thank you for your diligence and consideration as we simultaneously seek to promote your work and protect it from piracy!
  • Usage stats

    After content has been live for at least one year, we are happy to provide our authors with information on how many views their work has received and which countries those views have come from. To request usage information, please contact your acquisitions editor at the address listed below.

  • Collection feedback

    We welcome your feedback on our existing content and platform, as well as your ideas and recommendations for future additions. We hope to grow Foundations to possibly include other disciplines and welcome your thoughts. Contact our editorial team anytime at the addresses below.