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Complete collection coming June 2023!

Sage Business Foundations is a digital resource designed to help students understand the key theories and practices underpinning business and management today.  With an eye toward new and emerging perspectives on today’s global business landscape, students can gain both the theoretical knowledge and real-world insight needed for success. This collection is organized in ten subject areas covering some of the highest-enrollment courses across business schools:
  • Business Analytics*
  • Business Communication*
  • Business Ethics*
  • Business Strategy**
  • Entrepreneurship*
  • Human Resource Management**
  • International Business**
  • Leadership**
  • Marketing*
  • Organizational Behavior**

* Available for librarian preview beginning January 2023
** Coming June 2023

Subject areas each contain 10–12 entries. Each entry includes two consistent, multi-part sections, Theory and Theory in Practice. Entries are further enhanced with a range of interactive, multimedia elements, including videos and scenarios, that engage students and enrich their understanding of the material.

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  • Why Sage Business Foundations?

    The Sage difference

    The Sage Business editorial team is dedicated to prioritizing a broad and inclusive range of backgrounds, always mindful of emerging and underserved topics that accurately reflect the diversity and shifting priorities of the global business landscape. With editors and authors from around the world, Sage Business Foundations ensures a truly global scope and perspective.

    Entries explore the key foundational theories that every business student will need but take them further with sections like Criticisms and Limitations , as well as New and Emerging Directions .

    Why Sage Business Foundations?

    • 10 key business subject areas covering more than 110 theories
    • Diverse, global perspectives with authorship from across six continents with 23 countries represented
    • Multimedia content including videos, interactive scenarios, discussion questions, and more
    • Equips students to connect theory to practice, allowing them to grow in both academic and professional understanding
    • User-friendly platform, allowing for easy integration of content into LMS via unique link, permanent DOI, or embeddable code
    • Digital learning resource with 24/7 access for on-demand learning
    • Unlimited simultaneous access with no need to relicense content
    • Institution-wide access provides easy discovery and alumni access
    Committed to the future of business education

    The Sage collection of business resources are created to foster the needed skills and strategy for transformative business research and future success. Learn more about our collection at sagepub.com/sage-business-and-management

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