CQ Press: Product Vision

For decades, students, teachers, and researchers have turned to CQ Press for unbiased, expert coverage of American politics, public policy, and international affairs. We pride ourselves on providing our readers with the kind of nonpartisan analysis that they need to make informed decisions inside and outside of academe.

We continue to publish books in long-standing series, including America Votes, Historic Documents, Political Handbook of the World, and Vital Statistics on American Politics, because we think continuity and consistency matter when it comes to making sense of complicated issues and their trajectories. And informed learners are best served by this foundation on which we build thoughtful, balanced analysis with each new iteration. It’s also why we revere our comprehensive guides to U.S. government institutions and policy, which provide vast historical background as well as walk researchers through the evolution of those systems to today, preparing them to understand and evaluate political events as they unfold in real time.

We value the knowledge and expertise of scholars and seasoned journalists to identify the issues that matter most and translate complex situations into accessible analysis, and also strive to work with scholars who are pushing the boundaries of political scholarship and helping to define their field.