Sage Business Cases: Information for Students
Being agile and innovative is necessary for a global business world that is moving at lightning speed. Sage Business Cases fosters the needed skills and strategy for success beyond the ivory tower. Unlimited access to our case collection through your library cuts your direct costs while building your future impact.

We know cases are fundamental to many business courses. It's time to discover all the ways Sage Business Cases can be used beyond the classroom to prepare you for success and fulfillment in your future career. 

Sage Business Cases is pleased to offer students: 

  • Unlimited access to all cases at no direct cost to students
  • Cutting-edge cases covering hot business topics and emerging industries
  • Gain real-world business experience, learning through true stories of business success and setback, from industries around the world
  • Alumni access, helping graduate get interview-ready with situational questions, and encouraging life-long learning
  • Quality content for research, job hunting, industry research, and entrepreneurial plans

Are you ready?
From foundational understanding of current business issues, to real-world study and application, Sage Business Cases go beyond the classroom, helping you research and prepare for success. Plus, with alumni access you can use our resources long after graduation to prepare for job interviews or building an entrepreneurial business plan.