SAGE Business Cases: Women & Leadership

SAGE is pleased to launch Women & Leadership, a new teaching case series within SAGE Business Cases.

The idea for the series began with a meeting at the 2016 Annual Conference of the International Leadership Association in Atlanta, Georgia between SAGE editorial and Sherylle and Lisa. Discussions continued during the Women and Leadership Networking Luncheon and the idea to address the need for this essential content began to take shape. “It is important to have business cases that depict the realities that women leaders face,” says Dr. Tan, “as all students, both male and female, learn about and develop their leadership, they must be able to understand and see women in those leadership roles.” Further, “The cases and experiences of women in leadership do not often coincide with those of men. To fully understand leadership, we need to examine all points of view and look at it from a broad lens that considers gender.” 

In discussing this new series, Dr. DeFrank-Cole said: “There is a dearth of business cases written by women or about women. I am happy that SAGE is working to change this situation. With women representing around 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs, we need to encourage students to become leaders. Reading business cases that include women as leaders will enable students to imagine themselves in these types of positions in the future.”

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