Sage Business Cases: Valuation Series

Sage Publishing continues to grow its teaching case collection, Sage Business Cases, across the business spectrum while incorporating thought from a variety of disciplines.

The Valuation case series within Sage Business Cases will explore the skills involved in valuation from the quantitative skills of obtaining the appropriate data, inputting data into a model, and obtaining the valuation from the model to the soft skills required to communicate recommendations and decisions. All cases in this series will feature static and live embeds from Data Planet to better allow students to practice these quantitative skills. We welcome cases that focus on valuing projects and purchasing assets, financial management decisions such as dividend and capital structure decisions, investing in fixed income and equity securities, and valuing enterprises for mergers or valuing private firms for an estate.

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Questions about valuation and finance that may be treated include:

1. How does value change based on the purpose of the valuation?

2. What are the key assumptions that drive a valuation estimate?

3. How does the stage of the company’s lifecycle affect its valuation?

4. What methods can be used to estimate uncertainties regarding the valuation conclusions?

5. What are most appropriate methodologies for completing the valuation?

6. What sources of information are available for preparing a valuation?

7. What are the differences between valuing a private versus a public company?

8. How does the valuation of a project differ from the valuation of the firm?

9. How do corporate financial strategies such as dividend payment and share issuance/repurchase affect the valuation of the firm?

10. What are the differences between valuation of debt versus equity securities?