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SAGE Publishing continues to grow its global case collection, SAGE Business Cases, in key areas we care deeply about and are very topical and sought after, such as logistics.

Have you ever gone searching for a suitable case in logistics but couldn’t find one?

Do you have an idea or a rough case draft? Have you written a logistics-related case you currently used in your classroom? Bring it to SAGE and we’ll work with you to develop your idea. We also encourage students to work alongside you as case writing enables students to apply theory to real-world situations, and they benefit from co-publication credits.

  • Logistics Series Editor

    Gwynne Richards FCILT

    Gwynne Richards has over thirty-five years’ experience in warehouse management and logistics. He began his career as a forerunner of Exel Logistics, which later became a part of DHL. He then went on to work for Dawson Group, Lane Group, Nedlloyd Districenters, and DHL. Other roles included Business Development Manager, Regional Manager, National Sales Manager, Customer Services, and IT Manager.

    In 2003, he founded his own logistics consultancy and training company. Gwynne works with companies through both training and consultancy to improve logistics operations, benchmark performance, and decide whether to outsource or not. Of his published works, Gwynne has written books titled Warehouse Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Toolkit, and Logistics Outsourcing.

    Gwynne has a variety of teaching roles. Gwynne is a Lecturer in supply chain management at Warwick University. He also lectures at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, and The Singapore Institute of Management, as well as running courses across the globe: UK, India, Malaysia, China, UAE, Africa, and The Philippines. Gwynne also runs a two-day course on Warehouse Management, which was recently accredited by CILT, and multiple online courses in freight transport, warehousing, and logistics outsourcing.

  • Call for Papers

    Partner with SAGE to develop your Logistics teaching case.

    SAGE Publishing continues to grow its global case collection, SAGE Business Cases in key areas we care deeply about and are very topical and sought after, such as logistics.


    SAGE is pleased to offer case authors:

    Double-blind peer review of your case and teaching note (case = 1,000-5,000 words)

    - A thorough editorial process to develop your ideas and prepare cases for successful publication- 

    - Copyright in your name and final PDF for ease of use in your classroom

    - Payment when your case is published 

    - An international audience for your work, supported by the global sales force at SAGE

    Suggested topics include: 

    - The challenges of last mile delivery

    - The e-commerce returns dilemma

    - The effects of freight transport and warehousing on the environment

    - The advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing logistics

    - The adaptation of Pareto's Law (80/20 rule) for warehouse efficiency

    - Adoption Lean warehousing and 5S

    - Automation and robotics versus the human touch

    - The effect of a pandemic on global container movements

    - The impact of 3D printing on maintenance stores operations

    - The use of alternative fuels in freight transport

    - Can rail freight and inland waterways transportation lead to a greener freight transport operation?

    - Humanitarian Logistics

    - The use of drones for delivery and inventory control

    - Keeping staff safe in our trucks and warehouses

    - Airfreight, seafreight, railfreight: which is the most effective form of transport when moving goods from East to West? 

    - How will AI and IoT revolutionise warehouses in the future?

    - What effects will Blockchain have on the freight forwarding market?

    The topics above are merely an illustration. We encourage a broad spectrum of cases on all topics related to logistics from various industries, geographical areas, and diverse business subdisciplines. We are also welcoming teaching cases that explore not only successful enterprises, but also those that provide opportunities to learn from failures.


    - We look for cases between 1,000 and 5,000 words.

    - Please include discussion questions and teaching notes.

    - Authors usually receive decisions within 8 weeks of submission.

    - Manuscripts are accepted through our ScholarOne portal.

    - Submissions guidelines and templates are available on the author resources page.

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    For questions and sample cases, contact: Ro'isin Singh, Editor,