Sage Business Cases: Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Sage Publishing continues to grow its teaching case collection, Sage Business Cases, across the business and management spectrum while focusing on issues we care deeply about. We are eager to publish new cases for a series on Immigrant Entrepreneurs. Each submission should highlight the work of one or more immigrant entrepreneur(s), granting students insight into how they started their business and an opportunity to brainstorm solutions to current challenges they are facing.

Our publishing strategy at Sage goes beyond catering to the current market, though growth in entrepreneurship programs is up 15% in the last 5 years according to data from AACSB. We believe it is important to identify trends and disseminate resources that will help students develop empathy and a sympathetic awareness of the world. While there has been a spike of interest in case studies that feature protagonists of a variety of backgrounds, we’ve also seen a rise of nativist politics across countries and cultures. Part of our vision for this series is to combat the damaging and false political narrative that immigrants harm economies with examples of the value they add.

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