Sage Business Cases: Customer Experience

Sage Publishing continues to grow its global case collection, Sage Business Cases, across the business spectrum while incorporating thought from a variety of disciplines.

This year's Customer Experience collection with Sage Business Cases will explore all issues related to the field and practice of customer experience including culture, strategy, voice of the customer, customer experience governance, customer data analytics, human-centered design, employee experience, communication in customer experience, contact center operations, and customer experience program development across all sectors. We seek to represent an inclusive array of customer experience management scenarios that address a range of issues affecting customer experience professionals in a post-pandemic, contemporary society.

Do you have an idea or a rough case draft? Have you written a customer experience-related case you currently used in your classroom? Bring it to Sage and we’ll work with you to develop your idea. We also encourage students to work alongside you as case writing enables students to apply theory to real-world situations, and they benefit from co-publication credits.

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