Sage Business Cases: Accounting

Sage Publishing continues to grow its teaching case collection, Sage Business Cases, across the business spectrum while incorporating new insights from a variety of disciplines. We are currently accepting cases for consideration for a new series: Essentials for the Next Generation Accounting Professionals.

The new decade’s dynamic business environment demands technical skill accompanied by business acumen, adaptive problem solving, and decision insight. The Essentials for the Next Generation Accounting Professionals Series seeks cases which feature intriguing, real (or realistic) examples that ultimately can accelerate and elevate students’ eventual professional performance. Content from all domains of the accounting discipline (i.e. financial reporting, management accounting, analytics, taxation, auditing, ethics, public policy, etc.) are welcome and desired. All cases must address contemporary topics, require critical thinking, illustrate relevance to professional skill development, and be supported by quality teaching notes. Utilization of Sage Publishing’s Sage Data resource, where possible, is encouraged, but not required.

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